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Winners, Losers, and Survivors: A Crime Blog [Dredd]

I will look at a film very dear to me for the finale of underrated crime classics. Dredd is Pete Travis’ hardcore dystopian sci-fi flick based on the long running comic, Judge Dredd by John Wagner. 719 more words


4 Characters that are the titles of their movie

Trying to think of my favorite movies with the name of the protagonist in the title, or at least the name of a major character. 397 more words


Protester #2

My next sci-fi non-combatant miniature is this big-boned protester from the Judge Dredd universe. 471 more words


Judgement Day #5: Rico Dredd

Judgement Day #5 is Judge Joseph Dredds clone brother, ex-Judge Rico Dredd. 308 more words


Protester #1

A self-righteous science-fictional gentleman of dubious fashion sense and questionable intelligence joins my Sci-Fi Non-Combatants project today.   128 more words


Review: DREDD (2012) Deutsch

Review: DREDD (2012) Deutsch

Ein weiteres Review das ich unbediengt noch nachliefern wollte ist der Fan-Liebling DREDD, der ja obwohl er ein finanzieller Flop war, eine Menge Leute begeistern konnte. 18 more words