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Photoshopped Philms: Demolition

Now that was probably the fastest and easiest Photoshopped Philms I’ve ever done and I just have to say how disappointed¬†and bewildered I am at the sad state of film posters these days. 1,022 more words

Photoshopped Philms

Doing a Struzan

There is an old saying. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

While this saying certainly has a lot of merit, one must remember that a book cover is a very important piece of advertising. 791 more words


Movie Night

Movie night at my house usually involves letting my four kiddos have a hand in the decision-making process (so I could recommend My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or Paw Patrol for a good watch), but after the kids are in bed, my wife and I get to pick things more interesting to us. 127 more words


The New Star Wars Poster: I Agree With Blogger Greg Aronowitz Completely

Dear Friends,

First, let me say that I will be attending the midnight showing of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS on Thursday night, and–spoiler alert… 182 more words

Pop Culture

Action Comics #800 (2003)

This is the¬†breathtaking cover of Action Comics number 800. ¬†Although a perspective change, it is an homage to the cover of Action Comics number 1 by… 36 more words


Thought Factory Superman poster (1977)

Released in 1977, this Superman poster by Thought Factory was one of several produced that included Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Captain America… 114 more words