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Replacement Dreamcast Power Board Seeks Funding.

As many of you are probably aware, by owning a few stockpiled Dreamcast units, us as owners are always looking to keep playing our beloved Dreamcast units but this can become an increasingly hard task with various components getting tired and worn as the years progress, well fear not! 201 more words


Completely Owning the Dreamcast Add-on You Never Had

If you’ve got a SEGA Dreamcast kicking around in a closet somewhere, and you still have the underutilized add-on Visual Memory Unit (VMU), you’re in for a treat today. 434 more words



By now, the relationship between reality and fantasy in blockbuster video games – their presentation as both a perfect simulation of reality and a perfect escape from it – is so obvious to everyone it might as well be a cliche. 3,480 more words


On the Merits of Older Games

In the rush of the video game industry, it’s pretty much impossible to play every single game as it comes out. Even if you happen to have the money to do that, you almost certainly won’t have the time; but if you happen to have both, then congratulations sir or madam, you are set for life. 841 more words


What was the best CPS II game of the 90's?

Generally when it comes down to CPS II games of 90’s it tough to decide which one was the very best. When it comes down to 2D CPS II arcade titles there were games such as Marvel vs Capcom, X-Men Vs Street Fighter and Marvel Super Heroes vs Capcom which many people considered to be addictive. 189 more words


FLASH POLL! What #Broadway dreamcast would you like to see?

So for future blogging content, I would like to do more Broadway dreamcasts. Think hypotehtical revivals as well as movies turned into musicals.  Some things I have on the docket: 18 more words


Sega Forever - Retro Sega Classics on your phone!

Sega forever is a new free app for Android & iOS, it allows you to play classic titles from different Sega consoles like Genesis, Dreamcast and more. 152 more words

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