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Shenmue was a Product of its Time and an Experience Worth Having

This was one childhood series that really impacted me. I remember being so wowed by it considering all I’d played was PS1 games, tho very good in CG’s, it was nowhere as gorgeous this game was (and still is!!!) so I’d play it just for the beauty. 512 more words


Peter Moore bids farewell to the games industry

Peter Moore has spent the past 18 years in the games industry and has overseen some monumental moments in the industry! From launching the Dreamcast and making Xbox Live an industry leader,  to wrestling Grand Theft Auto exclusivity from PlayStation. 110 more words


Barrie Game Exchange at the Red Barn

On June 11, 2011 I wrote my first post here at RetroMegabit.com (the site was called The Sega Collection at that time). The subject of that post was… 730 more words


The Best Looking Video Game Console Designs Of All Time

Who cares if it’s stuck on a shelf, or crammed in an entertainment unit, or that in the dark all you’re going to see are its status lights! 452 more words