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3 of My Favorite Sports Game Soundtracks of All Time

It’s no secret that the soundtrack to a game can tug at your heart strings, but it’s also a huge driving force behind the feelings of nostalgia we get when we replay a game from our younger years. 816 more words


Requiem for a Dreamcast

Although I was silly enough to buy an imported Dreamcast five months before the system came out in the US, it was just a few months later that a friend introduced me to Everquest, which rapidly consumed all of my spare time for the next several years. 627 more words


How to skip cutscenes in Shenmue II:

No clever title today, rather one deliberately chosen to make this page easier to find on search engines.

Shenmue 2 nearly broke me tonight.  I’m closing in on the end of the game, I’m pretty sure, but  getting this far has involved a segment with a mandatory stealth bits, one-mistake-fails QTEs AND unskippable cutscenes.  267 more words


Sega Dreamcast Backpack

I remember the Sega Dreamcast being my system of choice.  I played Bomberman and Powerstone 2 all day.  Instead of buying a plain JanSport backpack, why not grab this Dreamcast 2-Way Shoulder Bag?  18 more words


What Games Taught Me- New Language

This is a series of posts in which I’ll tell you exactly what games have taught me throughout the years.

In this first part I’ll be discussing how games helped me learn a… 492 more words


How About A Game Of Lucky Hit?

So, it’s been roughly ten years since I played the first Shenmue, and I understand they’re actually planning to make a third one.  In addition, Shenmue II is the last Dreamcast game sitting in my backlog after I came to terms with abandoning a couple of really long RPGs. 364 more words


Dreamcast Review - Tennis 2K2

When I got my Dreamcast back in high school (through a trade), I got a couple games with the system including Soul Caliber, Sonic Adventure, and Grandia 2. 689 more words