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So Weird.

Today my boy and I headed home after a brief road trip to Indianapolis. And I must say it was a rather…odd…trip.

First up, Brazil, Indiana. 386 more words


Game Review: Machi Koro

By Drew

In Machi Koro, 2-4 players roll dice and spend money to buy properties for their city.  The first player to construct four special building completes their city first and wins the game. 262 more words

Anime Kat

GetFit Week 1

Happy Monday! Last week was my first week of GetFit, as well as my first week of my ease-into-it half marathon training plan. I got off to a bit of a rocky start (anyone surprised?) but the week ended up being a success. 1,139 more words


Book Review: Changers (Drew) by T. Cooper & Allison Glock

 Changers Book One: Drew by T. Cooper and Allison Glock

Published by Akashic Books on January 13, 2014

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Fiction, Contemporary

Pages: 288 – paperback… 1,012 more words

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Ok so when did we enter this phase of instant everything, Ok so I will be truthful and say that I still don’t understand women, but why am I just lately finding women who want the instant relationship, they’re only interested in someone they are instantly going to fall in love with and live happily ever after, I see this so much with on-line dating (and don’t get me started on how shallow women really are ok please do but maybe for the next time) And yes before the women all start to jump down my throat men can be shallow too, and I will admit that there are time I too can Be shallow but that’s manly in the looks (face) department, and yes I will also admit I do kinda have a list but this list for me in particular is very flexible, and I have on occasion overlooked certain aspect………….. 314 more words