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Hand of Unglory

When your pre-D&D talk includes going to Amsterdam, hiring prostitutes and taking them on a fun day out, or getting them to participate in D&D as NPCs, the campaign can’t really recover from that. 3,194 more words


Books that Inspired my Campaigns - Part II

Song of Ice and Fire

This series made me step out of the traditional mold when it came to world-design. Before I read the first novels of the series, my campaign worlds had been pretty standard “European” or it had been Earthdawn (which as a game itself also inspired me a lot). 1,416 more words

Dungeons & Dragons

Episode 81 – Dresden Files – Better Red than Dead


Allegory our American Member is over in England so we decided to to a one shot of Dresden Files!

A power vacuum in London has caused all of the various supernatural players in the City to organise a neutral meeting to discuss splitting up the Hoard of the now deceased Dragon. 170 more words

Actual Play

A New Steampunk Setting: Jim Butcher's Aeronaut's Windlass

Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files series became a fast favorite for me once I was out of college and had the free time to read whatever I wanted. 1,071 more words


Dresden Files Session Notes: November 12, 2015

February 6, 2008

At Huggy Bear’s Vintage Clothing

She examined that balcony and found a raven feather. It occurred to her that it might have been a harpy, a flying fey that was half woman and half bird. 1,058 more words


5 Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Swear Words

I typically try to not swear much on my blog so as to not offend anyone, but today we’re going to make an exception.  Part of the fun of fantasy and sci-fi worlds is having slang words unique to those worlds, and that includes expletives.  533 more words

General Nerdiness

Seasonal Reads: Dead Beat

Do you ever find yourself coming back to a certain story at a certain time of year?  I often re-read books during a specific month or season that I feel is inextricably tied to the book.   243 more words

General Nerdiness