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Preserved flowers (fail!)

Mediocre Wallflower

I’ve never understood the idea of giving flowers, because it costs a lot and it’s temporary–it withers fast! Plus, I am allergic to it. 509 more words

Arts And Crafts

Wall of Flowers, Dried Flower DIY project

I confess to being a little bit of a hoarder when it comes to dried flowers. Even with no particular plans to use them, I find the act of cutting and hanging flowers to dry brings much joy and satisfaction during the growing season. 375 more words

Crafty Projects

September 29 Photo A Day: Autumn’s delight, crisp & dried

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”.
Albert Camus

Written for Citysonnet Photo a Day: September 29: autumn colors


Flowers & Dragonfly Wings

A collection of dried flower petals, tiny leaves, and dragon fly wings. A few favorites pieces of summer to be added to my journal.

I usually find these on our nature walks, and I’ll press them in a dictionary to use at a later. 34 more words


Oh look, another wreath

I find wreath making one of the most absorbing of crafts. I get completely lost in it, forget all my worries, and, for a few hours, it allows me to block out everything that’s going on. 524 more words


How to Preserve Your Wedding Flowers

Flowers designed by Dawn Dust Florals | Photography by Daring Wanderer

One hard truth about wedding expenses is that flowers add up more than you think they would. 1,245 more words

DIY Creations

Dried flowers: a chat with author Bex Partridge

This stunning book, Everlastings: How to grow, harvest and create with dried flowers  is a celebration of the life of flowers, showcasing the ethereal beauty of dried flowers. 1,044 more words