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Illusions in the sport of dressage

The Beauty of Performance: An Inexpedient Illusion

            Humans have been drawn to beauty for as long as our existence can account for. As a species, we strive to find the wild impracticality of impeccable perfection. 2,716 more words

2 Day Show This Weekend

This will be her first overnight show.

Nothing to worry about there, she won’t get upset or too fussy.  Probably exhausted by Sunday afternoon and very ready to get to go home.  196 more words


Dear Dot

Dear Dot,

Thank you for so elegantly placing yourself in many lovely shades onto this exquisite Marc Jacobs wool sweater so that it could be part of today’s street to stable style #rootd. 115 more words


Kingsland Jane Pantyhoes 


When you come from Norway you are more or less born in wool products. Most kids grow up wearing wool tights and sweaters in the winter. 185 more words

Daily Life

The Free Walk and the Horse's Back

One of the huge factors in the epidemic of back problems our horses struggle with is the fad of insisting that the horse move with their neck arched and their head tucked into a fixed position regardless of what they are doing. 840 more words


Olympian Reynolds driving a path for grassroots dressage in Ireland

Representing Ireland at an Olympics is a major event for any sportsperson. Gavin Hyland speaks to Olympian Judy Reynolds about Rio 2016 and her chances of being at Tokyo 2020. 536 more words


Improving The First Level Canter Lengthening.

In theory – fairly straightforward, right..?

We’re still working on it!  At least occasionally.  Just touching on it, then leaving it alone so she doesn’t get frustrated.  193 more words