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7-Day Health Challenge--Why Water is so Important!! (Comment for a Gift Card!)

Water! Water! Water!

You cannot lose that tummy without water.

Skip the sugary drinks and sodas.

After one week, you will feel like a brand new human being!! 132 more words

Why aren't you drinking enough water?

Most American’s walk around chronically dehydrated even though they have access to clean water almost everywhere they go. Water is scarce on the other side of the world, yet we don’t take advantage of our blessing. 181 more words

The 1 Gallon Water Challenge

Getting in your best shape yet is about more than just exercise. It also involves eating right and part of that is eliminating empty calories from sugary beverages from my diet. 97 more words

Funny how one addiction changes to another

I will admit.. a food addiction is what got me into the situation I am in today.   I am on day 8 of 21 for my Optifast and since I am not eating I am finding new things to do.. 301 more words

Weight Loss

Day one over onto day two. 

I finished my first day of Optifast. Wasn’t too bad considering I sarted my period and had 4hrs of basketball practice making for a very long day with no food. 111 more words

App Review: Plant Nanny

I have had a life long struggle with drinking enough water. I remember my teen years were filled with days where I wouldn’t even drink a single cup. 381 more words


Drink More Water

I am finding it super hard to drink enough water during the day. I always seem forget about it. For the past days I really have been making in effort but actually ended up drinking about 2-3 glasses of Water which is just not enough!! 29 more words