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Cosmic Play

When you realize yourself as completely empty and devoid of all form, this is wisdom.

When you realize yourself as the fullness of love overflowing itself without object, this is bliss. 86 more words

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Why we dream.

Last night I had a dream that was so real and vivid, it was an all-encompassing sensory experience. I was eating octopus. It wasn’t what I wanted or what I thought it was, and the sudden realisation I had tentacles in my mouth was disgusting. 719 more words

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3 Tips to Manifest Your Dream Reality

A Series of Manifestation Tips

Most people are unaware of the discontent in their lives, accepting a stagnant, unhappy reality and believing the tools for change to be out of their control. 312 more words

Self Improvement

Real, But Not True

The other day a friend of mine sent an email describing a gift he’d received for Christmas. He alleged it was a storied intoxicant, a well-known topic of experimentation, poetry and discourse, effective in small measures but dangerous in larger doses. 775 more words