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Being Someone Esle

Almost all my life I’ve been an introvert. Barring from a handful of people, I never had people whom I could rely upon. Up till I guess I was 18 I’d probably didn’t give this problem a thought. 502 more words


Let's Run Away; Let's Create Our Own World Together

I will meet you
within the holes of the sky,
the untouched tunnels
where dreamers stamp out the supernovas.

I will meet you
within the intensity of the sea, 39 more words

Little Dreamers

(Ha, we didn’t officially cover a chakra this week, so new topic!)

The general theme on the 3rd weekend of our YTT was about the inner dreamer, the child who was free to imagine the limitless possibilities. 922 more words

Forbidden excerpt: 2

He isn’t a man no part of him is remotely human . He’s a vortex of energy, and every time we embrace our bodies, minds and spirits mesh into one. 733 more words

Ms. Sunshine

The Race of Highs and Lows

I have mixed feelings about being ‘HIGH’. Firstly, it takes you on a mellow adventure where you only shall find serenity. Nothing else around matters. The twist and turns casts the spell of charm over you and you are only left mesmerized. 434 more words