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Creating Your Personal Legend (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Sam Sanderson

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Recently, I read a book titled  796 more words


Silver Wire & Strait of Juan de Fuca

Recently,  I have been having dreams about water and warming weather with people not wearing any coats

January 18, 2017

Silver Wire

All I can remember is a bunch of silver wire, a house that has a back porch enclosed. 120 more words


Vacation Request

Hate everyone’s business but mine
I tell them I’ll work more, it’s fine
What I really need
A vacation, godspeed
Don’t give me another deadline



“Not all trigger point for life changing moments could happen within us; typically it’s from a stranger”

Many a time people fail to experience to what a small appreciation can bring upon others. 329 more words

In Seek Of Truth

Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Having A Pity Party.

Its been one of those days.

No. Actually, it’s been one of those weeks.

You know, the ones where you just feel, bleurgh.

Not particularly angry, or particularly sad, or moody, or temperamental – just, you know, … 623 more words

Unapologetically Claire

Scattered Dreams #januaryfalls 

‪You scattered moments

‬‪Of light‬

‪In my night‬

‪And memories‬

‪To harbour in dreams‬

‪The kind you wish‬

‪To never wake up from

And relive… 9 more words