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White Night: Dresden Files 9

When the night is white and the futures not bright there’s just one thing in sight. Harry Dresden. When things that go bump in the night are out in force, seeming to kill practitioners at random, Chicago can call on only one man. 396 more words


Proven Guilty: Dresden Files 8

Another year, another adventure. This one though, does have me questioning how much Harry should value his morals. I mean really. He should listen to Bob more. 500 more words


Dead Beat: Dresden Files 7

“Tomorrow is Oktoberfest, Butters, and polka will never die.”

So another year, another day out with Harry. Or night out in this case. And a night filled with seductive bookworms, cloaked figures, and Polka music. 459 more words


Dresden Files

No the new book in the series hasn’t been published. I was bored and flipping through tumblr. I forgot that Harry and Murphy had got together. 33 more words

Blood Rites: Dresden Files 6

Well, this one has a puppy. I mean I could have started this review by talking about the return of the fabulous Thomas, or that it involves a cult of porn-star sorceresses, or even that there’s a fantastic fight sequence near the end, but it doesn’t matter. 431 more words


Death Masks: Dresden Files 5

Last time on the adventures of Harry ‘Worst-Luck-in-History’ Dresden we watched him fight through armies of monsters and confront leaders of the Sidhe. Hopefully his next adventure will be slightly less stressful, I mean where could it go from there really? 403 more words


Summer Knight: Dresden Files 4

So readers, I’ve got some news. I’m not really sure how to say this. Um, well here it goes. Harry’s away with the fairies. Gone completely round the bend. 464 more words