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Equine elegance: challenging the established the dressage outfit

A recently published article on the website of Horse and Hound made me reflect about the clothing riders wear at dressage shows.

So, as far as I understand, there are specific clothes and colours that you have to wear when you participate in a dressage event, with black and white dominating. 278 more words


Almost home!!!

Sitting in Calgary, one more flight and I’m home! It’s warm, not snowing and the mountains are glorious!!

The lists are long to get caught up this week but I’ll get it all done and have some fun with the babies as well…almost home!!!  :) <3


Panic, and Preparations

After a great weekend of lessons the other weekend, naturally Cally had to do something to send me into full fledged panic.  Which this time was acting colicky when I went out to see her Wednesday morning; this is especially troubling, because she had colic surgery 4.5 years ago, and is no longer insured, so there aren’t a lot of options to treat her, other than banamine and crossing your fingers.  930 more words

Bit of the Week #6

If you missed BOTW #5 for whatever reason, you can view it here.

This week, let’s move away from the snaffle theme and delve into something different. 143 more words


I LIVE!!!!


There’s been quite a bit of radio silence from the Spot and Peony camp. Work suddenly exploded due to some critical milestones and shit hit the proverbial fan. 219 more words

Dang, Little Gray Nugget is a Good Teacher

I finally met Tyco’s owner this weekend- by accident. A work trip took me out of town last week so I hadn’t ridden since last weekend. 890 more words

Pimping the tack room

No fancy crib to show – but it’s tidy, and functional.  Come for a mini tour!

With a brand new barn comes some serious organizing. 355 more words