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In which I wish to return the unused portion of this dream for a full refund

I know not every dream will be some bonkers adventure with John Larroquette and the Muppets. Or that it will turn out I spelled “John Larroquette” right on the first try, considering I have spelled Cincinnati wrong so many times my spell checker will not even flag the wrong version anymore. 162 more words


A Mall | Warrior Nun

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I got in bed late and I had to wake up early for a dentist appointment out of town, and so I barely remember part of two dreams. 251 more words


Big dreams, little dreams.

History is not one of my favorite classes to take in school simply because history classes demand that you remember dates for testing purposes. So, you can imagine my happiness when my American history professor told us that we did not have to ‘cram’ dates in his class; we just had to participate fully in the classroom and write some papers. 212 more words


Moving Out on Your Own

Moving out on your own can sound easy but rest assure it is not an easy task at first.

The thought of moving out on your own can sound enticing and fun especially when it comes to family dynamics. 276 more words

Chasing a Life Long Dream

Since I could read, I wanted to write a book. My very first book, written AND illustrated by a Kindergarten or 1st grade me, is called “How the Jellyfish Got her Tentacles”. 603 more words


The Dreamer and Majority Opinion: Some Passages and Words

Philo, On Dreams, 1.1

“The first dream proper to this category is the one which appeared to the dreamer on the stairway to heaven.” 339 more words



Sitting on the roof top
Seeming glitzy sky
Full of shining stars
Sparkles in the dark airspace
Shaping constellations
Though rare to see in one vision… 71 more words