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Who else is in for happy hour here tomorrow....

I need about ten after today’s events…..SO MUCH FOR TAKING A WEEK OFF THE SAUCE.


Designing a New Space: Dream House?

Ever imagined what your dream house would look like? Or if you had a million dollars and could create the most extravagant, innovative space for yourself? 323 more words



“ 最喜欢的房间一角”

今天把房间整理了 虽然厅里还没办法完全打扫 但起码房间是舒服的 心情也好起来了 记事本要重新写起来 整理自己的生活

想到未来自己的房子 希望是这样的:
—可以在客厅挂上自己欣赏的作品 没事就静静地欣赏

——拥有一个明亮的study 书架上装满了我爱的小说和传记

——有一个角落 给我挂满家人的照片


—— 拥有一个衣物间 挂满我爱的鞋子包包和衣服

——有个童趣的BB屋 最好能油成我爱的mint色 挂一个帐篷和BB一起躺着睡午觉



要好好记住 然后慢慢实现它

明天 去把相机研究好 看这个世界的美吧


Barbie Princess Power #BeSuper

National Super Hero Day taking place on the 28th April, Mattel asked us to join in with their celebrations, inspiring girls to #BeSuper. An online survey revealing that 9/10 girls wished there were more female superheroes, they obviously also aspire to being heroes themselves. 234 more words