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[BASP] Judge Dredd (1995, Danny Cannon) / Dredd (2012, Pete Travis)


The Best of An Alan Smithee Podcast: Episode Twenty-three

Judge Dredd (1995, Danny Cannon) / Dredd (2012, Pete Travis)

Originally posted: May 3, 2013

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Dredd (2012)

The idea of a new Judge Dredd movie was very promising back in 2012, because as far I knew, the last movie based on the comic book character apparently must have been so bad that they’ll almost never show it on TV (at least in the UK). 685 more words


On Patrol- May 8, 2016

Dredd Sequel Finally Happening?

Since it’s 2012 release Dredd has grown quite the ravenous cult following. Every year there seems to be at least a few clickbait articles and think pieces asking the movie gods for more of the cult classic. 456 more words

On Patrol


Almost forgot! During my extended stay in Buffalo, NY this winter, I was lucky enough to find the 1995 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD at the… 302 more words

Judge Dredd

Okay that's weird

Coming to Canada has opened up a lot of doors otherwise closed or hard to locate. For example comic books. Sure there’s plenty to go around in the Netherlands, but not in such huge quantities as over here. 90 more words

Judge Dredd

In Case You Missed It...

It’s that time again! With lots of news, it’s sometimes hard to catch up on everything, so here is the next edition of World Film Geek’s In Case You Missed It. 479 more words


Could Dredd Bust Heads on the Small Screen?

by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

Dredd was not the commercial success that Lionsgate had hoped for. While it fared far better with critics than the abysmal Sylvester Stallone adaptation it’s poor box office returns have halted any chance of a sequel ever hitting theaters. 229 more words