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Share a Drink| Smoothie Recipe

Hey, Lifestyle Speakers! If you’re like me with your smoothies, then you know that “I want to use every fruit I have in my fridge life” when it comes to creating deliciously healthy smoothie recipes. 151 more words

Ecoteatox Recipes For Weight Loss

We find so many ways to drink Ecoteatox. You can drink it hot or cold.

I love to add fruits to the daytime tea. I love to add  307 more words

Dry January: Day 8 - The British Invasion

My heritage has never been an important aspect of my life like it is for some people. I’m not fond of continuing outdated traditions for some misplaced obligation to my ancestors’ way of life. 187 more words

Dry January: Day 5 - The Ballmer Peak

Five days in to my dry January.

The trick is to avoid bars, because I have no will power and cannot resist the temptation of drinking a delicious moscow mule or a stout beer. 306 more words

Dry January: Day 2 - Mr. Archer and the Whiskey Shakes

Day 2 without the booze. It’s going to be a long road ahead of me. I’m already getting the whiskey shakes and the cold sweats, which makes me wonder…is it possible I could die from a hangover? 198 more words

Dry January: Day 1 - Slurm MacKenzie

New Years Day. Huddled up in the fetal position alone under several blankets trying to muster up the strength to reach over to the end table to grab that glass of water. 202 more words


Winter Perfection: Mulled Wine/Glühwein Recipe

Is there anything finer than curling up with a warm drink on a cold winter’s night? I argue that there certainly isn’t much!

My first time enjoying glühwein (the German word for mulled wine, typically enjoyed around the holidays) was at a street market on the square in Lausanne, Switzerland. 345 more words