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The Dresden Files #2 Fool Moon

Book: Fool Moon | The Dresden Files
Author: Jim Butcher
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 4/5 stars

Yeah! The second novel of the ‘infamous’ Dresden Files, Wizard PI (what more do you need with that description?). 173 more words


Dresden Files Session Notes: May 14, 2015

February 4, 2008

The Plots at Hand

  1. The play
  2. The magic shop
  3. The dead waitress
  4. The troubled teenager

The team debated what to do. 971 more words


Jim Butcher - Fool Moon (2001) - Harry Dresden #2

I am reading through (or at least trying to read through) all 15 Harry Dresden novels as part of my 2015 Hugo Awards reading. So as to not take a too large bite out of my reading time, I’ll only write down my impression of this book in a brief post. 143 more words


Book Review: Cold Days (Dresden Files #14)

Dear Readers,

Due to moving back to the States from Japan (Nov 2013), having my son (January 2014), and buying a house (Dec 2014!), and everything  in between…it took me a LOT longer to get through this book than I wanted. 245 more words


Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: Yay or Nay?

Jim Butcher. He’s one of the many I heard was at C2E2 that I never got around to seeing. Like him, his book series is also one I’d heard good things about but never got around to reading, until recently. 679 more words

Dresden Files

We sold the Motorcycle.  Found a good home for the bike and got a fair price.

It is going to get harder to walk the dog mid-day because of the heat, he does not do well in the heat.   1,500 more words


Review: The Paranet Papers

The Paranet Papers is the third book of the Dresden Files RPG by Evil Hat Productions. Technically, it isn’t out until a month from now, but I received the PDF as a review freebie. 2,040 more words