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Options Snoozer Dreamweaver Comforel Synthetic Down Premium Cluster Fiber Filler

Initially, dreamweaver designers have predominantly used Netscape Navigator for designing but now as time has gone on almost all of the browsers offer support to CSS. 276 more words

Faux-saic Box!

Hi friends! Grab your stencils and embossing paste and let’s make Faux Mosaics!


Kraft Jewelry Box 5″x6″:
Acrylic paint (grout color, I used white) 122 more words

Quick Projects

Second Project - Website Making

For the website task, same principle, I had to design a website for a fake brand. I chose the brand called Marvelous which was a comic and sci-fi collectibles store. 310 more words

Choosing the right Web Site Tools part 1

I’m still pondering the tools to use for my new web site. I have used Lycos and Trellix for most of the web sites I have built.  307 more words

Using ColdFusion and Cartweaver

The next stage of development in Building an Online Shopping Cart is Using ColdFusion and Cartweaver. This section covers Setting up the development environment, Installing the Cartweaver Extension Suite into Dreamweaver, Setting up the site, Installing the Cartweaver application into a new site, Setting up the DSN (Data Source Name), Testing the installation, Code structure and A word about design.