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Outfit Overview #5 - Wardrobe Mix & Matching On Top of the Clouds

My mother-in-law turned 65 earlier this month so the whole family took her up Grouse Mountain for dinner. If you are not familiar with Vancouver or if you are but haven’t been up Grouse Mountain I strongly suggest you go! 640 more words


Step Up Your Spring Wardrobe

Improve your wardrobe this spring with jackets, shirts and accessories. 108 more words

Sport Coats

What Should Be In My Wardrobe?

We have our very own list of essentials explained on our blog & website that our clients are able to purchase, but what products do you need to build a strong wardrobe? 952 more words


The men’s white button up…really necessary? (Response)

Yesterday, I ended up reading my brother Marcus Hawley’s, owner of Natty Neckware, blog post, “The men’s white button up…really necessary?”  I’m telling you, this guy hit the nail on the head.   259 more words


Quality shirts for your staff

Minimum 6 units – Embroidery left chest included – Embroidery tape extra

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Want to Be Really Cold? Get a Bow Tie

Coolness is subjective depending on each person’s preferences. All things considered, really that is magnificence, yet it works with cool as well. What’s more, now coolness incorporates a necktie. 330 more words

Dress Shirts For Men

How To Dress Well For University

Young men often find it hard to pick out a wardrobe for university, commonly confused between casual and formal dressing. The key to picking perfect clothes for university is in finding a balance between casual and formal clothing, not leaning too strongly towards either. 427 more words

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