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Time Traveling Through A Dream Within A Dream

This dream from last night was an interesting and complex and detailed dream that involved a dream within a dream and time travel and waking up back and forth between a dream within a dream that jumped between the past and present/future, and so my memory of this dream is flawed and limited. 1,881 more words


What is Real

Part of getting to the truth of things is to embrace more than what we like, or are interested in. We must be able to accept all the information possible to give ourselves a better chance of grasping what is real. 603 more words

Inner / Outer

These Are My Dreams

I do not really want to or feel like typing or sharing this dream from last night but I will type it and share it anyway, there are various reasons for this, some dreams just feel more personal and private et cetera and you basically feel like these are my dreams and are not meant for others. 2,753 more words


Dream #2,049

Dreamt of walking outside, looking up at the clouds. I noticed a small, almost perfectly circular hole, open to blue skies beyond. The hole got closer as the world around me stretched and faded away. 215 more words


Day 1 - Three Quotes in three days challenge

I have been nominated or should I say “challenged” to post three quotes in three days and challenge three other bloggers each day. Before I begin I would like to thank the person that nominated me…. 800 more words

Random Crap

September 17, 2016 | A Dream Within A Dream + A Lucid Dream + A False Awakening Dream = ?

Last night was interesting, I had several longer dreams but I forgot some of them and I forgot most of the details of the dreams that I do remember after something interesting happened that I will explain later, and for the rest of the night I kept having very short dreams and waking up and going back to sleep without voice recording my dreams so I forgot most of the short dreams and most of the details of the dreams that I do remember. 1,883 more words


Dream within a dream

He has been watching you. He knows where you live. It could be any of them. Which traces of you will they find. Half written emails to friends, unsent nudes, bookmarked buzzfeed articles. 184 more words