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The Dumping This Cognitive Load Blues

Good (morning/afternoon/evening/middle of the night when you can’t sleep because you never know if ninjas are watching you).

Last week at this time, I was a bundle of nerves and adrenaline. 699 more words


I Came, I Saw, I Comedied!

Wednesday night went off pretty much as I had hoped, even better than expected. I didn’t dry (I had words on a note card to jar my memory), I didn’t speed through my act, and I pretty much killed. 174 more words


Pre-Mic Jitters.

The latest from the Magical Orangutan Laboratories

Tonight, I dip my toe in Open Mic comedy. Five minutes of material that’ll hopefully lead to fame or free drinks. 316 more words


Mucky Snowy Saturday Update

Greetings from the Magical Orangutan Laboratories. We’re getting ourselves one last blast of snow here but since the temps aren’t going below freezing, it’s just leaving slushy slush snow. 320 more words


Fiction: Write Hard

The Author felt uninspired. The empty page on his computer stared back at him in blank indifference. It was, he thought, going to be hard to get some words out today. 1,746 more words


GNU Terry Pratchett 2018

Today marks the third anniversary of Terry Pratchett’s death from bloody stupid Alzheimer’s disease. I was introduced to Pratchett’s work around 1993(ish) as “the guy who wrote that book with Neil Gaiman”. 330 more words


Why am I choosing this path at the moment?

We can look at ourselves as being the beneficiary of random events, that the whorls and waves of our everyday consciousness seemingly mingle with others’ everyday consciousness just by random happenstance.  658 more words