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Mighty March, wake up World!

MIGHTY MARCH, Spring is here!   There’s enough FIRE in the sky to melt the most stubborn snowmen! Sizzling hookups between Uranus, Jupiter and Venus start the month off with a major dose of adrenaline and… 199 more words

Cosmic Wave Surf Report

A Quick Thank You

Me (Noah) and John just wanted to take a bit of time to say thanks to everyone who has followed/viewed/liked/commented on anything on our website. Neither of us thought that we’d get even one follower for some time and we got a few now in just a couple of days. 43 more words


I'm going to miss him when

I’m going to miss him when he’s gone. After a week of him staying. Waking up beside him each morning. Enjoying his company. I’m not sure when he’s leaving but I know its coming up. 85 more words


Finding your spot.

As the next wave of theatrical inspired posts…no really – there is a question that I have wondered in terms of theater. Then I take it out of context and I see that this is a question that I ask every day. 449 more words


Their restless souls....

Their restless souls intertwined

in the darkness of the night.

Memories haunt their dreams

until the morning light.


Stupid, horrible dreams

It’s strange what the mind can dream. I’ve had some really bizarre dreams – one dream I owned a mouse that was bald, apart from a black and white tuft of hair that it had on the top of its head. 287 more words

You Never Know Unless You Try

“You can be childlike without being childish. A child always wants to have fun. Ask yourself, ‘Am I having fun?'”

– Christopher Meloni

Being accused of being childish has always driven me crazy.

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