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The Key of Time Management!

What’s the biggest asset everyone owns? Time. This is why it makes sense to have great time management.

Tips on Time Management

One thing I’ve noticed is that all successful people manage their time extremely well. 655 more words


Get Rich Quick Scheme!

The most common question I see in the world of entrepreneurship is “How do I get rich quick?”. The number one answer is “you don’t” and rightfully so that should be the answer. 627 more words


Don't Procrastinate!

Everyone says “some day when the time is right, I’ll make that purchase” or something along those lines. I don’t believe that is the right mindset. 627 more words


Efficiency is KEY!!!

Many people always want the fame (and time) and fortune… quite honestly I’m one of those people! I don’t blame you, why wouldn’t you want the time and money to do whatever you want, whenever you want? 731 more words


How to Invest?

A lot of people wonder the things all millionaires and billionaires have in common. One thing I’ve learned is they all invest! Whether they invest in real estate, stocks, or in various start ups, they are all invested in something and most likely multiple things! 638 more words


You Are What You Surround Yourself With!

It’s a proven fact that what you feed your brain is what you turn into. For example, people who hang around criminals, do drugs, and are just surrounded by bad influences, eventually they will turn into a bad influence themselves. 696 more words



Welcome back! Today we are talking about taking risks. Do you think the most successful people in the world got to where they are by taking the easy route and never taking risks? 427 more words