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Dreams are sometimes too intimidating. They make each drop of blood run faster through the veins. They make you sweat. Your heart beats faster. But, just the thought of having fulfilled your dreams puts you at ease. 28 more words


The Last Letter – Pain of My Heart

If you are a Dreamer this Universe helps you with Problems!

I’m not trying to demotivate you, just wanna tell you some things that, all…

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Beauty is certainly not just skin deep. It lies much beyond. Beauty lies in confidence. In self-acceptance. In peace-of-mind. Beauty lies in the heart. It lies within each one of us. 20 more words


Who is a dreamer?
Dreamer is the one who don’t sleep,
Dreamer is the one who don’t give up,
Dreamer is the one who cry a lot but only in dark-nights that they can start a new morning,

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Undocumented: Detained at Home in America

By Luis Vasquez

Music blaring through white Apple headphones was once what David Mijares of Cambridge, Massachusetts, thought to be his final connection to an American upbringing. 1,666 more words


[momtoe] Gạ tình em gái

Đừng chỉ làm em tổn thương bằng ánh mắt, that’s all you got anh ?
Hơi ấm từ ngực anh siết chặt hơi thở em, nhưng chưa bao giờ là đủ. 344 more words


The clouds

She was amidst the clouds, so soft, so fluffy, so white. The winds were teasing her, playing merrily with her feathers. The sky seemed to welcome her into its blue farms. 113 more words