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Immune System Booster Juice

Hands up who’s feeling all blahhh at the moment? I’m hoping this isn’t just me? 348 more words


Saturday Coffee

Coffee & Saturday:

The reliable happy couple that makes it look easy. This morning, I found myself pretty lucky! I woke up to a bright darkness: behind me a distant glow from Dan’s television in the bedroom over from mine, & before me the moon casting a brilliant blue black shadow off the twin spruce trees that tower the house. 484 more words


Share a Drink| Smoothie Recipe

Hey, Lifestyle Speakers! If you’re like me with your smoothies, then you know that “I want to use every fruit I have in my fridge life” when it comes to creating deliciously healthy smoothie recipes. 151 more words

Cranberry Mojito Recipe

Happy New Year everyone!

Cheers to my first post of 2017! At the start of every New Year there always seem to be a mix of emotions- some people feel motivated and some think it is a silly reason to set goals that will never be acheived. 501 more words


New Year's Punch Recipe

  • 1/2 carton orange sherbet
  • 1/2 carton vanilla

*if you can, find orange dreamsicle with the two swirled together

  • 2 liter favorite ginger ale (Canada Dry works best imo)
  • 38 more words

Babes In The Kitchen: Boozy Sea Salt Coffee & Cream

We love going out to eat and drink, which I think you all know by now. However, we also love spending time in our own kitchen and making our own meals and drinks; especially if that means that we get to host our friends and family. 608 more words

New Orleans

Chillin' (Alone) Chai Tea Latte

I love me a good Chai Tea Latte. I’m usually a coffee drinker, but this is the perfect drink for cold nights, or any night that I’m looking to relax before bed and don’t want a huge jolt of caffeine. 338 more words