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From an Astrological perspective, I am reliably informed the Sun moves into Virgo today. As it is a landmark year for me, I thought this auspicious and an appropriate occasion to post one final poem before launching into the The Wizard Of Wands, Book 2. 1,739 more words

Have you ever had a dream?

Since i was a child i dreamt to go away from my birthplace. When i was eleven i started noticing that my city was a little narrow. 311 more words

dreams, whales and brick hotels

The first major thing I remember from my old high school is that it was a super politically charged ball charter school, which is a fancy middle ground between a public and private school.   1,113 more words


We have sat for hours

Not a word’s been said,

Yet your embrace is what i crave

Even if our discussions are dead.
I slowly rise…

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My Younique Journey

So, I have ALWAYS been the kind of girl who was like “nooo, not another sales party!” Or “why do they always post their products?” So when the opportunity was offered to me to be a presenter, my immediate reaction was “oh heck no!” 331 more words


Day 224 (141 left) Law Of Attraction

Cat made a hole in my brand new T-shirt, I definitely felt strong contrast. Peace and serenity are my state or being. I am manifesting beautiful, peaceful and easy life. 8 more words

Success is Not the Destination but a Journey

Irrespective of boys and girls, rich and poor, white and black everybody here grown up with a dream and want to fulfill it. Some tries to achieve it with any means and does not stop until they achieve it and finally they get it. 714 more words