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What's a Bob Barker?

I like to watch TV and one of my favourite shows is The Price is Right. I love the colours, the excitement, and the sound effects. 180 more words


'Price Is Right' Contestant Shouts Out All The Sick Kids Staying Home From School

By Sarah Carroll

Back in the day, we had the same routine every time we got sick and stayed home from school.

We’d sleep in, scarf down an Eggo, and then shuffle on over to the couch to watch “The Price Is Right!” 79 more words


Bases Bloated: Come on Down and Watch Me Yell at the TV!

I’m one of those people who yells at the TV while watching nature shows when the animal being profiled does something I just don’t get. 1,011 more words

Elisabeth Galina

There’s no way I can justify my salary level, but I’m learning to live with it. – Drew Carey http://ift.tt/1LKv6qO

Drew Carey

Some people don’t like competition because it makes them work harder, better. – Drew Carey http://dlvr.it/KmJ4JX


Starting A Band Isn't Quite As Easy As You Think...

Somebody just sent me this clip from “In Ramada Da Vida”, a 1998 episode of the Drew Carey Show that I had totally forgotten about. Drew’s a great guy, and one of Cleveland’s greatest ambassadors, and it was an honor and a lot of fun to get asked to be a part of this show. 68 more words


Come on Down!

Ever have one of those moments when a breeze, a song, or a smell reminds you of a time and place that’s faint in memory, but vivid in your heart?  391 more words