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From Breakthrough to Breakthrough (Fenny West)

From Breakthrough to Breakthrough




Through our God we can do valiantly, our trials can thrust us into triumph; our tests can bring testimony battles can birth miracles and burdens can translate into blessing. 145 more words

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I was old before I was young.
A tiny grain of sand worn
Smooth like a heart that beats
Water like blood rushes
In and out. 73 more words


Pursue, Overtake and Recover All( by Fenny West)

Pursue, Overtake and Recover all

When your back is on the ground, you can only look up. David was here in Ziklag. But he  encouraged himself,  sought God’s face and God gave him the Word: pursue, overtake and recover all. 325 more words


Pursuing Purpose ( by Fenny West)

Pursuing Purpose



God has a plan, a purpose, design for your life and my life and He intends for us to discover that purpose, pursue that purpose with singleness of mind until it is accomplished with finesse. 41 more words

Faith Fuel

Writer to Author Diary Days 11 & 12 or Taking Time

Some of you eagle-eyed readers might have noticed that I skipped a day of blogging yesterday.  I did it intentionally.

After writing 10,000 words the day before and with everything else going on in my life, I intentionally spent a day away for all forms of writing.   243 more words

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