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Never Stop Trying

Kegagalan selalu menghampiri kita semua, tapi saya tidak akan pernah berhenti, tidak akan pernah menyerah. Saya akan terus mencoba apapun rintangannya. Satu-satunya yamg bisa menghentikan saya adalah kematian saya sendiri. 49 more words

Mona Yonatha Anatasha

About a month-long

I believe it’s been a month since I haven’t stopped thinking about something that was triggered by a particular character in a movie┬áI watched many years ago. 106 more words


Just questions.

How can I be tired of not kissing you, of not being with you when I’m not sure who you are? Yet, that is how I feel. 148 more words


I'm Back / My Deepest Feelings

I have not posted in quite some time due to breaking my laptop, and just a lot of other things that have been happening in my life. 655 more words

cuddle cafe (@gitlab2020)

Obviously, this is fiction since it takes place in the year MMXX. ( :


the 2020 olympics were going on and I had a fat blunt in my mouth chillin’ in some manga kissa i owned in tokyo. 381 more words


in deference to what I love

This journey has been hard, but I am not barred.

I know there is something more,

something I can’t yet see,

something beyond obscurity,

something just for me. 110 more words