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Dear customers and fans, we have very good news for you! Ghost Blade is almost finished for Dreamcast, the game is finally coming at 17th Sepember 2015. 96 more words


Excited for Shenmue 3? A Word of Warning

Shenmue, to most of you younger informed gamers, this title alone is like Woodstock was to the generation of Americans too young to participate in it, you where possibly knowledgeable of its existence, but too young or lacked the finances for admission.  1,562 more words

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Retrospective: Jet Set Radio

I don’t remember the first time I saw Jet Set Radio, but I certainly remember my reaction: “Holy crap, that looks cool.”

It was probably a feature in the dearly-departed Dreamcast Magazine, some time after the game’s TGS ’99 reveal, and from the moment I saw it, I knew I had to play… 1,629 more words


Dreamcast Rodeo


Fat Campers keeps on rolling, check out the newest comic on the Playmore front page.

Since Shenmue III is coming out in a couple of years, I decided to finally play the first one. 205 more words


My Gaming Vice #001: The Drone Zone

Keeping up with video gaming culture is difficult.  much like a light house at the edge of a rocky shore, we try to be vigilant on all major upcoming games and try not to get any of the past us, but when we do we risk the terror of seeing a ship wreck of a once glorious game.  441 more words

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