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03 Dredd (Pete Travis, 2012, 96 mins)

Prior to the class, I never came across the film or the comics. So, when we were told that we would be watching a superhero movie, I had a completely different type of movie in mind. 503 more words

03 Dreadful Dredd

I would have never known that Dredd was a superhero movie until I was told so in class. Perhaps it is because Dredd does not appear to be like the conventional Marvel-DC films we see nowadays. 468 more words


It’s been a while since I last saw an action film like Dredd (i.e. a non-Marvel, non-DC Comics movie). I had no prior knowledge of the comics – I didn’t even know the film was based on a comic until Sir Ty mentioned it after the class viewing. 502 more words

Anti-Heroes and Drugs

Dredd is the kind of film that evidently was made with its specific target audience in mind. With its cliché lines, outright gory display, and the dark and gritty overall tone, the film caters to what Judge Dredd fans want even without taking its exact plot to heart. 632 more words


Dredd was that kind of movie that challenged the norm of all superhero movies. Typically because of the huge companies like Marvel and DC the superhero movie market has grown accustomed to seeing superheroes save innocents and don’t really focus on the collateral damage that may have occurred during fight scenes or the innocent victims caught in the fire fight. 448 more words

I am the Law!

I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to the lore of the Judge Dredd series, but after watching Dredd the first time, it really started to grow on me, especially after I found out that it was based on a comic book series. 597 more words

A New Superhero?

Well, didn’t this movie entertain you? If you haven’t seen it yet, I believe that Dredd is worth watching. It is a comic book movie that is so violent, gruesome, detailed, carefully designed and so creative! 546 more words