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The Perfect Date

A curly brown mop was groomed to perfection atop his head, though a stray strand stuck out of place. His hair was slicked to his right side, the only thing holding it in place is the gel he must’ve hastily applied as he got ready. 302 more words

Creative Writing

Falling in love with THE "dream guy"

Most of us, have had that dream. The one where we meet ‘the one’… Right??

But is everyone lucky enough to find that person???

I was. 1,415 more words

Snippet 145

Day 145

You have a habit of falling in love with the next guy in your dream, of looking at the real one like he felt for you the same way your dream guy did. 67 more words

The Unsealed Journal

10 Questions: Do You Know Your Dream Guy/Girl? Pop Quiz

Do you know your dream guy or girl and not even know it? I would say to close your eyes to immerse yourself into the questions, but that’d be counterproductive ¬†as you need to be able to read the questions! 453 more words

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained


A continuing story from ‘Unfamiliar Territory’…

They only shared one class together that semester.

He always seemed to either be late for class,

and forced to sit in the only available seat at the back of the classroom, 247 more words

No Type

When I was young younger, I used to have a crush on Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place. You know, the character played by Selena Gomez? 394 more words

You can be my dream guy

It’s okay if you are not the one who shows up at my front door with cape pins on both of your shoulders, or the guy I envision who lives in a mansion and drives expensively polished cars, or the person who has a fancy 9-5 job at Wall Street. 804 more words

Angelo Caerlang