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Crazy Life

Things have been so crazy with my summer it feels like I am never stopping, never catching up, and never relaxing.. I am finding more energy since the surgery (which is a shock because I have always had high energy) and because I am feeling so good I tend to take on more and more..   210 more words

Diana's Fit Club Diary - Entry..4 is it?

Well it’s almost two weeks in, minus a week of being sick so maybe 5 days in really and I’ve managed to hit the gym and/or walk into town every couple of days and I’ve actually lost five pounds. 272 more words


nibbles + scribbles // dazed and infused

happy thursday, friends :)

in monday’s post (read it here!) we had a little chat about drinking more water this week, and how that helps your body (and naturally, your overall mood) in, like, a bajillion ways. 332 more words

In The Kitchen

Drink More Water

I am not the best at drinking the amount of water that I should, so I try to find different ways to increase my water intake everyday. 262 more words


MONDAY PEP TALK // drink more water

your very first monday pep talk.

I’m really excited about this post, not just because it’s the first in a new series ( 479 more words


10 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water

Water is very important for human living,without water there will be no survival. There are dozens of function water can do in the body which most of us never knew, so am using this medium to reveal to you some of the major functions water can do in the body. 381 more words


How I cleared up my acne... naturally!

So today I’m gonna be sharing a bit of my history with acne, dermatology, skincare, and what finally worked to clear up my skin!

Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist, what I share in this post is completely from my own experience and opinion, and it is what worked for me and my skin. 1,470 more words

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