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New dream, new image

Well, sort of…

The dream was a tiger, massive and powerful, leaping towards me, making me flinch with fear in the certainty of death, then turning to the right, now a holographic vision of this splendid creature, rivalling the Life Of Pi creation – 413 more words

Dreams (that Come In The Night)

100 Words To Help Describe Your Dream Characters

In order to find out what part of you a dream character represents you have to describe their personality.

Sometimes the word is right on the tip of our tongue, but we can’t seem to express just how we feel about that person. 148 more words

Decoding Your Dreams

Cleaning House ....

Yesterday I had my house cleaned. Actually, it was a partial exchange–a swap for dog sitting which I’d rather do any day. I think it had been weeks. 551 more words

two-sided diver

A recent dream shows me acting like a fraidy cat…

…while also being an active explorer.

In the dream…

I’m watching an undersea documentary.

Two scuba divers are warned about the possible presence of sharks. 283 more words