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Is Spring Just Around the Corner?

As I walked the garden this morning I was looking for signs of plant growth. Yes, this eager gardener can’t wait to get outside again. The buds on the Camellia are plump but not ready to open yet. 598 more words

Kristin Crouch

वसंत के ख्वाब

आज बादल जम कर बरसे,
ज़मींको अपनी नमीं से भर दिया।
अपने सारे ख्वाब ज़मींकी छातिमें उडेल दिये।

अब धरती बुन रही है हरे हरे मौज़ॆ,
ख्वाब जो पनप रहे है उसके अंदर!!

वसंत ले कर आएगा बधाई,

अब तो बस ईन्द्रधनु बाँट रहा है
रंग-रंगी मिठाईयाँ!!


April, Say You Will! (Lead me into Spring)

Well, it’s April already.  Husband has informed me that we have just one more week of heating material left; not three like last year.  Would you think it got a little colder this year?  420 more words


Quiet Enjoyment

“And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.”  Gilbert K. Chesterton

I’ve been itching to get outside and play in the dirt. 328 more words

Favorite Quotes

Dreams of Spring

Saturday was snowy and cold. Sunday was gray and chilly before it turned snowy and cold.

Tara, watching the light snow fall, waits on Deborah and Elizabeth… 119 more words


Revisiting my most viewed blog

I just read my WordPress blog statistics for 2014, and the interesting fact is that one of the first blogs I wrote, in 2013,  was my most viewed blog. 139 more words


Night Theater - Dreams of Spring

Yesterday I happened to catch the newest production of the Night Theater called ‘Dreams of Spring.’

I must say, I really enjoyed the show.  There was no emoting, but the sets were well-designed and the choreography was good. 28 more words

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