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Interior space

Interior space
Unsettled body
Dreams bizarre
Young men
What to do next
I don’t know
Who to trust
Flying this plane
Murky fog… 139 more words


Interpreting The Inner World

I’ve always found it strange that there are so many ways and books to interpret dreams and visions. I understand that some symbols are universal and thus have a set meaning but things like crabs meaning prosperity or finding “sideways” approaches to problems is what this little rant is about. 86 more words

Last night I dreamed of blood...

It was one of those hyper-acute dreams, the ones that stay with you when you wake, the ones that play over in your head as you try to retrieve their inner details. 559 more words


Life Rearranged | A Dream

My dream, right before waking this morning:

I’ve just arrived at the home of a woman I met somewhere but don’t yet know. She invited me to come and see her. 635 more words

Spiritual Formation

Dreams Can Give Glimpses of the Future

Here’s a benefit of learning dream interpretation: your dreams can give you insights and flashes of what your future will be. It takes time to learn the feeling of a precognitive dream, yet it is well worth the effort. 128 more words


Dream Journey

I was on a big ship with others and I was sent out alone to fulfill a mission.
I walked over to where I thought I was supposed to start but there was water. 455 more words


Announcment: I have moved to Houston, Texas

After the riveting dreams of the past weekend. I applied to over 107 jobs in hopes to find work within the Houston area. Yesterday, I awoke to multiple phone calls regarding employment opportunities. 107 more words