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Dreamed to be

He dreamed to be with you,
Together, forever with you…

Nights were different, days not same,
Love or infatuation, or other name,
Dreamed to travel world together, 139 more words


Open Letter to CSU

It’s official. I received my first call today from the alumni association and reality hit me like a pillowcase of bricks. I’m no longer a college student anymore. 799 more words

The Dream of Drie

I leave for my second year of college next week. So I have taken time to think back on my first year of college and the experiences I had. 318 more words

I can feel it....

Creeping in….the darkness…it’s right on the fringe, waiting for that one moment of weakness so it can pounce on me and incapacitate me.  I worry about everything…excruciatingly so.   288 more words

Drawing#41: The Double

No comment.

From now on, I’ll post my drawings weekly, or maybe twice a week. To share the below auto-biographic stories, I’ll keep being creative, transforming my thoughts into words and images. 498 more words


One Time Offer..

What have you been putting off??
Life is too precious to spend it waiting. Take action today. Do your dream now..


Hinge Up

a freight train night
barrels down


i wake up a burst
hit by force a thousand tons


hurt all over, pain bleeds blue… 103 more words