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Cruel Cockroach - D:2.24

Daora Meredok stared at the giant cockroach inside her own mind. Constantly, it repeated one phrase:
‘It’s your fault.’
‘It’s your fault.’
‘It’s your fault.’ 897 more words


Wayfarer in the Night - D:2.23

‘Daora Meredok, something’s in you. Growing in your mind. It’s not looking good. Something is very…wrong with you,’ the Wayfarer said.


‘There’s just so many of them,’ the Wayfarer replied. 1,144 more words


War in Hell - D:2.22

Daora Meredok and her grandfather climbed aboard a golden-white chariot.
The Angel of Death urged a majestic phoenix up. It launched the craft into the ashen skies with its powerful wings. 1,222 more words


Portal to Hell - D:2.21

Daora Meredok stepped into the ground. Down the ramp that led into an asphalt-and-concrete chamber.

An underground parking lot.

Every step echoed with deep authority. Her grandfather was already there, sitting. 1,265 more words


Desert Showdown - D:2.20

Daora had gone off to school, leaving Joseph Avery and Daora’s grandfather at home. Today, they would try to get closer to the clue left by Henry Avery by going to her grandfather’s old University. 2,290 more words


Weaver of Dreams

My ancestors used to build dreams for our people. Dreams holding our legacy, our culture, our history.

There are few of us left to guard the Dreams of the ancients. 295 more words


Dreamwalker - D:2.19

Daora’s home, usually quiet, hadn’t been today.

A boy had arrived. His name was Joseph, Joseph Avery. Her recollections of the day were becoming indistinct. 1,217 more words