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To be broken or unbroken

​The beautiful words of Morgan Freeman in the movie ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ “Every man has his breaking point’echos through my heart.

Life’s a challenge. Not your job, not your programme, not even relationships or love can match life in it. 159 more words

Co'M'ma (,)


The footsteps were going louder. My eyes were stinging with tears, but more from fear. I was sure, my heart would be bursting open anytime from the adrenaline rushing. 542 more words

Go Get Your Dream!

Do you have a dream? Then go get it!


Move forward.


Travel in direction of.

Walk towards.

If you are not moving forward you are either stagnant or regressing! 138 more words

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How we handle reality?

Daily routine is silent killer. You are somewhere in the city, meeting with thousand undesirable people, their faces insult you with their existence.

Do you wish to see beggar who ask you money, drunk kid who is crawling with bottle of wine in his hand or poor old granny with vegetables in bags, asking desperately who will help her to carry her burden. 325 more words



Surfing the needle, gripping my toes
around the steel javelin, flowing through the eye
of Anacortes, Iron River, Anna Maria Island and
the winter, arm extended, hand… 65 more words


Dreaming of Fostering a Child

Fostering….Its not something you  hear many people getting excited about.  But at 37 and having had a desire to help children since I was a teenager it gets me excited!   284 more words