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A dream within a dream

Your affections for me, I have yet seen.

Your forgiveness, I have yet to bring.

I’d given my love gratis, yours I never win.

Of different passions from a common spring. 65 more words


Lucid dream within a dream!

exactly what says the title, that happened to me!

So yes, again I can confirm that lucid dreams are real, lets look on how it happened. 256 more words


Trying to Stay Asleep

I’ve never shared this with anyone, but when I was very young I had some strange, intense, and oddly complicated dreams. I still remember most of them, but one from when I was 4 stands out as by far the most trippy. 348 more words


February 15, 2016 | Dream Journal

I had several dreams last night but I overslept and there were possibly one or two short power (electricity) outages and I failed to voice record my dreams or think about them throughout the day, and so now I can only barely remember part of my last two dreams from last night which I will type as one because it was a dream within a dream. 632 more words




“You are so beautiful….. So…. Beautiful. I am not worthy, worthy to have you.”

“I am just a dream Prasun, your dream. So I am yours, always yours.” 686 more words

Shortest Stories

My Unsuccessful Crushes-Turned Successful Crushes (Dream Within a Dream?) Dream

It was really late at night and I was wandering through the estate I used to live in when I was younger, mixed with my college neighborhood. 910 more words