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Homemade Dressing, Dips & Sauces - Citruses

I’ve been a little neglectful. I’ve been a tad busy!

Here are some more dressings that I make and as the title suggests, these are citrusy. 121 more words



I tend to use mostly balsamic vinegar these days when I am cooking. Sometimes though, it is fun to try new vinegars with our dressings, veggies, etc. 81 more words

Good To Know

Salad Dressing 

I’m not pro pointing a single solitary thing today, that’s because it’s my Birthday! And treats will be had! 😉👯🌸 But I do have a lovely birthday gift for you all. 291 more words


Roasted aubergine, courgettes & quinoa with my parsley & hemp seed dressing...

Another lunch from last week..

Sliced baby aubergines and chunks of courgettes, roasted in olive oil and spices, with quinoa cooked my way, and the remains of my… 40 more words


Spiced Heirloom Tomato Salad

Summer is pure joy for vegetable and fruit lovers. I can not get enough  of luscious heirloom tomatoes  while they are their ripest. I have fun trying different seasonings to keep my husband from getting bored with salads. 106 more words


Hemp seed butter and hemp seed & parsley dressing..

Have you ever tried hemp seeds? Forget any association with the cannabis plant, these won’t affect you in any odd ways!

I like hemp seeds (I always buy them hulled), they have a lovely nutty flavour, and adding a sprinkle to any dish adds a great extra flavour but also much needed protein for a vegetarian like me :) … 267 more words


Russian Dressing

Russian and Thousand Island Dressings are often confused. The are both close in color, and are both mayonnaise based. Russian however has a spicier kick to it as the Thousand Island is sweeter. 263 more words