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That keeps people up all night. That makes them wait in dark for the light.

That lets people go through the day. That encourages them to keep sorrows at bay. 30 more words


Dreaming Big: Surround Yourself with Big Dreamers.

I can vividly remember that as a child, I had a lot of big dreams, from becoming an air hostess, to the best ballerina in the world, to becoming a space engineer, an author, singer etc, I dreamed that anything and everything was possible. 421 more words


Looking through one of my old sketchbooks...

Hey there, hello again!

I have this sketchbook that I carry around with me from time to time, but sadly, I don’t draw in nearly as much as I’d like.   536 more words


1: Silent Reflection

Over thinkers. And silent seekers.

When the sun sets below the horizon and the stars come out to play, magic and madness fills the air. A current of brisk adrenaline. 129 more words