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The home wishlist

Do you have a room or feature that you’d love in your future home?

I remember falling madly in love with Cher’s outfit planner and revolving wardrobe in Clueless. 327 more words


{Home} Color Conundrum

I can pick out the exact shade of my favorite color in two seconds flat, but picking a color for my walls has me stuck.  I read and bookmarked  310 more words


{Home} You're So Vain

My apartment is so fancy, it has a separate dressing room!  There’s not much space, but as a lady, a room dedicated to dressing needs a mirror fit for the task! 140 more words




I SAW A MAN’S PENIS in my high school theater dressing room. It seemed to be averagely sized and an interesting shade of pink. It was also attached to a classmate I had never thought I’d see waist down. 634 more words

Dressing Room

Wardrobe Crisis... and Storage Solution

Fact:  I have too many clothes.  These are dotted all over the house as storage is tricky for the amount I have.

Fact:  I have too many shoes.  1,281 more words


Less house...more home 

I’ve lived in my flat now for 4 years (I think?!)….and it is in desperate need of a revamp. It’s a lovely little place, however I would love to upgrade to a house now…..but sadly the pennies don’t quite reach it at the moment. 754 more words


Dress Codes and the Junior Skater

This autumn, one 9-year-old skater came to practice wearing a shirt with pretty cabbagey roses bordering lettering that read, “I love you but fuck the government.” 431 more words