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I Need YOUR Help (The Best Christmas Ever)

Dear Readers,

I fell in love with an English man.

There, I said it. I actually fell in love with an English man who’s a musician– currently taking up his further studies abroad. 780 more words


Improbable Dream

Last night I had a dream, a nightmare. I dreamt about her. She saw me on mall and she shouted sorry, I was with my friend and I excused my self that I need to go to somewhere, I ran to her, And she was saying sorry, I accepted it and We talked about everything. 196 more words


The small dog
frolics in the snow —
now appearing from,
now disappearing into
clouds of flakes,
while his master
stands in the door
cursing winter. 19 more words


The dream of the ā€™90s is alive in this Windows 95 screensaver indie game

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Twenty-two years ago, Microsoft Windows took a big leap forward with Windows 95. Most would say that Windows 95 was significant for its addition of the Start button, or the merging of MS-DOS and Windows, or plug and play. 311 more words


Too still to be anything

šŸ˜¶Ā It seems that i will do nothing today, seek nothing, and just be.. nothing. i am in a still mental space right now. 246 more words


Lost Dreamer

Children dream about life by the sea
following other kids run through narrow stone streets
diving into theĀ blue of spirited waves
and lose their thoughts in the hights of white fresh sheets. 173 more words


Marble StaircaseĀ 

Can you remember when magic first touched you?
Before the show, before the wands,
Before the ocean first touched your toes
Before the bunny, before Walt Disney… 104 more words