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The Quest for the Sunken Chest

After passing through the portal, the team arrived in the NeverNever, in a similar cave system to the one they travelled to on their first venture into the NeverNever. 1,686 more words


Review: Ultramodern4

Today I’ll be doing a review of one of my hands-down favorite products ever, and easily my favorite supplement for D&D 4th Edition I’ve seen. With this book and the core D&D books, you have suddenly cracked open 95% of all flavors of the possible action-adventure genres to play with. 1,638 more words


The Dresden Files (#1-5) by Jim Butcher

*At the time of posting this, I am currently on book 14. I can say that as the series progresses, the books do indeed get better. 3,600 more words

Book Review

Eye of the Storm

In last week’s episode, Hank tried to make a flare to attract the dopplegangers. Read the blog. Watch session 3 part 1. He essentially fired thermite into the sky and it returned with alarming rate. 1,137 more words


Kingdom: Levels of Narrative

Aaand we’re back in action. Kingdom: New Lands dropped recently, replacing the original Kingdom (now subtitled ‘Classic‘) on Steam. The updated version has got me playing again, and there’s one particular moment I’d like to chat about today. 995 more words

Video Games & Narrative

Children's Ward

In part one, Blaze and Vam burnt down the new Weatherforks, leaving Vam’s doppelganger with nowhere to host his speed dating event. Read Date Night… 1,083 more words


Skin Game (Dresden Files 15) - Jim Butcher

Wow, wow, wow this was incredible! One of the best Dresden books for so long! I think it was partly due to the reappearance of Nicodemous and the Denarians. 163 more words