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Cirque Battle Royale

The scene began in an arid desert dotted by a few scraggly shrubs.   The sand tumbles and rolls on the breeze crossing the landscape.  Mysterious ancient ruins consisting of Roman columns and Arabic arches seemed out of place in this setting.  649 more words


Recovering Pinterest Addict

A few years ago, I discovered the Land of Dreams, also known as Pinterest. Those dreams were soon shattered once I found realized I had zero motivation to actually make, do, create, paint, or bake anything that I Pinned (which was everything.) 185 more words

Broken Dreams? Life Ain't Over Yet, Perks!

Chasing something or the other has been the active moto of human life lately. While the monetary importance continues to soar high, the human values and instincts are getting lost somewhere in the quest of achieving a position bigger than that of the adjacent person. 187 more words

Take action based on your dreams, not your fears

Dream big. Fear small. Based your decisions on your vision for a better future, not on the fears of a bad future.


Help me write a story....

Hey friends…

One more idea cropped up…

How about giving me random lines or phrases which could be made up into a story by me (in the form of a poem mostly). 49 more words


Buying In vs. Selling Out

 I did something this week that I hadn’t planned on doing for a while.  I applied for an engineering job (insert dramatic music).  I’m at the point in my journey where I need to be making some money.   522 more words



Nothing much has changed since I’ve returned home from my two-month trip abroad. And yet things feel so different. I’ve always wondered what traveling the world would entail. 577 more words