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Dont look back with regret

(To those few who see both versions of the blog, this is pretty much the one I posted a few days ago on the other blog, but if you want to play spot the differences…?) 676 more words


When I was young, I used to act...

I’ll give you one piece of warning, if anyone can work out the video from that, I’m amazed, because its about the biggest double bluff I’ve ever thrown! 666 more words



It’s the time of year when we usually take stock of our life, hoping to make it better in some way and looking forward to the forthcoming year expecting it to bring solutions to our troubles. 256 more words


Do not put your life on hold!

We human beings are used to postpone our dreams and our personal plans whenever we face a difficulty or if we are challenged by the life circumstances. 144 more words

Dreams And Plans