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I fear the shadow lurking by the door
Between this world of waking and my dreams.
It stands, a sentry, guarding rich and poor… 88 more words


TIP: Defy the Odds. She Lives!

In my last TIP, I asked people to send love to my cat Micha.

It worked.

Your energy helped her cross the chasm from pain and a seemingly assured, immediate passing to, quite miraculously, staying in the land of the living. 444 more words


Oh Hey!

What’s the highest good?

┬áPeace -Enlightenment – Fun

-Gangstas Oracle

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TIP: 1 Simple Step for Your Dreams to Come True

Before looking at why we have a habit of complicating the uncomplicated, let’s start with the punch line.

The way to get what you want is to feel good on the inside, as if you’re already living your dream. 541 more words


All the days I spent alive with you are a gentle song

Today’s keywords: Dreams Coming True

Okay so normally, this is one of the best cards to draw I think. What do we want more than our dreams coming true? 2,115 more words


The Bringer of Good News

What a blessing. Today can be truly magical! You might get a foot rub! Archangel Gabriel is the bringer of wonderful news. She will help you give birth to your dreams when, and if you ask. 22 more words

Oracle Cards

Keep On, Keeping On

Good Day,

Well,this is wonderful! The Star is shining on you!

Whatever you are moving toward, it is moving toward you! You will rise above any difficulty with grace. 117 more words

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