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Tree Skirts and Santa Shirts

When I glanced at our Christmas tree this morning, I noticed that our new tree skirt appeared to be in a ball under the branches. Upon closer inspection, I realized our Violet was that “ball” and our skirt was just fine. 141 more words

Favorite Things

Graduate student wins essay contest

by Charlotte Brockway

Peter McLellan, an adjunct philosophy lecturer at William Paterson University and student at Drew Theological School, was nominated as the winner of this year’s Christianity Seminar Graduate Student Essay Contest by the Westar Institute. 394 more words




Even as a child I never understood the mistletoe. It always sounded like an excuse for sleaze bags to have a  excuse to mac down on people. 72 more words


Choose Your Lies Carefully

Over at Dramatic Momolgue (Best titles ever, by the by) you should see the incredible Tooth Fairy-Saving design she’s come up with.
I was totally jealous and immediately thought of climbin up the freakin bunk bed and diggin around under Bubba’s pillow for the itty bitty, teeny tiny teeth. 712 more words

Random Musings

Making the Most of the Last Week of Classes

As the semester rushes towards its inevitable conclusion, things can seem very hectic and chaotic with final exams, projects and essays all jockeying for a position on your calendar and in your brain. 342 more words


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! Today is the final day of November. That means that there’s 31 days left of 2016! People claim that this has been ‘the worst year ever’. 453 more words

STFD wasn't liking me today...

Tuesday. Twas a good day until I woke up. I turned on my computer to find out that over night, it had been infested with malware (Counterflix, to be precise). 205 more words