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May 31st

I have a friend that once shared with me something his son had told him earlier in life. His son simply said, “Dad there is family and then there’s relatives.” His son was saying in a most innocent manner that not all those in our bloodline are necessarily family. 294 more words

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May 28th

You are alive and well, means you are worthy! You are a breathing soul, means that you are worthy. The precious blood that circulates through your body, means you are worthy! 265 more words

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May 23rd

By definition, the heart is the central, vital or main part; core; the center.

Consider this definition: at heart – in one’s innermost nature, or… 297 more words

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April 27th

Faith is believing in the Power and Presence of God to be active and working on your behalf. Faith is knowing that God can and God will. 289 more words

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April 23rd

Just the same as Faith without action is not Faith at all; to have a vision and not take action is not your vision at all. 381 more words

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April 14th

Dreams are the opening to awesome possibilities. In our dreams there are no limitations and no fears. Dreams are freedom of expression.

Have you ever awakened and thought to yourself, ‘WOW that was a wonderful adventure I had in that dream.’ And you just sit on the side of the bed attempting to remember each detail of the dream, thinking how incredible it would be if it became your reality. 302 more words

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New Journey

Hey so, I’m revamping this blog!

Jesus has been so faithful to me this year. I have learned so much and it’s only April. Here is a quick update about my life. 389 more words