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Love My Hydro Flask

Seriously love my Hydro Flask www.hydroflask.com water bottle. Not gonna go on a massive ramble. Don’t need to. It speaks for itself. Two weeks in and it’s everything that I’ve read about. 189 more words


Day 73 - infusion

I received my new infuser bottle in the post. 800ml Of lovely goodness. Tried it out and it works really well. Keep pushing to be healthier!

About Me

5 Things I Do Daily For Success

We all want to be successful, right? I know I do – and while I may not be where I want to be, yet. I know I am well on my way. 430 more words


If Your Pineal Gland Gets Dehydrated, Your Third Eye Will Get Crusty

Staying Hydrated is Important to the Holistic Living Practitioner:Living manfully is a Holistic Living Practitioners thing. Being healthy in the whole picture is what we’re all about.   1,574 more words

BPA Free

Water You Lookin' At?

I’ve got a question for ya. What’s clear, free, filling, and has numerous health benefits? If you guessed water you are absolutely correct. That’s right, water. 674 more words


Mick Jenkins Performs "Jerome" With Joey Bada$$ + "Jazz" Live At SOBs

“Drink More Water!”

That’s was the theme of the night at as Mick Jenkins made his first headlining appearance at a sold out show in New York SOBs. 283 more words


Gallon a Day Challenge - week 2

So, it’s time for another fun installment of “Scary Jen With No Makeup On”! Ha! So, it’s been two weeks of drinking lots, and lots, and LOTS of water now. 436 more words

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