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WWF Attitude (PS1 / Dreamcast) Review

WWF Attitude was quite the big deal when it came out, to me it was mostly because it actually had a career mode with a calendar screen, house shows, the works. 1,421 more words


My Fave Gaming Systems

Quick and dirty list-

1) Amiga / Atari ST

2) Dreamcast

3) Nintendo DS

4) Gameboy Advance

5) Megadrive / SNES

6) Gamecube

7) PC… 9 more words

Retro Gaming

The Dreamcast Sweet 20

Art by BachelorSoft.

Unlike other Dreamcast lists, this is being evaluated now in 2020. We like these games. We’d play these games right now, just try us. 2,302 more words

Dead or Alive 2 (Dreamcast) Review

I know, reviewing the original Dead or Alive alongside the movie would’ve made far more sense, but I never owned it, and in fact barely played it (a friend had it and brought it round a few times), where as DOA2 ended up being one of my most played fighting games on the Dreamcast. 1,011 more words


In The Games Corner - Chicken Run, Dreamcast

There was a time where films (especially children’s) were being turned into computer games. Whilst it still happens, it is not in the same influx that it was back in the nineties or the early noughties. 175 more words


Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (Dreamcast) - Retro Bits

En esta ocasión vamos a recordar Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes para el Dreamcast de Sega.

Esta versión casera salió a la venta en septiembre de 1999, fue un título de lanzamiento para la última consola casera de Sega. 1,002 more words