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My Dream Lifestyle

I hate sitting. Always have. It’s unhealthy and causes my back to hurt.

Sitting all day at a desk job at Microsoft was part of an atrociously unhealthy lifestyle and 60 pounds gained over the a 3-4 year period. 304 more words

Dream Lifestyle

Why You Need a Reason to Win

In life, it is the guy who keeps fighting and growing persistently that succeeds.
To keep moving forward in the right direction, you need a crystal clear vision of your future and most importantly, a reason that lifts you higher and lights you on fire. 242 more words


Noticing major changes

For the first time since I moved to The Netherlands 8 year ago I jumped on the opportunity to mix and mingle with a lot of strangers for me. 292 more words

Dream Lifestyle

Ideas, frustrations and then solutions

On top of making an effort to loss weight, I have also been making a major effort to change me for the better. I have always been someone who helps people because I know I have a great heart for that. 862 more words

Dream Lifestyle

Dreams...and dinner

A few months ago my husband invited over a friend that he works with. This person is wonderful in so many ways and we get along well. 328 more words

Dream Lifestyle

Antayla Turkey

This was the best trip with my husband ever. And it was our first every Dream Vacation. We have been traveling for a long time. This one was a trip to Turkey. 54 more words

Dream Lifestyle

Before you live the dream, you gotta work out which dream you're living

I’m sitting on my inner city balcony, checking out the skyline. In a little while, I might stroll in to town to see a movie, pick up some pad thai, or maybe take a promenade by the lake. 276 more words