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Lucid Dreaming Techniques and A Lucid Dream Within a Dream

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Before bed, I read a dream of John Jr’s. In it he had become lucid. While lucid he remembered me and my dream where I was trying to run real fast and attempted it as well ( 2,941 more words

Lucid Dreams

Dream #1,393

Dreamt I could fly. My flight was guided by mostly by my mind and intention, but required a little push from the ground to get started. 133 more words

Dream Within A Dream

Review: Inception (2010) (A Sweet Dream...Or A Beautiful Nightmare?)

“If we are gonna perform Inception then we need imagination”

What do you get when you mix up a typical Bond film, The Matrix and Ocean’s 11? 1,168 more words


Dream #1,319

I woke up in our hotel room with a clear view of the daytime sky as reflected in the mirror over the bed. I was a little confused by the large machine hanging unsupported in the sky. 266 more words


Dream squared

Ever had a dream in which you found yourself recounting older dreams? Or actually reliving them? In full detail? I had this experience just hours ago. 54 more words


The Just Dread-Full Poetry Corner: The Understated Horror of "Dream Within A Dream"

I admit, it’s been a long time since I’ve talked about Poe on this blog.  And while I’ve discussed two of his short stories ( 2,497 more words


Dream #1,311

Dreamt of pulling into the passenger drop-off of a less-than fancy hotel. The overhang was simple and seemed to be contained inside the building. There was a gap between the upper wall and the roof. 99 more words

Dream Within A Dream