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Gratitude Journal Day 8, Celebrate the Dreamers

I read an article about scientific methods for traveling through the solar system.  Not hyper, warp, or faster-than-light drives that fuel many science fiction TV shows and novels.  369 more words


Tigre Estrella 

When we connected and you opened your delirious lips I watched you spit stars and couldn’t help but see your soul at the back of your throat like burning embers. 113 more words


Last night I dreamt of Manderley again

Last night I dreamed of sitting at a table in a dining area. We were sitting close together once again and I felt him beside me. 323 more words

Creative Writing

Trump tells DREAMers to 'rest easy' — but one in Mexico can't


President Trump on Friday told young undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children — known as DREAMers — to “rest easy.” Yet recent cases show a growing number of them being apprehended by federal immigration agents since Trump took office. 528 more words


Holding health care hostage to border wall and other immigration articles - April 24, 2017

The border wall should be a non-issue by now, with immigration officials, Republicans on the border, and just about every person with any background information agreeing that it’s a stupid idea. 1,496 more words

We've Been on the Verge of "the Trump Era" since 1848


“Be forewarned. This is a new era. This is the Trump era.”

Those were the words from Jeff Sessions’ recent speech to the border patrol–beyond the dehumanizing language, the fear-mongering, the disregard for facts, the insult to history–that scared me. 697 more words