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A Psychic Reading And Rebecca (Rebekah)?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place inside maybe a house or building, and I was in a maybe carpeted room with some other people. 1,026 more words

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Mr. Gaul And Dream Sharing/Shared Dreaming Inside A Dream Within A Dream Within A False Awakening Dream đŸ˜”

For the second night in the row since the Orgonise Africa medium Orgonite Pyramid M that I ordered last year during the Christmas holiday(s) during a 30% off sale finally arrived, I have had some of the most intensely detailed interesting dreams of the year so far, which may be a coincidence but who knows. 1,981 more words

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A European Hitman Sniper?

This dream from last night was possibly partly inspired by a short film and Vimeo Staff Pick that I saw a few days ago called  670 more words

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Daydreaming/Dreaming Overviews Of Films While Sorting And Setting Up A Cart Of Movies?

I did not voice record my dreams each time that I woke up, and so I forgot most of my dreams except for barely part of two dreams from last night. 299 more words

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Time Traveling Through A Dream Within A Dream

This dream from last night was an interesting and complex and detailed dream that involved a dream within a dream and time travel and waking up back and forth between a dream within a dream that jumped between the past and present/future, and so my memory of this dream is flawed and limited. 1,881 more words

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What is Real

Part of getting to the truth of things is to embrace more than what we like, or are interested in. We must be able to accept all the information possible to give ourselves a better chance of grasping what is real. 603 more words

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These Are My Dreams

I do not really want to or feel like typing or sharing this dream from last night but I will type it and share it anyway, there are various reasons for this, some dreams just feel more personal and private et cetera and you basically feel like these are my dreams and are not meant for others. 2,753 more words

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