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The girl of my dreams Pt. 2

The food was amazing, I don’t like parties but this one’s atmosphere was pretty cool actually. We were sitting together almost at the end of the long table. 359 more words


The virus

Things as emotions, as states, are not stable, they change, they move. Are infeccious, they go up and down. Eg. Selfsteem, happiness, respect, trust. Sometimes are up, and you love yourself, and forgive yourself and respect yourself and sometimes something, … 241 more words

Dreams And Goals

Learning to love

Simply feel the need of letting what I’ve struggled to learn here for whomever may need it or found it and for myself. I still forgretting* these and other learnings I’ve got so far. 162 more words

Dreams And Goals


After the Syria attacks, a bunch of memes talking about the WWIII started flowing the internet. Media like to make a fuss out of every… 715 more words


Change is Knocking: Cat's Angel Message for April 5, 2018 

Change is Knocking: Cat’s Angel Message for April 5, 2018 

 April Theme:  We are being challenged to change ourselves. You have the power to make things happen and the Universe is on your side. 368 more words

Daily Angel Readings

Lone Traveler

It’s rather weird to travel alone. I found I rather enjoyed the three hour drive listening to music on my Ipod that I haven’t listened to in AGES. 221 more words

Aunt And Nanny Grace

cull the clutter challenge: accepted

What a perfect weekend, to stop, breathe, and do a recount of the first quarter of the year, focus on the next quarter and develop a growth mindset for the remaining year ahead. 985 more words