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SEGA Dreamcast - Repair

#SEGA #Dreamcast "repair" from the other day. I say repair with quotes because the unit arrived with a motherboard fault resulting in hanging before loading the home screen.

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Repairs And Servicing

SEGA Dreamcast - Region-Free BIOS

Quick lunchtime #SEGA #Dreamcast region-free + DEV boot up screen BIOS replacement.
Have been kindly supplied a programmed IC from a friend to install into my PAL Dreamcast which is a VA1 revision.

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Modifications & Installations

Crazy Taxi (2000) [DC]

-Offspring, “All I Want”


Deranged, especially wild or aggressive. Insane. Unstable. Extremely enthusiastic.

No game in human history has ever deserved its adjective more than 

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Game Review

#ThrowBackThursday: Phantasy Star Online

I often use these #ThrowBackThursday posts to reminisce about some of my favourite games that I’ve played since I first picked up a controller, occasionally I’ll cover something old that I’ve been playing recently (usually if its something I’ve picked up cheap on PSP or its one of the Retro Game Club games, which I’ve not actually joined in with this month). 1,605 more words


The Games That Time Forgot - Space Channel 5, Sega Dreamcast

Today we look at a game that was welcomed with really positive reviews when it was published on the Sega Dreamcast. Space Channel 5 was released in 2000, it was developed by United Game Artists and published by Sega. 161 more words


Shenmue Comes To Game Pass!!!

I did not own a Dreamcast until the mid Zeroes, but I had done in-office freelance for 2 magazines dedicated to Sega’s wonderful machine & if you have a copy of WWE Royal Rumble, I have a quote on the cover. 159 more words

Proof that God exists as Phantasy Star Online 2 is finally announced for US release.

In recent years the anticipation of the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo  (E3) is an event that often excites the dormant hardcore gamer in me. However many times the reality is that the conference is filled with the same old same old with endless sequels to game franchises that I could care less about or uninspiring new IPs that a simply retreads of well-worn game tropes. 377 more words