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Are Dream Dictionaries Reliable in Their Interpretation?

Last Saturday, I was browsing the metaphysical section of Barnes and Nobles in Wilmington, NC, when I noticed a teenage girl holding a huge dream dictionary. 79 more words

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Ayoo Grublinsss!~ I hope you don’t mind me actually calling you grublins, I don’t mean it in a bad way if anyone thinks that!!!

So, I had a weird dream this morning. 455 more words

Do Early Morning Dreams Indicate Anything?

Not once or twice, but many times we see some dream in the early morning that we struggle to remember. 447 more words

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Dreams of Merlin

I am an overprotective Mom when it comes to my two spoiled cats. I keep them inside because cats live longer indoors, there is less of a chance of getting an expensive emergency vet bill, and less birds are destroyed. 130 more words

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Who Am I in This Dream?

Has this happened to you? Did you ever have a dream where you knew it was you, yet looked like someone else? Perhaps, you dream about another person being the main character in a dream, and wasn’t sure if it was you or not. 59 more words

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Progress on Upcoming Book

I am thrilled to announce that the second draft of my dream book has been edited by my editor. Yesterday, I went to Staples to get a printed copy of my manuscript to do more revisions. 94 more words

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Hair Dream

I had this dream and forgot about it until yesterday when I was getting my hair done. A salesman stopped by my hairdresser’s salon to see if Stacey wanted to purchase his products. 62 more words

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