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The Daily Me (Journal) Out of Reach – 12/11/2016

Today’s prompt comes from 100 Inspirational Journal Prompts by Melissa Bolton @ The Mogul Mom

Something seemingly out of your reach

My dream, goal and aspiration, and they aren’t seemingly out of reach, they are completely out of reach. 340 more words

Be Persistent In The Pursuit Of Your Dreams

Do you remember when you were younger, and you were asked the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Most children would happily reply and let you know. 684 more words

Daily Thoughts

The dreams

Okay, hello guys.

Let me just say… Oh. My. God.

Why? Is? It? So? Hard? To? Express? How? I? Feel?

I don’t feel depressed. Actually, yesterday was a very cool day. 446 more words

A Lot Of Thinking

Feeding the Hunger

After my therapy session yesterday, I took my son to see ‘Moana’ at the cinema. It was visually beautiful and emotionally moving in a very empowering way. 373 more words

Adult Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

The beginning of something new!

It’s nearly the end of 2016. What a year it’s been!!! And my year in Australia is nearly over :O I had planned to write blogs throughout the experience but it took a lot more out of me than I imagined so I concentrated on finding my balance. 832 more words


7 Reasons Why People Don't Start Their Own Business

Starting a business is supposed to be highly rewarding, exciting and challenging. You get to be your own boss, you get to set your direction and pursue the opportunities you are interested in. 577 more words


Dream of Consciousness

© Asmita Bhattacharya

Note : My love for poetry is massive. However, the kind of poetry I write is utterly average. This was a feeble attempt at writing something different, which cannot be categorised into either prose or poetry. 478 more words