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How to save Hundreds of $$ and feel better instantly

Want to promote healthy skin and proper digestion? Interested in a natural detoxifier? Water is a basic necessity. The body is more than two-thirds water, and keeping it hydrated is vital. 287 more words


When I was pregnant, I read a lot about breastfeeding. I know it is difficult for the first few months, I know the baby might not latch well, I know the supply will increase with demand. 358 more words


A Writer's Running Log, Day 7

I don’t run. I do yoga. And yet…

Random Thoughts While Running – day 7 – 4.5 miles

  1. I joked to a friend the other day that I am a camel, hardly needing water.
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Random Thoughts

Small Changes, Massive Impact

You can have a massive impact on your health and your contribution to the health of the planet by making a few small changes to your every day routine. 393 more words


Day Twenty-Two: Water

One of the biggest issues we face during these long summer days of fasting is hydration. Staying hydrated become a huge challenge. Like most people, I am warning you to stay away from fizzy drinks, coffee, and tea, as these can leave you dehydrated. 184 more words


Mid May Challenge

One of the ways I’ve learned to make small adjustments in my life is by giving myself little challenges throughout the year to kick start that new habit. 661 more words


Day 80 -Prentice Hall Chapter 23 Cancer, Section 2

Todays Powerpoint

Prentice Hall – Chapter 23 Cancer, Section 2

What is cancer?

Cancer Treatment: Chemotherapy

Chapter Video

Chapter 23 Video

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