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Summer Vacation

Alice bundled her coat into a ball as she took her seat on the train. She turned to her seatmate to introduce herself, but the man was reading a paper. 175 more words


Gin Tasting

I’m not a big drinker of spirits but have always had time for a G&T. I love how refreshing gin can be & it’s usually my drink of choice on a summer evening or for a quick one in the pub. 1,043 more words

Drink Me

Autumn is coming...

…because Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spiced Latte is here! The only thing I’m prepared to spend 9 months waiting for is this tasty cup of Autumn love. I seriously urge you to give this seasonal drink a go if you haven’t before…it’s worth it!

Drink Me.

Sparkling Water Runs Deep (or, Poland Spring Perils)

Our tangent begins with languishing on a couch, listening to my parents discuss a potential trip to the mall:

“Are there any places there that sell sparkling water you think?” my mother asks. 835 more words


Spell Bottles!

This post was from 3 months ago. How time flies! I wish my house looked like the picture on the left. I have about that many spiderwebs, I just don’t have all those bottles. 26 more words


Tea Party Decorations

Here are a some of the homemade decorations for my Tea Party :) Eat me Drink Me labels, Giant painted roses, hanging Pocket-watch’s  and Book Bunting.

Mad Hatters Tea Party

We're all Mad Here

Birthdays are going to be the death of me…I went a little overboard this year. Maybe it was because I was turning 40 and for months I’ve been  getting these notices and invitations in the mail to join retirement communities, schedule in-home “angel” care, and pre-order my coffin.   1,177 more words