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July 3, 2015 Pickups

First, Boxed copies of Terminator 2 (missing the manual) and Who Framed Roger Rabbit for NES.

Second, Terminator 2 arcade game (with manual) for SNES, and Ecco the Dolphin for Dreamcast. 25 more words


The Dreamcast Diaries: Shenmue and Me

The time has come guys, the time for me to delve deep into my gaming history, the time to look at what is; in my opinion, the greatest console of all time. 929 more words


SBox Soapbox: Are the GameStop Retro Game Prices Fair?

Early last week, GameStop launched their retro games program exclusively on their website. This has been something we knew was coming for months, but after months of speculation, worry and anticipation we finally get an answer to one pivotal question: how’s the pricing? 1,174 more words


Shenmue. Sega (2000) Dreamcast

This review will probably lose us the one fan/reader we have, but I feel as though there are a few things I need to get off my chest. 2,098 more words


Tom + Mat Attack 101 – Finally Got Megaman!

This week the boys are back to their regular shinnanigans. Tom’s picked up some more Worms, Mat bought some Gameboy games, and they’re both talking nonsense! 45 more words

Tom + Mat Attack

Shenmore Please: My Shenmue 3 Excitement

E3 was packed with various announcements that made me incredibly excited. So I thought over the next few days I’d do some focus pieces on the ones that really stood out and what better way to start than Shenmue. 827 more words