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Lose Your Shit, Rinse, Repeat

This hasn’t been a very good few days for me. Admittedly, most of it is because I’ve been off of my medication for almost a week and I’ve just been too lazy, busy, non-plussed, whatever, to get them. 567 more words


Static, Sanity, and Simple Roads

On the move, the mind is always doing something or other. If the road is tough, it keeps itself busy analysing things like surface conditions, topographical features, and any obstacles in the way. 509 more words


mind chatter 050315

Stone on the outside, yet you want people to break through but you get angry when they don’t. Unfulfilled. You cut them on your jagged perspectives and that is only in retaliating for not wanting to dig beneath. 467 more words


Getting connected

Good evening, lovely people.

On the wise recommendation of a dear friend, I’ve decided to link my WordPress with Bloglovin, which should allow anyone who follows it to receive immediate notifications on their mobile, tablet, computer, etc., instead of having to check regularly to see if I’ve posted anything new. 19 more words


It begins.

Ah, the obligatory first post. Let’s keep this short.

Really short.

Have an explore. Tschüss for now!



Monday musin', poetry, and art!

1. I was standing on the porch smoking what I hoped again would be my last cigarette. The outside is cold despite the mid afternoon sun. 397 more words


Call on God But Row Away From The Rocks

This one is going to be lengthy. Read responsibly.

There comes a point when you have to admit that what you’re doing, where you are, and how you feel about yourself are detriments to your self-actualization. 1,904 more words