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Reaching Out

This morning I had a super jumbled dream with lots of details. One of the things that I have been learning is sometimes I will dream of someone and it is the holy spirit prompting me to reach out to that person. 124 more words


Dreams are foggy

My Journey

I have a lot of dreams all my life since I could remember.

While growing up in my childhood home, I had a lot of scary dreams and dark dreams, where I couldn’t turn on the light. 303 more words


Haiku Journal 141 - Interpreter

Reflective dreaming
Snakes and healing, wedding vows
Wedding dress shopping

Haiku Journal


I have very vivid dreams. I always have. Typically I remember my dreams, or at least I remember bits and pieces. They are almost always vivid, engaging, and enormously strange. 151 more words


House of Cards? | A Dream

A week ago I had my first coherent dream after months of nothing but bizarre images that bordered on nightmares. Here’s the dream, lightly edited for clarity. 554 more words

Spiritual Formation

Jupiter's Beard in B minor

I wound back up Cougar Mountain, the A7, the seam air shaft to primrose mine—and there at the end was a pit, a deep hole in the ground with a large rock bearded in moss, dripping, making cave sounds. 983 more words

Pacific Northwest

'Blood stain from a rabbit carcass on the front doorstep'

It took me 55 minutes to walk from my mother-in-law Beth’s back to our house after dinner. It was dusk but I didn’t get rained on, I got home before dark. 849 more words

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