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8 introvert dream houses

1. Who doesn’t love watching those tiny colourful fishes swimming before going to bed? 115 more words

Funny Corner

our bit of heaven

We’ve been busy hoping to get the new windows in and perhaps start painting the exterior.

In the midst of work on the house, we were also anxious to get a closer look at the creek. 154 more words


A Simple European Style Large House

Here we have an example of a simple european-style detached housing with garage. Surrounded by nicely trimmed lawn. May be not to everyone’s taste but I, for one, like it quite a lot. 30 more words


Cosy Terrace with a Fire Pit

Perhaps also expensive looking. I’m thinking, once you and your friends can sit around this kind of lovely fire pit and enjoy a nice glass of wine or whatever else, you know you’ve made it. 32 more words


This Terrace / Deck is a Piece of Art

Absolutely masterfully executed deck in what appears to be a small townhouse. Holds a centrally located fireplace, two facing couches, a table made of scrap pallets and – lo and behold – a projector screen. 55 more words


Tiny House Terrace

I have to say that this one is lovely. By the looks of it this might be a summer house although the flat screen telly and bookshelves in the room behind glass door suggests otherwise. 24 more words


Massive Mansion of Dreams

While the details are unknown it looks like a good few million bucks for this one. Visibly set in the beautiful and serene countryside. You’re very welcome to buy me one of those massive mansions.