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Day 4 : 'Compensation diet' (day 2)

Day 4

Weight – 168.4 pounds.

Weight lost – 1.8 pounds.

Yesterday, I was eating or drinking something every one or two hours the whole day but still I lost 1.8 pounds. 498 more words

Weight Loss

Resolutions?… 2. January 2016

 Buckwheat porridge with dried dates

Leftover nabe from the day before and some rice on the side


I’ve been already joking around that I am, for whatever reason, automatically not a better person in 2016. 350 more words


Curse you, zucchini… 29. December 2015

 A banana and a cup of coffee

 Buckwheat porridge with dried dates

 Rice with katsuobushi, steamed chicken-boletus gyoza with sour cream


Originally I made zucchini soup for dinner, but it turned out all bitter and inedible :(


Tryptophan Deficiency

The main function of tryptophan is as a building block in protein synthesis (helps the body produce its own proteins). Dietary deficiency of tryptophan may cause the symptoms characteristic of protein deficiency; chronic sinus congestion/allergies, watery eyes, edema, muscle cramps (especially at night), TMJ pain, bleeding gums and fatigue after exercise. 455 more words

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