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My Reclamation Project | Part 2 of 2

Several things stand out in my dream:

  • It’s early morning; I’m walking uphill, not downhill. (encouraging signs)
  • Though I don’t describe it, I’m wearing shoes.
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Spiritual Formation

Free Dream Interpretations

I’ve been interpreting dreams since I was 17, when I took my first psychology course. My professor spent a lot of time on this particular subject, mostly because it was something she felt very connected to. 548 more words


What Your Dreams Tell You

 Have you ever had the dream where you’re falling and you wake up before you land? Perhaps you’ve dreamed you were being chased by something unknown. 496 more words


In the Dreamtime – Dream Interpretation

In the Dreamtime – Pamela Cummins provides dream interpretation for your dreams.

Welcome to July’s In the Dreamtime. This month’s dreams have interesting symbolism – colors, money, baby items, and being another person. 184 more words

Self Help

How do I interpret my dreams?

Dreams are one way of our subconscious mind to communicate with us. They are full of symbols. The art is to listen, to understand and to find out what needs to be done to address the messages a dream gives us. 764 more words


Validity Of Dream Interpretations


When I lay my head down to rest I never know what dreams may come to me. Sometimes, I force myself to think of certain things/people, before falling asleep with the hope that I may dream of them. 1,050 more words


When I Dream ...

This morning, I dream of dragon and turtle. I brought home a turtle and we have a dragon in the house already. When the two pets met (well they were like that in my dream – pets) they turned to babies and started being foolish and after feeding them they started growing. 501 more words

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