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Chapter Four

Bright red rays of the rising sun pierced Heart’s eyes as he woke squinting at the light of the day. After Mind had left last night he stayed back on the deck looking out at the horizon, where Practicality met the infinite sky, trying to reconcile his unwilling consciousness with his sense of duty, in the same way. 1,275 more words


Yet another dream

I haven’t been too good posting here, but I’m not going to promise myself anything. But I remember now why I tried to write every day, because every day he was on my mind, however this time I don’t want that. 447 more words

The Extra Mile

Neveah was 5 years old. Her life was chaotic and tumultuous. Her 25 year old mother was addicted to drugs. Her 26 year old father decided he was too young for fatherhood and left when she was born. 1,244 more words



Pic by JB 2018

It no longer exists, nor its rooms
nor its battlement towers. The castle
is reduced to a tourist fun chance,
its shaped stones were removed, dispersed… 128 more words


Close To My Heart...Far From My Eyes.

Sometimes My eyes get jealous of my Heart!!!
You Know Why?
You Always Remain close to my HEART
And far from my EYES.


I told a friend that I had started writing romantic fiction. His first reaction was “Wow, that’s so glamorous”. Is it? I suppose it sounds more glamorous than writing marketing copy or other non-fiction stuff that I do on a daily basis, but I think that’s all. 241 more words


About Dream 2

Freud’s wrote that dreams are”…disguised fulfilment of repressed wishes.” What does this expression actually means any way? Dreams are created. and as like every other creation it also needs some suitable environment or situation.

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