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Class covers the details of web site design.

This class covers the details of web site design, using four tools that are common in the world of website creation. Some very basic descriptions of those tools appear below: 130 more words


Spider Woman Dream

No, not swinging-from-webs-sprouted-from-her-wrists Spider Woman.

This dream is one that I have thought of from time to time for years.  I don’t know exactly when I had this dream, but based on the way it fits in with other memories, it was likely before I graduated high school, which would make it a minimum of about four years ago. 653 more words


So why did Adobe remove the Server Behaviors, Bindings, Databases panels in CC6?

I still have not seen a reasonable explanation from Adobe, but that’s OK.  Doing a Google search returns lots of opinions, and most of them are not in favor of this at all. 264 more words

App Development

Woodware - Chosen by Jane – Pointillist Technique

Jane has chosen the theme this week, a technique that I have seen in paintings, but not something that I would have sever thought of trying, I am not sure that I really have got it right, but I do like the card that I have made. 127 more words

Card Making