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What is a Quarter Life Crisis?

What is a Quarter Life Crisis?

I’ve wondered to myself how to describe this confusing time in my life. A Quarter Life Crisis is like a Mid Life Crisis…except in your twenties. 342 more words

25 Years Old

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I have finally dragged myself out of bed, and I can state unequivocally that one can recover from a severe cold in seven to ten days if you drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest, and, at all cost, avoid plenty of daytime television. 635 more words


20 Years Ago Today Art Modell Announced The Browns Were Moving To Baltimore

Bryan Altman

On Nov. 6, 1995, the Cleveland Browns and their fans received the stunning news from owner Art Modell that the team was planning on moving the team from Cleveland to Baltimore. 514 more words


When the Truth doesn't Matter

From August 1998 to December 2007, Whose Line is it Anyway aired on ABC.  This improvisational comedy show ran for 11 seasons, using music and satire to make people laugh.  252 more words


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'The Price Is Right' Model Trips In The Middle Of The Show [Video]

Many crazy things have happened on ‘The Price Is Right’ over the years, but this time it was a model’s turn to take the fall. Watch her trip and break one of the set light bulbs at :56 in the clip below!