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Daredevil Season 2 Will Have New Showrunners

As is tradition when any superhero franchise is released to great success, a sequel to the Netflix show Daredevil has been greenlit almost immediately. The second season will also be featured exclusively on Netflix, and premieres next year. 323 more words


Daredevil Is The Catholic Guilt Superhero Marvel Needs

Despite my overall (and usually enthusiastic) fandom for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the one area where my attention has been lacking is their television shows. With apologies to Agents… 1,098 more words


Marvel's Daredevil

(Please note: wordpress was being a little difficult and there is a small formatting error resulting in unintended white space in the fourth paragraph that I do not currently have a fix for. 2,284 more words

Daredevil Season One, or, Marvel's New DC Movie

One of the myriad tricks to Marvel’s cinematic success over the better part of the last decade has been the careful curation of a sort of in-house tone, an ever-present throughline that helps a millionaire being kidnapped in a Middle Eastern warzone and a talking raccoon in space feel somehow connected. 742 more words

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Gallagher vs. The King of the Marvel Universe

In light of Peter Gallagher’s allegations that Joss Whedon stole CABIN IN THE WOODS from his ideas, I’ve got a question: in a genre where everything has been done, how does one do something fresh? 115 more words

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"Marvel's Daredevil" has bloody good point! (of view for a blind man) :)

There was a lot of expectation around “Marvel’s Daredevil” in the comic community. We have already seen the same hero on the big screen and that movie with Ben Affleck didn’t come close to the potential of the character. 1,107 more words

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The Cabin in the Woods-Gate? Joss Whedon Sued

Somewhat amazingly, one of the most original thinkers in Hollywood, aka Joss Whedon, is being sued, along with Lionsgate and Drew Goddard, by an author who claims that the 2012 film Cabin in the Woods has infringed upon his own 2006 work. 562 more words