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Dreams Are Made...

What are dreams? Is it emotions overflowing with feelings? … Is it a place that sends you messages? How can we feel if our dream is right, or not? 140 more words


Joy today came in an array of colors as I opened the door.

Now my coffee tables breaths life and summer into the air.

Joy also came when I glanced up from my computer to this man watching Toy Story.  99 more words

Dreams in Flight

‘Follow,’ they told me.

“But it’s way up there! How am I supposed to follow it?”


“But it’s faster than me.”

“Overtake it. Capture it. 84 more words

Blogging 101

Little Turtle

Little turtle is sad but won’t show,

Little turtle is hurt, do you know?

Little turtle is tired but she’s trying

Little turtle is loved but she’s dying, 37 more words


I’ve dreamt of an angel nursie dear

Near  she sat and pat my brow

Her half-smile warmed me with more light, more hope here

I fell back on my fevered pillow… 39 more words

Creative Writing

Kevin Federline Is Requesting Up to 'Three Times More' Child Support from Britney Spears: Lawyer

Britney Spears‘s ex-husband Kevin Federline is requesting more child support for their two sons.

Federline, 40, claims he makes less than 1 percent of what Spears does in court documents filed on Tuesday and… 991 more words