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Where Did Baby Go?

A Little Golden Book by Sheila Hayes

Illustrated by Eloise Wilkin

There once was a little girl who was always and forever asking questions: “How do birds fly?…Why can’t I touch the sky?…What makes flowers grow?…Where do snowflakes come from?”  One day, when the little girl was wandering about thinking up new questions, she saw something lying on a table. 693 more words


First impression - last impression?

           În ultimele două săptămani am cunoscut oameni noi şi am simţit pe propria mea piele celebra chimie care, se spune, e responsabilă pentru relaţiile alea grozave încă de la primul schimb de replici. 780 more words

Ingrid Teodosiu

Get Event Ready In 1 Week!

Spring has arrived and so have the party invitations! Whether you are going to a wedding or just an exciting event, feeling your best is the only way to go! 348 more words

Dress Up

30 Toys in 30 Days: A Cape With Powers

I have always been a little obsessed with super hero powers. Not super heroes…just the idea of having their powers. Yes, there is a differance. Most dinner and car ride conversations with Cubby revolve around deciphering what powers would be the most beneficial. 92 more words

Zero Waste

1920s Reincarnated

Last week over Spring Break I attended a stage production of “The Great Gatsby” at one of the local arts centers. So of course I took this opportunity to channel the inner 1920s Zelda Fitzgerald that has always been inside of me and went all out and dressed as 1920s as I could. 774 more words


How To...

…Get Seriously Self-Righteous

My new year’s resolution this year was to buy no new clothes for the entirety of 2015, so I thought I would let you know how it’s going; pretty well! 291 more words