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Do Dream Characters Evolve, and what does it mean if they do?

A couple nights ago a new character appeared in my dream. Sometimes I have recurring dreams of places, but rarely of people or characters. I almost never dream about people I know in my waking life. 470 more words


A Machine (Device) That Lets You Connect To Different Dreams (Dream Worlds)? | Mr. World Is My Doppelgänger?

I had more dreams that I can not remember and there were more details to the dreams that I did remember part of from last night, but unfortunately I can only remember a few details so important parts of these dreams are missing. 932 more words

Dream Journal

Dreams: Shadow, Self-Insights & Emotional Healing

We can learn so much about ourselves by looking at our dreams. In fact, what often comes out in dream work is our shadow – and also our persona. 416 more words

Spiritual Guidance

There is no running away from your shadow!

A central component of Jungian psychology is coming to terms with our shadow. This is the part of us that we have unconsciously repressed because it makes us feel embarrassed or ashamed about ourselves. 581 more words

Spiritual Guidance