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Episode 161 - Dresden Files – London Falling - Flowers Through The Stone - Session 3


Still looking for a Cauldron belonging to a bunch of Faeries and following the clues from the dead Antiques dealer the characters get a promising lead. 191 more words


Dresden Files - Out of the Frying Pan

Harry Dresden* spun around, flung out his arm to its full extension, and pointed his blasting rod.  On the dark street, nothing was visible to the naked eye – not a soul was out this late.  1,308 more words

Grave Peril (The Dresden Files #3) by Jim Butcher

2.5ish stars.

An improvement over the last book, but still not quite making good on the promising potential of the first book.

I definitely like this better than… 318 more words

Book Reviews

Ghost Story: Dresden Files 13

So, Ghost Story, the runty middle child of the series as far as I can tell. But it’s the 13th book I hear you cry, there’s only 15 out how can it be that? 536 more words


Episode 158 - Dresden Files – London Falling - Flowers Through The Stone - Session 2


We’re back in the Dresdenverse and this time we aren’t jumping all over the place! Well we are still jumping about, but that’s actually us not the recording. 189 more words


Book Review: Storm Front

Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden series kicked off something of a new renaissance of Urban Fantasy. The genre had existed before – authors such as Emma Bull and Mercedes Lackey had written works in the genre, but what made Harry Dresden distinctive is how well it combined the Urban Fantasy genre with the hard-boiled detective novel. 424 more words