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Thoughts on SQA Exams & Certification | Drew

In response to a discussion about assessment on the IOP Sputnik email forum for Scottish Physics teachers, I posted some thoughts on what the SQA could do differently. 88 more words

Pilots and Petards Podcast: Episode #1 The West Wing

Due to our amateur status and first try, especially Jimbo being unprepared (as usual), we are going to wait to post and share this podcast. If you must hear it, I have faith you will find a way. 87 more words


The Cruel Blogfathers Of Deadspin Show Their True Colors

(Source: compete.kotaku.com)

Compete is a joint project between Kotaku and Deadspin, and as the Compete editor and writers, we like to say that we have two dads. 99 more words


Comedy is Subjective

Comedy is Subjective:

I’ve been holding this strip idea for well over two years now. If you openly insult the person helping you and try to pass it off as a “joke” you are not funny! 45 more words


2018 Barbie Wishlist + Skipper's Surprise Party

Whoa, can you believe it’s November already? It feels like I was writing my 2017 Barbie Wishlist just a few short months ago!

The photos are all from https://barbielistholland.wordpress.com/2017/06/20/2018-news-about-the-barbie-dolls/ 656 more words