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The Queen's Huntsman

The Queen’s Huntsman has bolts of gold, red, and blue
cloth around his quiver of hearts, a crown on his brow
for in truth he is Prince Charming in hiding, and when… 225 more words



I could cry today, I’ve stopped myself about 4 times already within 5 minutes.

I just had this amazing opportunity come through to potentially be an Airport Emergency service officer. 602 more words


Politics From Two Sides, Part 3


I’ve never concerned myself much about things like demographics and target audiences, but in sending this out, I’d like to dedicate it to the cynical, the indifferent, those who are skeptical of whether any good can come out of political involvement—at least, through human design rather than chance, which, after all, operates equally well under all governments and leaders. 2,777 more words


Let there be light #2

I watched Lion recently. It’s a beautiful movie with nice camera work and a few outstanding performances.

Those who have not seen the movie, Lion is based on the real life story of Saroo Brierly, who was lost on a train when he was only five. 539 more words


I wonder

Do you know how much I care

Even though I just sit and stare?

As you wipe her lipstick off your face

Do you wish that mine would take its place? 64 more words


Gabe's Dream

Gabe woke up comfortably at 6:00 AM.  As was his morning tradition, he immediately took out a notebook labeled “Dream Journal” and a pencil.  The book was filled with strange misadventures and plot twists, as only dreams could create.   160 more words


Chris's Nightmare

Oh no!!!!! I’m not first chair!!!!!!!  Nooooooo!  Why is Lalit first?  Why!!!!’  Chris woke up in a cold sweat.  “At least that was just a dream,” he said to himself.   164 more words