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Dreaming of home 

In my dream our bodies bled together like watercolours, merging hues, new distinct patterns, skin on skin or skin under skin. A light that is indistinguishable. 196 more words

Chimeras are for real

All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream
By Edgar Allan Poe

When the faintest flames in gloom is all… 148 more words


Radiohead//Daydreaming - Dogen's Dream within a Dream

Radiohead drop a new track out of the blue. My four year old asked, “Why’s he opening so many doors? When will he be home?” 141 more words


A dream within a dream

Your affections for me, I have yet seen.

Your forgiveness, I have yet to bring.

I’d given my love gratis, yours I never win.

Of different passions from a common spring. 65 more words


Lucid dream within a dream!

exactly what says the title, that happened to me!

So yes, again I can confirm that lucid dreams are real, lets look on how it happened. 256 more words


Trying to Stay Asleep

I’ve never shared this with anyone, but when I was very young I had some strange, intense, and oddly complicated dreams. I still remember most of them, but one from when I was 4 stands out as by far the most trippy. 348 more words