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My life requires rearranging from time to time. When I sense the energy is stagnant, it is time for movement. This does not imply that something is wrong just that rearranging is in order. 275 more words

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Stay true to yourself - dreams

I am a loving and very kind person. I am very far from perfect, I don’t have all the answers, I have never claimed to; even to myself in private. 255 more words

Dreams And Goals


The voice whispers to me, “GO BEYOND YOUR SELF IMPOSED LIMITATIONS. There is great work to be done. You are only partially there. Yes go beyond your comfort level. 332 more words

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For clarification on this terminology, Webster’s Dictionary has been used.

Pay – to give to what is due; to give in return for what is received; to give due compensation; to be profitable; to settle; to give. 268 more words

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August is the month of amazement. Carefully look into, check out and investigate all the wonders of life. We move so quickly some times that we may forget how incredible things are. 279 more words

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This month’s Goals

Participated in two challenges this month.

Ultimate Blogging Challenge

This is my last post in the Ultimate Blogging Challenge that Paul Taubman and Danni Ackerman run several times a year. 498 more words

Dreams And Goals



If you want to make a basket, you have get out on the court and aim at the goal. As President of a writer’s group for over thirty-five years, I know a lot of writers. 486 more words

Dreams And Goals