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Success is key.

Success is key.

What exactly does that mean? Is there a REAL key of success or is it a metaphor? How does one find or accomplish success? 146 more words


How I traded my business up to make more money

I was doing pretty good selling breads. Worked 3 days a week for $200 a month on average. However all that standing and baking would leave my sciatica inflamed. 188 more words


Doubt or Quieting the Barking Dog

I am currently reading a short book called The Artist Tao by Sean Starr and one of the items I read was concerning doubt.

“Silence your doubts. 359 more words

Code School

Proudest Moment

How do you rate success?

Do you look at the balance in your bank account? Maybe your title at work. Or is it control?

I have had the unfortunate experience of losing several closed loved ones before their time should have expired here on earth. 322 more words


Removing the "Buts" That are in Your Way

During regular discussions with friends and acquaintances, I often hear them say things like “I wish I could do something else. Instead of showing up to a boring job every day.” And I might say “well, why don’t you…” Only to hear “well…” followed by a litany of excuses. 480 more words

Dreams And Goals

One Step

Life has many journeys; some sweet, some sour, some sweet and sour. It’s easy to get lost in the process, lost in people, lost in effort, lost in purpose. 90 more words


Taking a detour

Society is very impressionable at any age. Society makes us believe certain things that are not necessarily true. For instance, you have not reach success in your 20s unless you have a degree, great paying job and a less than moderate car. 269 more words