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Someone is porting Pokémon Go to the Dreamcast VMU

(Source: arstechnica.com)

I know a surprising number of people who desperately want to play Pokémon Go, but their phones are too old to run the game reliably. 450 more words


Gaming Consoles- Sega Dreamcast: (1999)

Anyone who was a gamer back in the 90’s remember the wonderful games & consoles that provided hours of  high quality entertainment.   There were many game consoles that were so great that most people would think twice about selling them along with certain games they purchased with it.  471 more words


Shangri-La complete collection

Shangri-La is not a developer that i’m familiar with that developed and published one title for the Japanese dreamcast in Yume Uma Ken ’99. Which i haven’t honestly played and probably won’t due to not being interested in the games subject matter and not having the ability to use the software as the severs are long since gone. 136 more words


Classic Gaming- Skies of Arcadia: (2000)

During the past three decades the world has seen the development of many great RPG titles from Final Fantasy to Phantasy Star series and more.  However, there have also been RPG games that people consider an instant classic but never received the sequel that it deserved. 396 more words


Classic Gaming- Soul Calibur: (1998)

Soul Calibur was a 3D fighting game developed by Project Soul and released by Namco for Sega Dreamcast in 1998.   The original Soul Calibur marked the birth of the series that many gamers have enjoyed next to other 3D titles such as Tekken and Viruta Fighter.  341 more words


The Dream Of The 90's Is Alive At My House - Dreamcast GD-EMU Review

So it’s no surprise to anybody that I’m obsessed with Sega’s final console, some…fifteen years and change after it shuffled off this mortal coil (an event that coincided with me having to start high school, which if I were a dickhead I’d say was some representation of me having to start the journey into adulthood or something). 1,114 more words


Random Game Wednesdays: Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage

It’s kind of weird that I own a copy of Sword of the Berserk: Guts’ Rage. It’s a Dreamcast game based on the manga and anime “Berserk”, which I’ve never read or seen. 796 more words

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