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Welcome! Lock the door behind you.

What if magic is real and we just don’t know about it? This is the question we are given in many fantasy books set in modern-day Earth. 906 more words

Goals Summary 2018 - Wk 15

Hello Blogland,

I can’t wait to tell you guys all about this weekend! It was not at all what expected, in a multitude of ways. But before any of that, we need to talk about goals! 734 more words


Strange Places

So my writing club and I gathered once more recently and we set ourselves the task of writing a piece of work on the subject of ‘Supernatural’ (not the TV show – sorry to disappoint). 2,338 more words


Review “Stormfront” by Jim Butcher.

This is the first of a series of books called The Dresden Files, about Harry Dresden, a professional wizard in modern day Chicago who has a business helping people with magic-related issues, and who also consults for the police. 470 more words


Birthday Book Haul!

Celebrating my birthday with new books! Can’t go wrong bribing a bookworm with new reading material on her birthday :)

Yes, I have read A Court of Thorns and Roses… 38 more words


Meet the Party: Dresden Files Accelerated

A rookie Warden, a wizard assigned to protect the city against supernatural threats, receives his first assignment. The last known priestess of an ancient order devoted to fighting the unholy comes to terms with both her powers and with living with one foot in the old country and another in America. 4,420 more words


Table Fiction: Dresden Files: Probation

Greetings, Gamers!

So why does one play an RPG? Why do we live and die by the dice?

Some people love rules. Their hearts desire to crunch numbers, using and exploiting the respective systems they play in order to deliver maximum “l33t Ub3r Pwn4g3” as the kids say, or at least used to say like 13 years ago. 3,520 more words