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Orange Lights Update

This post is a follow-up to my prior dream post Orange Lights.

I was casually scrolling through WordPress in the Reader section. As I am commonly known for my insatiable curiosity, I typed in #starseed into the Tags sections. 668 more words


Practice Your Beliefs

I find it beautiful when a person has a practice that fulfills them, gives them purpose, and increases their happiness.

Whether it be yoga, meditation, a specific organized religion, or any other philosophy in life; they all have a common thread, get out of the way and flow with the energy of the practice. 810 more words


So this is what blogging feels like

My last blog post was more than a year ago.

When I look back at the 4 different blogs I’ve owned, they all ended in similar ways. 420 more words

Personal Pieces

Dream The Dreams Of Other Men

“And I listen for the voice in my head. NOTHING. I’ll do this one myself.”

25 years of them. 25 years of dreams about Eddie Vedder. 460 more words

Parallel Worlds

Worst Possible Scenario..

Last night when i was having a hard time falling asleep, my son was kicking the heat register thing in his sleep. He did it three times and of course my mind imagined something creepy and just wrong. 150 more words

When Do You Stop Chasing Dreams?

When do you stop chasing dreams? That is the question for me right now.

This blog – like many decisions I’ve made in the past two years, is about chasing dreams down. 853 more words


Blank Canvas

I tell myself
that the mind
is a blank canvas
and there is
no need to be anxious.
To dream and think
is such a gift. 40 more words