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Under the Influence (Dream Themes).

People I know often tell me their dreams — oftentimes even before they know that dreams in general tend to fascinate me. Occasionally they would tell me that I had been in their dreams, typically as someone off in the distance, just watching. 1,441 more words

Looking for someone who interprets dreams?

So I need to find someone who interprets dreams, if you can or know anyone who can do this can you have them read this post and tell me what the hell it means? 283 more words


Dear Dad, I dreamed about you...

Warthog kneeling to eat grass,
Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Dear Dad,
I dreamed about you last week. I was surprised; you don’t usually show up in my dreams. 633 more words

Spiritual Formation

The 12 Most Common Animal Dreams Interpreted

As I have mentioned before, I have been interpreting dreams for nearly as long as I have been reading Tarot. Reading dreams in a lot of ways is harder than Tarot but dreams is something everybody has so I thought I would share (in my experience) what the 12 most common animal dreams to have are and what the interpretations for they dreams is. 1,309 more words



With a heavy heart… John Paul Jackson died this morning.  There aren’t that many people I connected with and  knew that operated in the prophetic gift which integrity and accuracy.  76 more words

The Animal Kingdom in the DreamTime

Our February column has two dreams that both have creatures from the animal kingdom. Mother Nature’s children often come in dreams to give us messages we need to hear. 127 more words


What To Expect From A Soul Guidance Dream Interpretation

What to expect from a Soul Guidance Dream Interpretation

Your soul is speaking to you through your dreams, and it is my privilege to be able to help you uncover the meaning behind those dreams. 635 more words

Decoding Your Dreams