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a bedtime story

I don’t smoke tobacco

When I wake my arms I stretch wide
to  the sun,
The front door squeeks

I stretch my arms wide… 152 more words


Reality of God's Presence limited by our thinking

A few hours ago when I was sleeping, Yes, it’s 5:29 AM in the morning as I write this blog. Few hours ago I saw a dream. 1,082 more words

Devotional Thoughts

Tuesday Special: Chicken

On the menu today was Chicken.

There’s no specific name to this recipe other than: Chicken and Rice.

Preparation Time = 2.5 hours

Serves between 2 – 4 people 232 more words


Dream 11/22/15

Nick Jonas was playing a gay man in a movie. He was in a middle of a shoot where he had to make out with another guy passionately. 17 more words


A Shadows 5 Minute Dance Decay

A shadow dances for 5 minutes:

He tells me that the moon itself
has a heart;
no one has ever seen it.
The shadow unzips the moon’s jacket… 259 more words

Nano X

Chapter 19:The Last Supper

Miss Patience’s claws quickly became unwelcome tenants within the various rooms of my body, calling forth no small amount of blood. The cavern wall I flew into was particularly uncomfortable, and I could feel a number of my weaker bones crack and snap, as is always expected when bones pick a fight with stone. 1,405 more words

Dark Fiction


“Blue, green, gold”

It brings back the memory…

“You’re eyes are a mix of green and blue…”


On the water, in the ferry…

I remember that day clearly. 60 more words