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The Off The Rack Alternative

In our last article, we identified the components of a fitted dress shirt and discussed the process of turning an Off The Rack (OTR) shirt into a well fitting dress shirt.  807 more words


3 Easy Steps To Get Off The Rack Dress Shirts to Fit Properly

Shopping for clothes at the local clothing store can be a nightmare.  Off the rack clothing seems perfectly made to fit nobody!  Have you’ve ever found a shirt that you really liked but noticed that in your usual size, the sleeves are too long? 953 more words


Top Men's Style Mistakes

The Business world is full of competition. For those competing with other agencies or companies for clients, how about co-workers competing with their colleagues for that promotion or for those competing with other job seekers. 1,312 more words


A Father's Day Gift Idea. With J Hilburn.

Father’s Day is two weeks from today. Need a gift idea? We have you covered.

Our pops has always been a sharp dresser. But last year he came home with some new shirts that took his sharp dressing game to a whole new level. 491 more words


Outfit Overview #5 - Wardrobe Mix & Matching On Top of the Clouds

My mother-in-law turned 65 earlier this month so the whole family took her up Grouse Mountain for dinner. If you are not familiar with Vancouver or if you are but haven’t been up Grouse Mountain I strongly suggest you go! 640 more words


Step Up Your Spring Wardrobe

Improve your wardrobe this spring with jackets, shirts and accessories. 108 more words