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Want To Give Up On Your Dream? Read This

Trying to achieve any kind of dream is hard work, and seeing progress is the fun part. But there are times along the way when you may feel like chucking it in: the project stalls, you can’t see any forward momentum, or you’ve faced a massive disappointment. 989 more words



Tall order isn’t it? Not at all. Have you ever heard:  Know God – No Fear? Or you can’t worry and have faith at the same time. 256 more words

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Who told you? My friend Timothy Branch has asked this question of me and I find it a very interesting question to answer. What he is saying is to be very discerning while receiving information that leads you to any particular action. 219 more words

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Learning to talk with the world

I’ve always liked languages, I remember one time around 12 years old when I find out Spanish and French where kinda related and I’ve heard some Italian at the Tv, which I knew it also was related to Spanish. 812 more words


Talking about making dreams come alive

“It was raining as if the sky was falling apart, a thunder bursted at my back. I was running away from it as hard as I could to the alley behind the factory, I knew the backdoor was closed. 417 more words



May 28th

You are alive and well, means you are worthy! You are a breathing soul, means that you are worthy. The precious blood that circulates through your body, means you are worthy! 272 more words

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The day I did skydiving

I must say this had been my favorite experience so far. Since 6th grade of elementary school I started to feeling eager to do skydiving. But I ended up convincing myself to save some money and do it until when I was working as a Consultant.  691 more words