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Duranik Show Glimpse Of Midsummer.

Soon after Duranik had finished with the developement of Sturmwind, the team’s previous Dreamcast release, word had got around that another game was being worked on here and there, things naturally went a bit quiet as Sturmwind initially suffered backlash at the hands of a botched release with the blame being mostly aimed towards the now-defunct Redspotgames, as we know, Sturmwind has since be reissued and sold via different outlets, becoming one of the most recognised games amongst owners of post-death software for the console. 293 more words


We Played a Broken Sword game.... on Dreamcast..?

Ah the Dreamcast, such a versatile little box of wonders isn’t it, capable of running lovely looking 128 Bit games, online capabilities, arcade ports, emulation…. Yes, that’s correct, we are talking about something that never came to the console being played on it. 137 more words


Volgarr the Viking Sees Second Physical Print Run.

Some of the more hardcore Dreamcast fans out there may remember that back in 2015, Crazy Viking Studios granted permission for Volgarr the Viking to be ported to the machine, initially as freeware. 187 more words


Pioneer 2 arrives to greet Pioneer 1

They were pioneers, gathering the people

and turning the marble just so.

It made their lifeboats feel small, they knew they’d outgrown them

and it was time to disembark. 29 more words


Top Ten! Twenty? Thirty!?

Well I tried to do it, I really did, but I really couldn’t narrow it down to just ten games, or even twenty, heck the list made it just past thirty before I was able to trim it down by a couple to make it an even number. 5,069 more words


Dreamcast : Year One - Two Thirds Funded, Final Interviewee Revealed.

We are routing for Andrew Dickinson’s Kickstarter that currently has 2 weeks left of the campaign, it’s already had pledges totalling over £4k of the 6K target, with many backers snagging the book at £8, which is an absolute bargain, 7 flush backers have even pledged £99 to feature in the book’s retrospective section, but this isn’t just for die-hard gamers who want their memories shared, oh no – in actual fact, as shared via a few project updates, some famous guys from the Dreamcast’s prime feature in the book! 192 more words


Top 3 Dreamcast Games That I Currently Own

The Dreamcast is a hell of system, and people still love it to this day. It was far ahead of its time, and didn’t receive anywhere near the support it deserved. 316 more words