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Dream Journal: April 29 2016

Last night I had a dark and scary nightmare. I was investigating some kind of cave with nothing but the flashlight in my hands. I heard noises but the light could never catch them in time. 75 more words


Dream Journal: April 5, 2016

There is a treasure hunt reality television show, filmed on the swamps.  The treasure is hidden and the cast try to locate it using hints that are found in bottled not-water. 306 more words

Robert Goj Allen

Buried dreams

I buried that dream
in the field
of lost ideals
like thousand pieces of
broken glass
I covered it with soil
knowing it will not grow… 51 more words


Never quite...get rid of our other selves.

The idea of yourself.  Or ideas of self. Or maybe even  selves.


Most probably, the ideals of yourself.

We take them around with us where we go. 382 more words

The Next Step.

Moving country, sounds like a big scary step and in reality, it is.

In 2010 my boyfriend and I decided to apply for a working holiday visa to go on our first adventure to Australia.  

490 more words

46: Ophelia – Starving

I have travelled in a wide circuit, taking al­most the whole of my life to do it. For, in a manner of speaking, I am back in that awful school, alone, friendless, buffeted by forces I cannot see, cannot understand, cannot prevail against in even the smallest measure. 748 more words


I Dreamed a Dream

When I was ten I dreamed
of love in the form of kisses
that feel like exploding galaxies
unable to handle the depth of their passion… 116 more words

Spilled Ink