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Hey Lover

Hey lover, you say that you’re haunted by moments shared by us.
Your mind reminds you of all the good things I did to you and for you. 283 more words


Behind every successful man...

We’ve all heard of Martin Luther, right? And no, I am not talking about that inspiring leader and awesome demagogue who spoke that immortal line “I have a dream” – I am rather referring to the man for whom he was named, a German priest born in 1483. 1,744 more words


In March I Will...

How does a month feel simultaneously long and short? That boggles my mind.

I’m hoping to share monthly what I tackled in the last month and what I’m working towards in the coming days. 293 more words

Dreams And Goals

Getting Back into a Routine

As a Type-A, routine is how I function. It’s not that I’m inflexible, I just like to be prepared, and I can only be prepared if I know what’s coming ahead. 653 more words


When the creative juices flow

Every now and then, I sit down to have a serious one-to-one chat with yours truly. Okay, so the conversation is generally one-sided, as I haven’t progressed to doing different voices for different sides of my personality, but the purpose of these little tete-a-tetes is to remind myself why I write. 1,455 more words


Torn asunder - of Finland and its history

So I was taking the opportunity of a lull in the meeting to bore my colleagues with yet another historical tidbit. Okay, maybe not bore, as I do try to present my favourite moments in history in an entertaining manner, involving a lot of posturing, multiple voices and general enthusiasm, but in a group of people not all that interested in history this mainly leads to amused smiles rather than a riveted audience. 2,440 more words


In February I Will...

When I originally created my 30 Before 30 list, I wanted to set monthly goals to make sure I’d actually work toward those goals. You know, so I didn’t procrastinate until September 1st and then try to cram everything in before the 13th :) 253 more words

Dreams And Goals