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Shopkins Season 6 M&M Candy Surprise Bowl | Fun Kids Video

Hey Dreamers!

Late post today! As life seems crazier than ever..

This is super fun. We have seen many channels do this, so we had to try! 85 more words

Gold Dig It! Did We Find Gold? Fun Creative Toy For Kids!

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Well, this Mommy was up at 4am due to a teething baby.. oh gee.. what I would do for a nice warm bed and peace and quiet for about 2 hours lol.. 109 more words


Hey Dreamers!

These are super cute! I always love when these buckets come out. The stickers make them that much more cute!

Join us as the Dream Team opens up one of the 2016 McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, the Peanuts It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Halloween pails aka Halloween buckets! 112 more words

🛏Thomas Minis Nursery Rhymes | Silly Songs

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We are doing another silly song video!

Thomas Minis Nursery Rhymes | Silly Songs. Thomas And Friends Minis jumping on the bed song & more. 50 more words

Kinetic Sand With The Dream Team | Blue Sparkle Kinetic Sand


This stuff is so much fun!! We bought this last year for Christmas and look..it still works! We learn shapes and talk about the color blue! 62 more words

🎃Toms Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch | Halloween & Autumn Fall Fun!

Good Morning Dreamers!

Tom’s Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch | Halloween & Autumn Fall Fun! The Dream Team visit Tom’s Maze for a day of family fun! 298 more words

PLAY DOH THOMAS & FRIENDS GUESSING GAME! Guess The Engine Surprise Thomas The Engine Learning Game

Good Morning Dreamers!

Well, I must say, I am so excited! All of a sudden our views have doubled and I hope it keeps doubling! Even if it does, it was a pretty good feeling! 240 more words