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Riding Diary: 10.10.2015

Look how hairy the beast is. LOOK.

Rode Cruise today, with Jack still off because of a probable abscess. Hope he comes right by Monday, I’m not keen on having to get his shoe pulled if I can help it. 355 more words


Walking without moving

He had perfected that way of walking up the stairs, with the upper body completely motionless.

Absolutely no waste of energy there.  Very still.  I wondered why I even noticed it. 134 more words


Moving Forward

My riding career has always been tumultuous, to say the least.

I’ve never really had any consistency in my riding until now, partly due to circumstances outside of my control, and partly due to my own choices. 399 more words


Rediscovering that K is for Kooper

I’ve been keeping very quiet about Kooper, and riding in general. Most of it has been because we have been struggling quite a bit to rediscover our blend of harmony. 738 more words


Fall Riding and Winter Plans

First thing’s first, I apologize for such a long gap between posts! Life has been busy lately. The give away is now over! I want to congratulate fellow dressage blogger Nicola Cranham of… 1,021 more words


Treading Carefully...

Do you give much thought to your stirrups and irons? Maybe they came with your saddle… or you have simply changed your old irons onto a new saddle, with little thought for whether they suit the style and design of the saddle. 504 more words

World Wide Tack

Autumn Fun

Once again I don’t know where the time has gone! I was over the moon with how Del behaved last Sunday at Swallowfields EC, he really tried his hardest for me in the test. 447 more words