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When A Sega Magazine Got Blacklisted By Sega

(Source: kotaku.com)

Keith Stuart’s written a great article over on Eurogamer, recalling the time that he was blacklisted by Sega despite being the Editor-in-Chief of DC-UK, a magazine devoted entirely to the Sega Dreamcast. 401 more words


Giant Days, Giant Personalities

“Giant Days” is a graphic novel series centered around three college roommates who are helping each other through the struggles of attending a university and dealing with their social lives. 640 more words


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Virtual-On Retro Review

Real Talk By: Cmack The Don

I’m here with a review of a maybe forgotten but definitely not gone 90’s arcade hit: Virtual On.

Developed by Sega with participation from one of their in-house developers, AM-2 (famous for their work Virtua Fighter) in 1996, the first Virtual-On was an arcade success worldwide, spawning a 4-game series, plastic model sets, and even audio dramas that fill in or add to the game storyline. 702 more words


Xenocider (WIP)

Okay so I haven’t updated in a while but crazy news! A new rail-shooter is in development for PC/Linux/Dreamcast/3DS called Xenocider. There’s a demo available now if you want to try it out. 45 more words


Dreamcast Memories

Recently, I have been immersing myself in retro games. It may be due to the fact that no current generation titles have excited me lately, or it may be the recent rise of nostalgia I have felt over the last few months, but whatever the reason, retro gaming has been my focus as of late. 1,004 more words


Blog Tour: The Girl I Used To Be by April Henry - Review + Playlist + Dream Cast + Giveaway

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Title: The Girl I Used To Be

Author: April Henry

Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. 600 more words

Book Review