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Hyper / Hyposensitivity

Good afternoon all you dreamers and creamers,

After another long mute I once again feel the need to write something off my chest. I would like to continue my series on why I think that giftedness can be much more of a burden than it is often perceived to be. 523 more words

found- courtesy of the eagles...

this far down the line

clear water sparkles time

this is the end..

the eagle’s soul has


stepping off the wave- before it hits the beach…


Home for the soul.

Sometimes I really wish that my heart were a coniferous forest and my soul sitting right at it’s centre.

Oh, how lovely would it be to be guarded by the tall pines, 52 more words

I just can't hide

It took me over 20 long years to carve myself into this version of me. Every feature of my physique and every act of my soul is my own priced possession. 203 more words



I am a hopeless, incurable romantic.  I will never stop mistaking concern for care and care for love. I will always over-analyse situations, fall too quick and too deep to get back up. 96 more words


In the political debate: the undocumented immigrants.

As the election year starts in all of its force and the political debate has, as one of its central issues, the fate of the many undocumented immigrants of all ages: some young children,others teens reuniting with parents and parents who are the sole support for young children born in this country,we are reminded every day that this is about the future of many of the reunited immigrant families we have been talking about in the posts of this blog. 300 more words

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