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Cosplay Spotlight: Joe Colton

Where do you reside currently: Washington, DC area

How long you have been cosplaying: 2009.

Other Characters cosplayed: Wonder Woman, Female Judge (based on the 2012 movie “Dredd”), Dark Phoenix, Jinx, Daina (Oktober Guard), Baroness, Fantasy Samurai, White Canary, T’Pol, Deanna Troi, Cobra Femme Trooper, Kenya Rosewater from “Defiance”, and more. 994 more words


March Morbidity Fatal Four: What Is The Greatest Movie Death Scene Ever?

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Ding dong, the No. 1 seeds are all dead. We head into the weekend with two Fatal Four matchups that feature some very awesome action(ish) movie death scenes… 188 more words


March Morbidity E-lethal Eight: What Is The Greatest Movie Death Scene Ever?

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Finally, the people who truly love violence in cinema have done something about the domination of the No. 1 seeds through the first three rounds. 206 more words


Buying 'Dredd' On DVD Isn't Going To Help Get A Sequel Made, According To The Film's Writer

Dredd is one of those projects that lingers after its unfortunate failure, gripping onto the edge of the abyss. We know it will fall in eventually — despite strong DVD sales, fan support, and… 512 more words


Dredd Review

If you like an over the top action movie then Dredd is the film for you, i mean the way its filmed its amazing it really is, its one of those underrated films that if you say to someone “oh hey I watched Dredd last night” they probably won’t have a clue on what you are on about, or they’ll mention the 90s version with Sylvester Stallone which come on did you really enjoy that film? 469 more words

Looks Like Judgement is in on the 'Dredd' Sequel

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

And my day just got a little sadder.

The folks at Latino Review have word from Alex Garland, producer and screenwriter of the awesome Karl Urban… 408 more words


Dredd Writer Says Dredd 2 Isn't Coming!

Written by Alex Garland and starring Karl Urban, Dredd was one of those movies that no one thought would be any good because of the mess the Sly Stallone stinker left us with, but, it turns out, the creative forces behind the 2012 film knew exactly what they were doing and managed to crank out a legit, pretty amazing action movie so of course it flopped.   377 more words

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