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Flying Whale, Standing Cow

I’m in a city. Victorian red brick suburbs and large trees. In the sky, a single cow is standing. Chewing the cud. There’s a whale flying toward it. 105 more words



I was in the old building of my high school campus, I am with people that I call “friends” but I have no idea who they are. 54 more words


On Chances and Changes

There are a lot of movies and songs about time travel — looking back the past and seeing what it does with the present moment. Upon travelling the last time, with the rain pouring down and the music playing in the background from RNB to the Classic ones, I was in a trance of seeing the world backwards. 214 more words


I used to sleep

HYPNOS: I used to sleep. I used to sleep and dream. Dream about sheep. Just kidding — I never dream about sheep. Sheep are boring and expected. 446 more words

Creative Writing

To surrender

We have been told to be strong
Defy those who would keep us down
beat the odds
follow our passions
be true to our authentic selves… 126 more words



There was a girl
Who read the story of the Wild-Horse Mountain
And who then went to find
The writer of the story
And question him thus: 509 more words


Pink Dream Dragon Bracelet

Beautiful Handmade Silver Bracelet with Pink Dream Dragon Vein Agate & Roses

What do you think about this bracelet? Please let me know, thank you :-) 31 more words