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You weren't wondering - but anyway

I’ve been quiet because I’ve been doing stuff. On occasion my mind becomes exceedingly unpleasant. Critical and negative, to an almost crippling degree. This has been one of those periods. 233 more words

Thinking Aloud

How to Make a Frugal DIY Dressing Room

Nearly every person needs a place to wake up in the morning, put on their face and pick their outfit. I find that I feel more confident if I look good and so I’ve put together a guide for how to create a dressing room or area that will make you kick ass throughout the day. 447 more words


My Dream Dressing Room

One downside of living in an apartment is the closet space. There is nothing worse than small closets overflowing with your favourite clothes. I often sit there and envision what my dream closet would look like. 212 more words


Channeling Generational Style

I’m not sure what inspired my fascination with the idea of a full up dressing/lounging room instead of a regular closet – but it was most likely my maternal grandmother Sara Lee’s dressing area.   606 more words

Closet Reboot

My Dream Dressing Room

Earlier this month I came across Arhaus and it inspired me to to design what my dream dressing room would look like. This idea sounded amazing to me because who doesn’t love imagining what their dream closet/dressing room would look like!? 805 more words

Naughty shopping

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while, probably already know one of the things that get me going goooooooood is doing stuff in public that people aren’t supposed to do in public. 687 more words


Smart Mirrors In Dressing Rooms Actually Increasing Store Sales

A little creep factor in this story, but if you’re ok with it, then by all means go for it, it’s really personal opinion anyway. 343 more words