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I dreamt about you...

I dreamt about you.
It felt to surreal, so real. It’s as if I am in a reality because I heard your laugh, I felt your touch. 520 more words

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it’s 2434. and Magenta lives.

through her divine wisdom, acceptance, faith, dignity, purpose, passion and a heightened intuitive awareness she had cured racism, sexism, greed, abuse, and all forms of exploitation. 355 more words


Marriage and Engagement

Marriage and Engagement; Marriage as I said before was never something I wanted, but I have always wanted to be engaged forever.

Having that removed from the relationship I am in now has tainted the relationship a little because it has removed all my hopes and dreams of that happening. 179 more words

Giving Up

Just finished having a discussion about the whole engagement and marriage thing and have decided it was for the best to go with what he wants. 291 more words

What I once Dreamt

I once dreamt about being engaged and then one day marrying the man of my dreams.

The man of my dreams told me he never wanted to get married.  448 more words

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building. self-care as the means to curing busyness.

when i’m out here in the streets looking tired af, i forget to carve out time to create/do the things i love, like listen to new music and analyze the how it is a progression from classic musical genres I vibrate to. 113 more words


Yesterday's fragrance is still so fresh

I had a dream, “a strange dream sometimes ago, I fell in love with you somewhere, (did I ? …may be just avoiding it…) you’re my imagination. 411 more words