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Resolutions?… 2. January 2016

 Buckwheat porridge with dried dates

Leftover nabe from the day before and some rice on the side


I’ve been already joking around that I am, for whatever reason, automatically not a better person in 2016. 350 more words


Curse you, zucchini… 29. December 2015

 A banana and a cup of coffee

 Buckwheat porridge with dried dates

 Rice with katsuobushi, steamed chicken-boletus gyoza with sour cream


Originally I made zucchini soup for dinner, but it turned out all bitter and inedible :(


Tryptophan Deficiency

The main function of tryptophan is as a building block in protein synthesis (helps the body produce its own proteins). Dietary deficiency of tryptophan may cause the symptoms characteristic of protein deficiency; chronic sinus congestion/allergies, watery eyes, edema, muscle cramps (especially at night), TMJ pain, bleeding gums and fatigue after exercise. 455 more words

Fairview Heights Nutrition

Interesting Date

I usually find interesting dates at the farmers market, but today’s date wins the prize. Its numerical sequence won’t recur for a very long time. I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

Happy Twelve Thirteen Fourteen, everybody!


Harira for Ramadan

It has been five years since I have fasted for Ramadan. Doing so at a 2,000+ mile distance from my father seems unimaginable, though I know it is not.  560 more words


Dried Dates

I bought some dried dates but am not sure how my cooking may go with their addition. I do not like the way dried fruit looks so I tend to avoid it. 218 more words

Mayah King

Nutrition Benefits of Dried Dates for Health

A quick snack would be nuts and dried fruits like apricots, raisins and dates. But, dried dates really are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals that can help you regain good health. 118 more words