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Edinburgh Below

There’s a great deal of romantic, adventurous appeal in the idea of an underground city, and it’s a concept that has become popular amongst authors of fantasy and science fiction. 535 more words

All Who Wander-Travel

Death Masks (Dresden Files #5), Jim Butcher

Paperback, 451 pages
Penguin ROC

★★★1/2 – Good book, an enjoyable one-time read (but I would probably read it again)

If you’re a Michael fan, get hyped. 360 more words


Book Club of the 1st

Okay – so my unofficial book club is starting! We will be reading Jim Butcher’s Storm Front, the first in his Dresden Files books. So far the goal is to read the book by 7/30 and meet back here… but its a really light read. 63 more words


Intellectual Almanac: The Dresden Files

Dear readers,

Today I want to introduce you to one of my favorite book series.  I recently read it through for the fifth or sixth time, which is saying something, as there are seventeen books. 356 more words

Intellectual Almanac

The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game @ Hit Somebody

This week, I am going to share something I have written elsewhere, along with a little bit of commentary.

Earlier this year, I started reading  516 more words


Harry Dresden--no, just no

I’m only in chapter two of Storm Front and Harry Dresden has used the word “cheerleader” to describe two different women. Because cheerleaders, evil witch bitches, and women who need doors opened and their chairs pulled out for them are obviously the only two or three types of women Dresden believes exists. 552 more words

Elia's Diamonds

Dresden Files Session Notes: May 12, 2016

At the Investigator’s Office

Kyna interrogated the man that they had captured outside her house again. She noticed that he was not rattled about being thrown into a wall by force. 1,298 more words