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New Year/ Spring Decluttering

It is that time of year again where I like to look at all of the things I have, what I can get rid of, and what I need to get or replace. 289 more words


Saddle fitting - Maddy

Well just getting to a place to write this has been hard enough. Scrabbling around to find the laptop charger.

I may not have had the greatest starts to the week. 789 more words


Heels Up, Toes Out

That’s how we roll.

Promised an update on my offset stirrups, so here’s a brief one for you.

They’ve become fairly comfortable for me.  With arthritic ankles, they could have gone either way – either a great fit, or a source of new pain. 165 more words


Things you will only know if you are a dressage diva

1. Exactly how many points it takes to get to regionals and every possible variation of scores you can get that will make sure you qualify. 169 more words

This face...

This face…

The guy that wears this face decided last weekend; while Lindsey was away, while I was still in Alberta and while Shannon was also uncharacteristicly not at Arroyo; that somehow we had abandoned him. 151 more words

Another flight with the Jellybean-kite

For the weekly dressage lesson I decided to bring Jellybean. Mostly because I actually rode her between the last time Sarah laid eyes on her, unlike Knots. 687 more words

Looking Through a Lens: Which one is right for you?

Hey there! Do you ever wonder if you have the right lens for your camera? Are you ready to upgrade to another lens, but don’t know which one to buy? 498 more words

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