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"Learning to see in the dark"

Wednesday, “Mittwoch,” the day in Germany the Schwäbische say couples have sex (which gives new meaning to the phrase hump day). In bed by 8 o’clock and up by 5, early morning walk to the lake, it’s just me and a few Christmas lights, some glowy clouds with hollowed-out eyes, cartoon ghosts. 338 more words

William Pearse Writer

Baby fever?!

I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, but there’s been this weird influx of baby related dreams.  Now, anyone that knows me knows that I have never wanted to have kids.  797 more words


What Spiders in a Dream Mean to You

What can trigger spiders in your dream:

  • You are feeling like an outsider in some situation
  • You are feeling some misfortune in your life
  • You are experiencing a conflict with your mother or any other dominant female figure within your life…
  • 22 more words

What Dying in a Dream Means to You

What can trigger death in a dream;

  • The symbolic ending of something in your life
  • To resolve anxiety within yourself
  • To resolve anger within yourself…
  • 39 more words

What Falling in a Dream Means to You

What can trigger falling in a dream:

  • You have some insecurities
  • You have some instabilities
  • You are suffering from some sort of anxiety
  • You feel as if you can’t control something in your life…
  • 31 more words

Paddling a Submarine vs. Living an Authentic Life 

Last night I dreamed I was paddling a canoe up a lake in the middle of the night. It was calm, I felt peaceful, yet there was one concern. 447 more words

Reaching Out

This morning I had a super jumbled dream with lots of details. One of the things that I have been learning is sometimes I will dream of someone and it is the holy spirit prompting me to reach out to that person. 124 more words