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What's In Your Heart??

There are so many avenues today to stir up our spiritual life. I guess, with our modern technology and if we are living in a city where it’s always available and we have the capacity to be connected, it is impossible to be ignorant on spiritual things if we take time to search for it, download it or watch it. 412 more words



It’s been a long while that I had not been able to visit here. I hope that all of you are doing well in your life (body, soul, and spirit). 271 more words


My Dear Daughter...Press Forward

One of the things that brings me true joy and keeps me soaring is being a mom. I’m grateful for the opportunity to shape and mold my daughter, Ana. 275 more words

Overcoming Trials

Stay with your craft

Why do you work where you do? Why do you follow the career that you engage in? If you asked a million people these questions on Monday morning, you might discover that many people only go to work for the paycheck, and a significant number took their job only because it happened to be the one that was available when they were looking. 1,004 more words

Life Skills


My childhood Pastor called me to give me a message. Although he actually served me as a Pastor during my early adult years, he was my Pastor during the childhood years of my life. 266 more words

Daily IN-spiration

5 Standards to Establish Before You Date

Many couples have found themselves in the unfortunate position of disagreeing on serious stuff and they have realized it too late, a great deal after… 664 more words


The American Dream.

Hello Reader(s):

Sorry — It’s been awhile. I’ve been so pre-occupied with college applications and school in general that I’ve neglected a dear hobby of mine: writing on the internet. 1,124 more words