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Setting Up an Accessibility Testing Environment

The next stage of development in Web Accessibility Principles is Setting Up an Accessibility Testing Environment. This area covers Understanding screen readers and accessibility tools, Getting accessible browsers, Customizing Firefox for accessibility testing, Using custom accessibility toolbars, Using Fangs and the Color Contrast Analyzer, Accessibility tools to bookmark, Using automated accessibility checking tools, Setting up the JAWS screen reader on Windows, Using the VoiceOver screen reader on Mac OS X and Setting Dreamweaver accessibility preferences.


Preparing an image for the web - Photoshop BASIC version.

Using the slice tool, we will cut out the top 3 topics to use for links. The slices select only that area you can use for links. 697 more words

Graphic Design

Website Plan

For our final project in Web Design, we have been assigned the task of creating our own website on Dream Weaver. We have creative freedom over our topic, mine being Spoken Word or Slam Poetry, though we do have a set rubric to follow which is probably quite obvious. 49 more words

Wordpress Wednesday

Dreamweaver Skills

As I have previously posted I was making a new website ready for the exhibition opening night, however half way through that process I decided to take a different approach and make my website completely different to the newly updated site. 193 more words

Landing page design & develop

Photoshop / HTML5 / CSS / Dreamweaver



The Hobbit Number Game

Using Javascript, I made a number guessing game that is fun for all ages, but designed for younger kids.

The number generator randomly picks a number from 1 to 50 then the user guesses what number it is. 28 more words