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Episode 143 - Dresden Files – London Falling - Neutralitea - Session 2


What to do when someone has killed your favourite Barista, and kidnapped your tea shop owner. Well you call in the police, although in this case its the Special Police whose first port of call is to talk to the victim. 127 more words


Dresden Files RPG

the Dresden files RPG is based on the novels by Jim butcher. the RPG uses a version of the FATE rules system. the book is told as if an associate of Harry Dresden is creating an RPG in universe based on his exploits. 234 more words


Top 5 Characters: 2016

Currently, I’m reading Peter Clines’ Ex-Communication. It’s the third book in the Ex-Heroes series and a good read, but I cannot review it until it is finished. 762 more words

Jim Butcher

Laser Weapons, Fairies, and SNL - Geekout 15

Now that I’m back on track, let’s see if I can get a good streak going. Today I’ll be listing Four Fictional Weapons that use Laser Technology… 702 more words


Christmas 2016 Book Haul

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to buy your significant other for Christmas. But in our house, you can never go wrong with books. 14 more words


Fool Moon

Fool Moon, by Jim Butcher

Dresden Files, #2

Published: 2001

Free Book

Fantasy Round 50: Wizard School Reform

There’s an element that commonly appears in fantasy novels.  In some cases, as in Harry Potter, it’s explicitly constructed as a school.  In many others, it’s more of a master-apprentice system. 938 more words

Dresden Files