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Amber Riley on The Graham Norton Show

Just finished watching Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones from Glee) perform ‘And I Am Telling You I Am Not Going’ on The Graham Norton Show and my god what a voice.  89 more words

Boyz on Top (Team I) - Dream Boys (CC Game)

Suga | Peniel | S.coups | Kun | Hoshi


Suga (BTS) – sub vocal, lead rapper

Peniel (BTOB) – sub vocal, lead rapper, lead dancer… 419 more words

Cc Game

NCT - Dream Boys (CC Game) [Version Two]

Taeil | Hansol | Johnny | Taeyong | Yuta | Kun | Doyoung | Ten | Jaehyun | Winwin | Mark | Jeno | Haechan | Jaemin | Jisung… 415 more words

Cc Game

იქს-ფაქტორული ციებ-ცხელებანი.

სანამ მთავარ სათქმელზე გადავიდოდე, ყოველგვარი შესავლისა და მიკიბ-მოკიბვის გარეშე ვაცხადებ: ქართული იქს ფაქტორის წლევანდელი სეზონი იყო ყველაზე სუსტი, არსებულ ყველა სეზონს შორის.

ისმის კითხვა: რა თვალსაზრისით? 7 more words

ავთო აბესლამიძე

Lemonade cleanse: day 4 result

So this day has probably been the best because I saw different food such Chinese and fried egg which I was making and I didn’t feel tempted enough to take a bite or two. 82 more words


Lemonade cleanse: Day 3 result

I haven’t felt hungry at all since 2:00am and that must be a good sign because the hungry I felt was pretty agonising for some reason. 124 more words


Lemonade Cleanse: Day 2

have been feeling okay throughout the day and started off at 75kg but at 20:07pm checked my weight again and I am now 73.9kg…I am assuming my body got rid of water weight first because this would be my weight when I don’t eat much or drink much. 143 more words