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Staying hydrated

Ola ola,

Even tough I love the sun and the warm weather, I’ve noticed that Grumpy has become a bit dehydrated lately.

My instinct was to just to get him more water, but then I got a tip to mix a bit of apple juice in with the water to make it a bit sweeter. 47 more words

Daily Life

Time To Vote On Braid Style!

Unless you’ve got a roached mane, braiding is required at any show.

With a horse that shakes the head a lot (Hello, I know one. 118 more words


Motivation dip - it all started with a bang


Well – gotta be honest with you, my motivation is a little low at the moment and here’s why:

Let’s rewind the clock

When I was 15, I was in a car accident, not a very bad one, but circumstances made me choose, let’s say not the smartest decisions – I didn’t have it checked out straight away. 455 more words


End of the Rainbow

There’s no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but there is a promise behind it; God’s promise to the earth and all living things. 433 more words


No Problems, Only Solutions

Some rides just don’t go as planned, and for me, today’s ride was one of them. Hope has been really good these past few weeks and we’ve been steadily improving without any bad or iffy rides, this seemed to make the ride today even more annoying because we have been doing so well. 573 more words

Lesson #2 with Ken Sudsbury

Ken Sudsbury teaches ‘fusion dressage’ (a mix of traditional classical riding and modern training sometimes called ‘neo classical’). Last time I caught him at the end of his English tour of teaching but learnt so much I made sure I was on the list for his first visit of the season. 355 more words

Connemara Pony

First Level Or Bust

Keep filing away at First Level.

How hard can it be?  For us, quite a challenge, but this time out Valiosa did everything right and we had two solid tests. 316 more words