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Codey! (My Fourth Week at OptimizeX)

“ It’s not at all important to get it right the first time. It’s vitally important to get it right the last time. ”

– Andrew Hunt and David Thomas…

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OptimizeX Internship

Web Design

Homepage for “Sebastian Travels to Peru.”


Calming A Running Mind

Many nap times I find myself laying there running through different thoughts, viral stories, moments or people and I get frustrated that I can’t shut it down. 208 more words


How much automated/pre-written code will you tolerate in your projects?

For me it depends entirely on the source. I don’t mind using open libraries and that sort of thing, of course. And I’ve also seen programming languages like Vala, which translate into C code and run that; that’s a form of automation, of course, and it can be done quite well. 789 more words

Anyone that knows me knows that there are but a small number of things that make me happier than napping. My hubs. My little fellers and viral news stories. 

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Dreamweaver crashing

One of the reason Dreamweaver  is crashing is because of using the

http:// while adding a google api fonts, You can open the css file in notepad remove http:// and just use the url without http://