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Random Thoughts on a Monday Evening.

I feel inadequately prepared for any football. The hometown Cincinnati Bengals are playing a game tonight and it’s on TV.

The last week or so has been… well… to be honest, it’s been kind of a blur. 823 more words



“This is why human beings find it difficult to learn and adapt to new situations: because we are always looking for precedence, for authority from the past on what we’re supposed to do now. 672 more words



It should be pretty obvious that the majority of what I write here comes via brain through heart. What that means is that I tend to write extemporaneously, letting the words come out as I think things through. 485 more words


Therapy and Herapy.

In last week’s episode, I was a quivering ball of mess. Tonight, I’m a fatigued son of a Bucket Head.

This past Friday, I had my first appointment with my old therapist. 1,553 more words


Angel kisses...

So I walked the mile and a half to my therapist’s office today. It’s a bit of a sunny day but I didn’t wear a hat.

Check out my angel kisses.


Tales of Therapy, Alternate Selves, and Freckled Genitalia

I did it.

Today, I filled out the paperwork to get back into therapy. My first appointment’s tomorrow afternoon. Achievement dance for myself, maybe to a bossa nova beat. 1,234 more words


Stepping Back From The Edge

I promised an amusing story today and I’ll get to it at some point but right now, I’m flatline on the energy scale. Enjoy this 9-volt post for what it’s worth and that kooky story will have to wait until later today/tonight. 495 more words