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What you like, Red Flags, and Shirts that Fit: #30folds30days, Double Winged Puff, Day 24

There comes a point in life when you start to know what you like in someone that you date. Sure, some people can come along and surprise you, but for the most part, by your mid- to late 20’s you have certain traits you look for. 829 more words

Smart-Causual? Eh?

Whenever you receive an invitation to an event, party or even just dinner the first thing that flies through my mind is “what shall I wear?!” “Is it dressy?” “Can I wear heels?!!!” … 845 more words

The Best Shirts for Flabby Arms|menzcare

Have a little extra meat on your arms? Don’t let your shirts accentuate that fact. Brian Boye, Men’s Health fashion and grooming director, shares 7 ways to make your arms appear slimmer. 283 more words



Men’s Warehouse is currently having a big sale this Memorial Day weekend. They have suits on sale for $149.99 and dress shirts for $29.99 They also have buy one get one free blazers and sport coats. 61 more words

Thrifting | Blog: 2

I found some good finds the week, they’re not big name items but they’re brand new condition or still have tags on them!

Here are some of the items I have: 30 more words

THE GINGHAM SHIRT - The Best Thing Ever!

I just want to take a moment and declare my obsession with gingham shirts. Dress shirts to be exact. I can NOT get enough of this simple checkered print. 59 more words