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Woke Up Remembering What I Dreamt...

I have not had nightmares, or remembered my dreams in a good while, but this morning was different. I have been wrestling with the idea of using the medication prescribed to me by my shrink, and yesterday I researched it a little bit more and found that for some people it causes very vivid dreams and sometimes nightmares. 44 more words

Thought for the day.....

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 9th day of March, 2015.

WOW, seems like I was right in the middle of a dream when I heard this loud buzzing near my head. 172 more words

Thought For The Day

Morning Glory

Colors of life, laughters of friends

This is it, the life I have always dreamt

There is nothing better than this

A good night sleep and a bright day streak… 19 more words


‘Lie down and look up at the ceiling and breathe with those curiously fragile lungs of yours and remind yourself: Don’t worry. Don’t worry. All is as it was meant to be. 26 more words


My mother held my hand, an ancient togetherness reborn in that gentle grip.

Inspired  by Violette.


These great beasts of metal and aching rubber gaskets bear us to debts we couldn’t even fathom.

109 more words

I Lost You Never

I lost you once,

In the stories told

by the Devil within my thoughts,

I lost you twice,

In the created memories that only the Devil had brought, 31 more words


He Dreamt

He dreamt
I was drowning;

I was

waist deep in the muck;

unraveling inside the
silk of skin;

nothing more than the… 77 more words

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