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Flaunt it to get your dream guy?

via Daily Prompt: Flaunt

These days, most people think showing skin is the new trend. However, I beg to differ.

In my opinion, showing too much off be it your assets, your… 283 more words

Prince Charming

She woke up wondering if last night had been all a dream. She had never had a night like it in her life. She had been swept off her feet by the most handsome man in the room, possibly the most handsome man in existence. 932 more words


National Poetry Month Poem #13: Well Read

I want a guy who’s well read.

Who’ll curl up with me in my bed.

Long chats about HP, Card, and Tolkein’s dragon head.

Movies, a beer, or maybe something a little more purebred. 107 more words

About Last Night

So, I went out with Flea Market guy again last night. I must say, this guy is pretty fantastic. Not to mention completely adorable, which he doesn’t like me to say because it makes him feel dirty… or something. 1,156 more words

Naked Tea Sipping

Love struck

I watch him walk by. His brown hair tousled, his shirt buttoned in the wrong buttonholes, it’s hem is crumpled. He is handsome in a careless kind of way. 174 more words

The Perfect Date

A curly brown mop was groomed to perfection atop his head, though a stray strand stuck out of place. His hair was slicked to his right side, the only thing holding it in place is the gel he must’ve hastily applied as he got ready. 302 more words

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