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Discovering Shenmue (Part 2 of 2)

(Read Part 1 here)

As I stated at the end of Part 1, Shenmue II felt like where the saga’s story was truly beginning, the hints that it was more than a simple revenge story becoming a lot more apparent. 1,176 more words


Discovering Shenmue (Part 1 of 2)

So then, welcome to Shenmusings! This introductory post serves to give you an idea of what to expect from the blog, as well as a little about why I am so passionate about this series, and how I first discovered it and became part of the fandom and online community (surely there can’t be a more persistently hopeful fanbase than ours?). 1,489 more words


REVIEW: Sonic Adventure [B]

Dreamcast, 1998 by Sega.

Sonic and co exploded onto the Dreamcast in Sonic Adventure, their first ‘proper’ foray into the world of 3D platforming and a bold restart for the series after a couple of sub-par installments in the mid-90s. 1,777 more words


Sonic Generations - PS3 / Xbox 360 (vgMastersClub Review Rewind)

(This is an unused review from my old site vgMastersClub.com which is where a lot of the inspiration for me to start making books came from!) 662 more words


Actors I Want To Star In Hypothetical Movies Of My Books

I think most authors dream about what their books would look like as movies. I know I do. The biggest draw for me is the possibility of seeing these characters that I created and loved played by actors on the big screen. 218 more words


Mixtape 1-2 Dreamcast Shmups

The short-lived Sega Dreamcast had an excellent library which included some great vertical and horizontal shmups! Enjoy this mixtape from one of our earliest episodes with great classic Sega composers! 74 more words

Rhythm And Pixels

Retrogamerph Store: Philippines' Pioneering Store to All Things Retro

Customers and friends alike battling it out through Super Smash Bros. in the Nintendo 64 with the owner himself

What started as a console renting business back in 1997 turned into the Philippines’ first ever physical store to showcase all things retro. 1,435 more words