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Bored with Driftwood

Not feeling too great these last few days, but wanted to add a little blog.

Feeling a little bored and was keen to create. I had some driftwood left so I made this and put it on the shed door. 17 more words



Another of my Driftwood Art

I am so tired today, I woke at 2.45am and haven’t been able to go back to sleep. As a consequence my ME/Fibro is not happy. 279 more words



Good day, my fatigue is in overdrive today due to lack of sleep and pain. So. rather than writing a long Blog I am posting one of my recent crafts. 29 more words


Travels in Aruba 2016 - part eleven

This visit to Bucuti and Tara Beach Resort, I noticed something new was being offered to guests, a Driftwood Workshop.  Each Sunday during happy hour at the Sand Bar, they feature local artisans which is always fun. 297 more words

Adventures With Spence

Iguanas in the Sand

Iguanas in the Sand

One thing I’ve discovered after six years of time spent in La Manzanilla is that it is never going to be the same experience two years (and often two days) in a row.   736 more words


I created some artwork a few years ago. Using left over wood from flooring jobs I had done, also from construction driftwood that had landed on the shores of Maui, from who knows where…………..I’m in the process right now of creating a workshop type space, where I can get to it with the wood and things I find out in the waste stream. 168 more words