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Creepku ... Wut?

Is this the smile dog?

The smile dog creepypasta?

Damn, wrong web browser… 


The Dreamsociety - Rise of the Foodsoldiers

The horrible war machine is going on as we speak and it seems like everyone could be saved when all weapons and bombs would be mysteriously swapped for much more needed materials like icecream, fruit salads, bananas and creamy pies! 161 more words

The last lunch, I made nasi kuning, pecel sayur, and sambal goreng tempe with boiled fish for my entire family. I use a knife, of course. 149 more words

Laying together

We were together, laying in bed just talking about the day. I was laying on your chest stroking up and down the arm I could reach, your hand was making small circles over the arch of my back. 350 more words

Passing, On Grass

Rabbit on the lawn
Bounding heavy feet, body long
Across the grass, fast
A blur heart beating mass


July 26, 2016 | Dream Journal | My Former Classmate HL And Embarrassment

Dream 1

I had some interesting and detailed and deep dreams last night, I failed to voice record them the first time that I woke up, and the second time that I woke up so I forgot most of them and most of what was left after the third time that I woke up to finally voice record what I could remember even though I did not want to share them. 975 more words


An Actors Life


Snippets into an Actors life.

We wake up every morning with hope in our hearts that today will be that day. The day when that phone call from our agent arrives telling us we got the part. 51 more words

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