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A Brief Look at Golgotha: Drinking Down God's Wrath

What was Jesus referring to in Gethsemane when He asked the Father, “Let this cup pass from me,” (Matt. 26:39)? What was in the cup? Consider these texts from the Old Testament… 505 more words


Ghost Hope

There was nothing left

Wishing well’s drying dregs

Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

Yet Ghost paid call

© R Eilsel, 2016

Jorio Poem

Tuff Love: So melodic you want to tear your ears off

Tuff Love have described their music as “aggressively melodic”.

“It was a joke,” admits singer/guitarist Julie Eisenstein, “but I was thinking of our songs as relentlessly poppy. 1,525 more words


A Life's Work

And so, lost to myself, I find myself again, incapable of losing myself, in a state unfit for discharging what I stubbornly and unconvincingly still cling to the notion of as being my duty, weighed down by the forces that were supposed to raise me, sinking into a lyre-backed chair amid the flickerings and trillings of a hot February morning. 54 more words