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Roses and chocolate … Sugar and spice and all things nice. Who does not like these two? Ok, there are those who don’t but since they are not the writer ….. 613 more words

Dream Chasers

What Is A Boss

Bossed Up is traveling and highlighting those who put in work to make their dreams and aspirations come true. Every month there will be someone introduced as a boss; the first boss will be introduced on Monday, February 5, 2018. 220 more words


The Perfect Rainbow

Today I was proud to be human. Strange statement? I don’t think so. Bullies, bombs, unlawful persecutions, hate, racism, waste, and a never ending path of pain laid out for us if we choose to follow it. 763 more words




Sounds crazy? Not if you ever meet Lindsay(Coolest Name EVER) Barto and Chris Healy. But you don’t even have to meet them to get immediate inspiration since yesterday they aired on the very popular show… 598 more words


Stalker's Paradise

SCENE 1: Park’s Parlor
It was a sunny Saturday morn
A busy week of lectures, classes, briskly worn
Liam, in a grey city short and blue polo shirt… 285 more words

Dream Chasers

Money Moves Monday feat "The Financial Guy" Brandon Urquhart

We all have dreams in life. Things we want to accomplish before our days are done. Some areas easily attainable by simply going to school, getting straight A’s, and working at a “good” paying job. 869 more words


Here There Be Dragons: Chapter 1

Riley looked in the mirror and smiled.  It was one of those long full body mirrors that allowed him see everything he was used to seeing, and just like usual, he was impressed.  954 more words