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Proof that God exists as Phantasy Star Online 2 is finally announced for US release.

In recent years the anticipation of the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo  (E3) is an event that often excites the dormant hardcore gamer in me. However many times the reality is that the conference is filled with the same old same old with endless sequels to game franchises that I could care less about or uninspiring new IPs that a simply retreads of well-worn game tropes. 377 more words


With Honey Comes the Sting - Sega Dreamcast - Blue Stinger - 1999

Blue Stinger
Sega Dreamcast
Climax Graphics/Activision
Genre: Action Adventure

During its launch in the US, Sega’s new Dreamcast console released with 18 games in tow. 1,841 more words

Dead Tomb Coming to Dreamcast.

You my have heard of Collectorvision, a team of developers making new games for older systems, their work includes the Sydney Hunter series of games for mostly 8-bit systems, an entry was also announced for the Dreamcast but has since gone quiet, however another of their games is coming to the Dreamcast in the form of Dead Tomb. 171 more words



TOMORROW, which in this timeless digital world accounts to 28/05/19, at 15:00 GMT the Funk Soul Samurai kickstarter will go live around the world. This campaign is not just to put to print the new issue of… 1,149 more words


Episode 53: Sega Dreamcast


Our first video game-themed episode in a while, where Tom explains to the Morgan the short history of Sega’s final console, the Dreamcast.

We look back at its rise and dramatic fall, why it failed, its bizarre adverts, and its most memorable (and downright bizarre) games. 25 more words

Podcast Episode

Songs from Sega Dreamcast classic Skies of Arcadia hit vinyl

This release’s limited marble edition already sold out, leaving this blue-and-black 3LP set.

The soundtrack of sought-after Sega Dreamcast JRPG Skies of Arcadia has received a new vinyl pressing through French label… 78 more words


Have you taken a walk "In Ryo's Footsteps"? (SEGA Week Special)

Before their dreams came true when Shenmue III was revealed at E3 2015, the loyal Shenmue fan base was still rich with artistic and musical tributes… 140 more words