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Groundhog Day

It was this time last year that my grandads cancer started getting worse until he eventually died in September and now it’s happening again. I found out a few weeks ago my other grandad has terminal lung cancer and won’t last more than a few months. 305 more words

Prophetic Dream Interpretation: Flowers and Serpents

Dreams are amazing. They are moments when you escape your worldly mind and experience a life where God is working with you on your spirit. Raising you up in Christ, teaching you, loving you, and helping you. 1,727 more words

Jesus Christ

Star Field Waltz

Compilation by A.M. Mitchell
Picture Element Credits:
Supernova 1987a
Hubble Heritage Team (AURA/STScI/NASA/ESA)
Frame Feathers Orange Dancer

#Poetry #DigitalArt #Waltz #Astrophysics #Harmony #Supernova #Steampunk #Dance #EthrealDancer #Intoxicating #Byronic #KKDMNC


Someday is Today

Since I was a little kid I’ve had an attraction to people.

Not like a science-fiction connection, that would be weird. Although I wouldn’t mind being a character in Harry Potter. 965 more words


Dreams in the Year of COVID-19

I dreamed I was in a throng of people. We were at a conference on a college campus. No one was wearing a mask. It was pre-COVID time. 302 more words