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Dream a pretty dream

Every day I see him walk past
Every day I wish for a moment to last

Our eyes would always meet halfway
Wondering if today would be the day… 175 more words


Possession, a War That Never Ends.

A line from “Crazy Horse”, a song by John Trudell, from his 2001 album “Bone Days.”

Possession, the concept of holding control over something, as in the “ownership” of land, devolves from power structures. 142 more words


Barely Sleeping Before Work Trip

I got in bed too late and I did not sleep much or that well, and I felt hotter than normal.

I mostly only got low-level sleep with a few short dreams that I kept waking up from, and my mind was mostly focused on checking the time and trying to decide when I should get up to get ready for my work trip. 76 more words

Dream Journal

the best second of the day.

i’ll spend my mornings fighting back the voice
that tells me to close the curtains, to stay in bed

i’ll spend my afternoons fighting for ecstasy… 65 more words

The Fallen Poems

Afraid of the Dark

Close your eyes and fall asleep,
You don’t want to see this:
These phantom figurines;
This suffocating darkness.

Close your eyes and fall asleep;
Convince yourself you dreamed it. 14 more words


Roll Call | A Movie Dream Interferes With A Family Reunion Dream?

I woke up and went back to sleep without recording my dreams, and so now I can only remember part of several dreams.

Dream 1… 565 more words

Dream Journal


longest summer day
the shortest night had to come
and we were dreaming