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Bad Dream About Idina Menzel And The Alphabet Club

I’ve just woke up from a bad dream, but I want to document it because it shows that something to do with my favourite celebrity is bothering me. 795 more words

Bad Dreams

The Dream

The wind rushes about her, swirling in smoky patterns of dark blues and dull greys. She stares into it, comforted by the familiarity. Beyond this, everything is darkness. 290 more words

African Geek Girl

What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up

This is a question we were all asked at one point or another in our childhood. Was it a doctor? Or an engineer? Perhaps a teacher? 419 more words

Just About Anything

Strictly internal

I see her every night when i sleep

As I weep – strictly internal – can’t show that shit

Hit me with that feeling

Feel like peeling my… 158 more words


The Instinct Effect

Alpha Mission Day 77, March 18 2776, Report From Dimension Five…

My accidental incursion into five dimensional space has gained access to the state of biologic dreaming. 245 more words

Science Fiction

New Year - New Me???

Happy New Year guys! I know I know I know, we’re already half way into the year, but it’s still a new year as far as we haven’t wished you one yet. 573 more words