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Dreaming in India

Dreams someone had, on a trip, a sort of, a spiritual awakening, I suppose, you can, call it that, translated…

In my forty-two years’ of life, I’d never had any intrigue or encounters with the country or culture of India; and still, as I was searching for keywords for how I can get away from my current environment, someplace I can get away to, all of a sudden, India, surfaced. 807 more words

State Of Mind

'Where the shadows run from themselves'

I got back in the slot, the cafeteria salad bar at work, tonged some shredded carrots, spinach, diced beets…made a modest bird’s nest out of it, weighed it, scanned my card, picked a two-top by the windows and started in. 417 more words


Irregular verb patterns and dreams

I went on the side of the house that still feels like the country and had a leak there, spied the full moon through the trees out too many nights in a row now, bleary eyed and runny; I saw my breath, that kind of moist cold with the frost setting in and everything a bit crunchy, some frogs chirping, the suggestion of an owl, a good night for owls… 345 more words


Thank You!

I want to thank my subscribers and all of those who have read Pamela’s Psychic Insights since its creation in November 2011. You may have noticed that I have been spending less time here. 157 more words


Interior space

Interior space
Unsettled body
Dreams bizarre
Young men
What to do next
I don’t know
Who to trust
Flying this plane
Murky fog… 139 more words


Interpreting The Inner World

I’ve always found it strange that there are so many ways and books to interpret dreams and visions. I understand that some symbols are universal and thus have a set meaning but things like crabs meaning prosperity or finding “sideways” approaches to problems is what this little rant is about. 86 more words

Last night I dreamed of blood...

It was one of those hyper-acute dreams, the ones that stay with you when you wake, the ones that play over in your head as you try to retrieve their inner details. 559 more words