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Here's to the fools who dream

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a very active imagination. As a little kid when I read a book or saw a movie I loved and didn’t want to end I’d continue the ending in my mind, not just a simple “he didn’t die and they lived happily ever after” but an intricate story line with plot twists and even new characters. 891 more words

Thoughts About Life

Residency does not equal citizenship.

Much ado is being made about the California University Board of Regents call to cap non-resident student populations at 18%., thus allowing 82% of the student population to take advantage of lower tuition costs. 741 more words


The Influenster Life!

June 20,2017

Hey Dreamers!

Welcome to my first posting, I want to bring some insight on a company I have been promoting for years. I love the company I’m about to write about and give some recognition to because of the opportunities it provides you. 1,868 more words

The simplest advice

Dear dreamers,

Another journal entry I found, for anyone who may need it right now.

Wake up. Stop living in the past. Stop drowning yourself in worry. 423 more words


Author's Interview: Jogindar Rohilla (@Dreams)

Love, the strongest emotion of human existence which is the essence of life. The dreams never ask to compromise with love or vice versa. The love in any form in life is an integral part to support the dreams and should empower us to move ahead in our journey of life.

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If Trump's new stance on Dreamers is a bargaining chip, he's using it wrong

Some of Donald Trump’s supporters are starting to feel as bewildered and frustrated with the erratic US president as people on the opposite side of the political spectrum. 651 more words

Facing fears

Just yeaterday,

I felt the twist in reality,

Fear is merely a word,

Nor an idea,

It purely nothing,

Its not pain,

Its not anything in the world that can hurt, 16 more words