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Dream Interpretation - Zombies, Necklaces, and Relationships

I had a really odd dream last night that I can remember vividly. What stuck out the most was arguing over a pink heart necklace with a silver chain at a shop that was giving its stuff away for free during a zombie apocalypse. 404 more words


Time For a (Not Thanksgiving) Post

Tis the season for bloggers to recount their holiday celebrations with friends and family. This is not that blogger. Most readers don’t give a rat’s patoot what everybody… 488 more words


Dream a little dream of Teer

Gambling in Meghalaya is unique and perhaps has no parallel elsewhere in the world. . Known to a very few, Teer is a game of intrinsic archery, interpretation of dreams and gambling. 552 more words

Written Word

How Dreams Guide Us along the Path of Life

This month the dreams have a spiritual theme to help the dreamers get in touch with what they truly desire, encourages them to pursue it, and to know they are never alone. 126 more words


Anyone have dreams you cannot figure out what God is saying? Here is a little help for you.



ANYONE HAVE DREAMS YOU CANNOT FIGURE OUT AND NEED A LITTLE HELP or even INPUT to decipher what God is saying to you…

I am sharing this link because it is a Christian Based Ministry, many of the Dream Sites now days are NOT:::: please check this site out .. 26 more words

Prophetic Encouragement


So I keep having a reoccurring theme in my dreams of my sister dying. Other than the literal interpretation of loosing my sister, I’m not sure what this could possibly mean, and I find it to be rather unsettling….


Japanese Cherry Blossoms [Prunus serrulata] Symbolic Meaning

Channel by Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master: Japanese Cherry Blossoms are symbolic for one door closing and another opening, Life and death, Balance, equilibrium, stability, rest. 521 more words