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The price of retro gaming: Sega Dreamcast

Update (21 Jan, 2017): And the day after writing this blog post, my Dreamcast’s disc reader can no longer read discs. I have tried a common self-repair fix on the laser, but to no avail. 636 more words


Sage's Dreamcast Pt. 1

This past weekend I hit the road down to Philadelphia, one of my favorite cities. A historic cityscape with diversity, culture and a thriving creative scene. 204 more words


Resident Evil - Code: Veronica [X] (2000/2001)

The next big franchise installment

Year: 2000/2001

Platform: Sega Dreamcast (X: PlayStation 2)

Player Characters: Claire Redfield, Steve Burnside, Chris Redfield

Setting: Rockfort Island and  Antartica… 666 more words


Top 10 obscure games that actually exist.

By: Johnny Big Fudge Marcondes

10) Spot: The video game series. (NES – PS1 1990-97)

Spot, the video game character was produced to help advertise 7-UP soda. 2,002 more words

Sega Register Domains Indicating Shenmue Remasters, No Official Announcement

SEGA Europe registered a couple of domain-names hinting at remastered Shenmue games back in September it’s been revealed.

Alongside ShemnueGame.com (yes, that’s a deliberate typo, someone was already squatting on the correct spelling) 92 more words




                   Most people have that one game, the game they have idolized as the best in its genre since played ions ago. For me, it was evolution and it was the best RPG I ever played. 864 more words