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When Passion Meets Action

Everyone has a passion for something. There are people who live, breath, and think music on all levels at all times. Some of these kinds of people are called audiophiles. 446 more words


Great Expectations

It’s a beautiful thing to have hopes, dreams and vision, for without a vision or a plan I think people would perish. But is there such a thing as having too much ambition? 512 more words


Jump, and I'll Catch You

Border medicine. Illegal immigration. Mentoring future healthcare professionals. Last week was a bit hectic.

But I would like to share one story that came into my life and touched me. 289 more words

Dreams And Vision

The Innovator as PhD student in Malaysia

When comes to family matter, it is hard to leave family in fulfilling dreams and vision. Only body walks but heart cries. My aim is not to get high salary or rank but the oppurtunity to share knowledge globally, locally inside rural mindset WITH own theory. 115 more words


2014: Restoring The Fire And The Power

 ​How creative our great God is. It is pleasantly exciting to walk with Him. To abide in the Lord is a journey of constant revelation and delightful learning. 1,131 more words


Happy New Year!

As I once again prepare myself for the New Year, listening to fireworks I wonder what 2014 will bring. I read all the messages received and posted on Facebook and  I remember that many of faced challenges in 2013, had our hopes rearranged, dreams postponed or found ourselves revisiting life in a new manner.   102 more words

My Thoughts

How Badly Do You Want Your Dream?

I’m watching X-Factor again this year. What strikes me as amazing is how many contestants have returned to compete again this year. Some were rejected first round and others got quite far before the axe fell – but still have returned to ‘face the music’ so to speak again. 130 more words

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