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In front of the lens 📸

Winter has arrived, beautiful crisp winter mornings, lovely blue skies and a rather cold nose!

What better way to spend the picturesque weather than a Photoshoot?! 486 more words

Equine Emerald City

I probably should come out of my “equestrian closet”. If you knew me and my family before 2011 when we moved so San Antonio you will probably scratch your head and wonder, “I don’t remember them ever talking about having horses.”  When Craig’s job moved us to the Alamo region I declared I was “going to learn to ride a horse”. 587 more words


Winter peach

If, like me, you tend to go for muted dark colors in winter time, maybe it’s time to brighten it up a bit. How about throwing a bit of peachy goodness into the mix today? 209 more words


Cruise Control

Here is to hoping that it isnt just me that seems to be stuck in cruise control at the moment.

It’s dark, it’s wet and cold, I am tired and quite frankily I’m struggling this winter. 272 more words

The Moment of Truth

New horse? Check.

Condition improved? Check.

Ground work solid? Check.

Tack fitting? Check.

Right, well I suppose there is only one thing left to do. Bloody ride the thing. 698 more words

Cross Country

Cavesson v.s Drop, Or Remont, Noseband

Earlier in 2017, I switched over to a drop noseband.

Before the switch, I kept my young mare in some different cavessons, with or without flash, and with or without crank.  124 more words