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Fast and Furious Gets Multiple Sequels...Meanwhile We're Still Waiting For a Second Dredd Movie

Fast and the Furious actor Vin Diesel confirmed the next two entries into the billion dollar franchise earlier today. The Fast and the Furious 9 and 10 are set for April 19th 2019 and April 2 2021 respectively. 55 more words


Dredd [Movie Review]

Thumbs up or thumbs down? Simple. Spoiler free reviews. Keep it simple dummy.

Mega-City One, a vast, violent metropolis in which where criminals rule the streets, running from Boston to Washington DC surrounded by an irradiated waste land.  491 more words


Scenes I Love: Dredd

It’s been a year since Through the Shattered Lens lost one of it’s own: Semtexskittle.

In honor of his passing I’d like to share one of the films he and I share a love for. 77 more words


Dredd 3D

This heart-pumping action movie was overlooked by audiences, mainly due to the Stallone version. How did the newer version hold up? Read below!

Review by… 351 more words



Trying out some new pens whilst getting annoyed at conspiracy nuts’ needing to create a puppet master that they can morally judge.

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Alex Garland On Directing ‘Ex Machina’ And ‘Annihilation': It Was “A Relief” To Stop Writing Novels - AwardsLine

Back in the ’90s, Alex Garland was in his mid-20s and collecting unemployment when he penned his massive bestseller The Beach, which then became an even bigger Leonardo DiCaprio film. 1,276 more words


The Wisdom of a Fictional Character

I know it’s been a while since I posted, and I know I had planned and promised a lot with my last posts, just know that I am continuing while not as strict as I was in my infatuation phase. 460 more words