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Water Wednesday!  Are you drinking enough water?

I will be the first to admit that I don’t drink enough water. There. I said it. I find it particularly tough in the winter months because I would rather be drinking something warm, creamy, and usually caffeinated. 473 more words

Day 76 -Prentice Hall Chapter 23 Cancer, Section 2

Todays Powerpoint

Prentice Hall – Chapter 23 Cancer, Section 2

What is cancer?

Cancer Treatment: Chemotherapy

Chapter Video

Chapter 23 Video

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Day 6: Full Body in 10

Want to perform at your full potential?  If you’re not embracing strength training, you’re leaving a lot that potential behind. You’re also opening up the door to injuries and time off the road. 586 more words

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How I Drink 10 Glasses of Water Everyday During Fall

Water is one of the best things we can give to our body, its seems difficult to stay hydrated during fall for many of us but believe me it’s not. 967 more words


Day 15: Drink More Water

Good morning Crew! Time to work those abs and what better way to kick off our Tuesday then another water challenge!

Are you getting enough water? 597 more words

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