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Rez: Open your eyes, go to synaesthesia

Tetsuya Mizuguchi | United Game Artists | Rhythm | Dreamcast/PS2/PC/PS4 | Nov. 22, 2001

Rez is the greatest video game ever made.

I say this with a clean conscience and no hyperbole. 739 more words


Dream Cast #3: 0-16: A Biopic Of The 2008 Detroit Lions Season

The Cleveland Browns aren’t the only NFL franchise whose legacy is worthy of having their story of disappointment being brought into a biopic, there are many, many stories in the NFL about franchises with stories worth being told on a big screen. 657 more words


One Controller Port Podcast - Episode 19: Stumbling Over SNES Classics

This week I stumble between talking about 20 or more games, as well as the SNES and NES classic. This is not how you plan a podcast. 11 more words


Opinion: The Dreamcast was delightfully quirky

I apologize for the delay on this one; blame Metroid.

Sega’s swansong console left one lasting legacy before it was snuffed out; it was home to a very bizarre and delightful collection of games from a wide range of developers. 1,120 more words


Update : An introduction

Hello everybody, Ret Retro here, and with today’s post, I want to rewind briefly and introduce myself, my blog, and all things I want Ret Retro to be. 426 more words


Opinion: Get hyped with great Dreamcast Intros

I did this on LVLS before, but that original post is long gone so I’m redoing it. The Dreamcast had SO MANY DAMN GOOD INTRODUCTIONS to its games! 382 more words


Dream Cast #2: Dawg Pound: A Biopic Of The Cleveland Browns

While we’re still early on 2017 to determine if the Cleveland Browns actually have a future, you can not deny that this team has been cursed from the 80s to today. 407 more words