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Fuck you, 2016...

Seriously, what is it about this year? Have I just reached the age where really meaningful people of my youth die off?

Don’t answer that, actually. 123 more words



Sorry for the lack of updates. I recently started a new job and I’m getting used to nre things like a schedule, showering on a regular basis, discipline, and wearing clothes that aren’t a sweatpants/ 921 more words


Tabula Rasa

Hello, world.

You might notice some major changes to this site. New theme, sure. A header image that I’m not totally sold on quite yet, and this one single post (for now). 423 more words


Static, Sanity, and Simple Roads

On the move, the mind is always doing something or other. If the road is tough, it keeps itself busy analysing things like surface conditions, topographical features, and any obstacles in the way. 509 more words