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Concrete Poetry

The concrete poetry project was created as a collaborative project involving everyone in the class.  Each person was given a word to use.  We decided as a group to create a narrative including all the words.   37 more words

Art 315: Coding

The Power of RegEx in Dreamweaver

Thanks to all my time spent this year on learning JavaScript, I’ve come to the conclusion that so many little things can be automated. And powerful programs, like Dreamweaver, are just waiting for its users to take advantage of their automation features. 165 more words

Personal Development

04-24-17: Dreamweaver – Log Line Showcase

Screenplay Title:  Dreamweaver Log Line: An disheartened, unemployed, film school reject,
endeavors on his own to become famous,
dreams turn to nightmares when he follows one unfortunate lead. 40 more words
New Screenwriter

Case Study for Dynamic Media Class

Click Here For Case Study

By clicking the link above it will take you to my completed case study.

It describes four major projects and my process of going through them from start to finish throughout this 2017 Spring semester for CGT 353.


Web Site Plan

Here is the WebSitePlan I currently have. I have completed the plan and my next step is to begin the actual website.


Assignment 5

HTML format 1:


My plan for one page scrolling site did not work out well during coding so I returned to the linked pages for now. 204 more words


Interactive Design - Portfolio Website 2

Second attempt at designing a portfolio website, this time using WordPress theming and javaScript.

Adobe X-D Draft – https://xd.adobe.com/view/dcdb77a0-5d17-4fc4-8455-7dac0a426086/

Non Time-Based