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I’m still not sure what Scalebound is—but I definitely want it

(Source: arstechnica.co.uk)

COLOGNE, Germany—What is Scalebound? A slick, action-packed Platinum Games (makers of the Bayonetta and Devil May Cry games) combo-fest? A fantasy RPG with dungeons and dragons and magic spells? 976 more words


Clinton Unfit for U.S. Presidency ( Dr. Drew expounds)

With election day approaching fast, new insights into Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s medical status may express potency in dismissing her implied capacity to serve as President. 176 more words

My Life @s Junior B.4

4 August 2016

Don’t you just hate it when you have to wake up early for something but when you didn’t have to the previous day.So I dragged myself out of bed and the hilarious part is that my brain kept asking what the outcome of skipping school for one day would be. 637 more words


My Life @s Junior B.3

3 August 2016

So today we got a day off at school. So when I woke up in the morning I almost lost my mind, thinking it was school but then I realised how stupid I was.So for the rest of the morning I scrolled through all my social media’s (P.s follow me) 507 more words


Reality Check Ep 2

Reality Check Ep 2:

I’m willing to admit that I have done #3 a few times because of bad service and once, because I forgot to bring money for a tip, but it was an all you can eat joint. 301 more words


family photo session

A few weeks ago, we did a quick family photo session with Kristin Harris photography. I say quick because we had an hour with Kristin but probably used about 30-40 mins of it since Drew could only handle so many smiles for the camera. 114 more words


Perimeter Institute - EinsteinPlus 2016 - Day 3 | Drew

Day three began (after breakfast) with a session on Quantum Mechanics. The session was based around the ‘Investigating the Nature of the Electron’ activity from the Perimeter Institute’s materials on ‘The Challenge of Quantum Reality’. 63 more words