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Music: Top VGM STKs #4 – Skies of Arcadia

Composed by Yutaka Minobe and Takayuki Maeda, Skies of Arcadia features a wide array of diverse instrumentals with a focus on the game’s broad ethnic groups. 379 more words


SEGA Dreamcast: SEGA GT

When SEGA revealed SEGA GT for the Dreamcast, many gamers were asking, “would this be a Gran Turismo killer?” Me? I asked, “Would this be a game I like to play,” because I really can’t stand Gran Turismo. 764 more words

More Dreamcast games coming!

Hot on the heels of Battle Crust being shown off in a JoshProd Youtube video this week, it turns out that more games are heading to the system this year, as is the nature of JoshProd’s releases, there is usually a batch of games released around the same time and offered in a bundle. 420 more words


SEGA Dreamcast: Rippin Riders

I wouldn’t say that I’m the direct intended target audience for a snowboarding game, but I’ve played my share of them, and I’ve even had me some fun with 1080 Snowboarding on the N64 not so long ago. 772 more words

Battle Crust is your next Dreamcast purchase.

JoshProd, the published behind last years slew of PAL designed Dreamcast games is continuing into 2018 with another publicly announced shoot em up for the system, Battle Crust, upon some quick research of the title, we found it to have been released in 2016 on Steam originally, it’s a 90’s inspired shooter featuring 6 levels in which you’re able to pick up assist items on the way to help your mission such as the charge shot. 99 more words


CAST (03.19.2018) 0.1

A dream I had for almost an entire year, that included themes of a traditional 8-bit arcade maze… and monsters to go with it.

Dream Diary

SEGA Dreamcast: Space Channel 5

Groooove evening, Cosmic Kittens! Are you looking for something new and different? Do you like feeling funky? Well, SEGA has the game for you! Space Channel 5 is a rhythm-based game that puts the player into the platform heels of sexy star space reporter, Ulala, as she tries to uncover an alien plot that’s out to enslave humanity… by forcing them to dance! 708 more words