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creeping uphill

Another big life event, another week off of work for Murray.  It’s our pattern, but he doesn’t seem to hate it. That week was actually punctuated with a few days of riding as I evaluate the trial saddle, but none of them were particularly strenuous.   920 more words


Show time!: Cloud nine 

This weekend we had another show at the farm.

Again I competed on my noble stead Zimmocha, but she wasn’t feeling it this weekend. She decided on the Saturday that it was too windy and she really didn’t like the flower pots around the arena and had other plans when it came to cantering KEH and sort of went KEGHA and we placed 3rd…….. 254 more words


Successes and Tumbles

So it’s been a busy couple of weeks! Where do I begin? So when we left each other last time I believe I was preparing for my first BD competition and worrying about plaiting an unmanageable mane and worried about seeing my breakfast come back up. 522 more words

On The News Front - Staying

I will stay with Miss Gray Mare at this wonderful farm.

No question about it – she is very happy to be there.

Early morning, sleeping rock formation. 68 more words


Bad News, and a Great Horse Show

So after the Deer Encounter last weekend, I made arrangements through my insurance to take my darling Yukon in for repairs.  Except the damage to the old girl put her over Totalling value.   992 more words

Been talking to myself 


Do you know what the best feeling in the world is? It’s when you’ve been trying to get trough that level on candy crush forever and suddenly you did it. 190 more words


How to Earn Your Bronze Medal...The Hard Way

Purchase a green 3 year old horse.

Spend 2,093 days of blood, sweat, and some tears training your horse.

On day 2094, have a solid lesson with Ms. 413 more words

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