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Number 13

Today that number is not so much as bad luck, as it’s inspiring.

I haven’t posted in a while. It’s a bit difficult finding time in a busy day (while being watched) to post something worthwhile. 499 more words

(surfing deep) pt.1

-The Journal logs of vivid dreams-

I am running with you towards the broken boardwalk on a beach, My closest friend. It leads us straight into the ocean. 155 more words



If I could reference a star for everytime you made me happy; the sky would not be enough

If it would rain everytime I laughed, there would be no drought… 83 more words


Wealth, Survival and everything in between


Wealth: “An abundance of valuable possessions or money.”

This journey has neither brought me money nor ‘valuable possesions’ in the sense of precious stones, assets or sports car to show off😉 but it has opened my heart to different kinds of wealth. 1,088 more words

40 Days Over 40 Smiles..

Dreams diary page 2

You have got to sleep just before midnight, if you wanna swim in the ocean of the unconscious.

Radical Grace

Glimpses of you

I get glimpses of who you are

Makes me want to return from afar

Your soul seems suffused in light

Like a moth to a flame it seems so right… 94 more words


#FTOTD: deepest fear

What if today was your last day on Earth?

In twinkling rapid eye movements through the early hours this morning, i found myself caught in this dilemma. 276 more words