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Koko Kanu - Coconut flavoured White Rum Review

As summer is pretty much (in theory) in full swing! I love to unwind with a glass of something or have a few glasses to get the party started, I’m guessing that Pink reference shows how hip I am!!! 259 more words


Why I don't drink : A Discussion

A lot of people my age drink. And I don’t.

When anyone around me is talking about drinking and they realise I don’t drink they demand to know why I don’t. 473 more words


Healthy homemade kid friendly juice.

I hate waste.  Like LOATHE waste.  So I make all sorts of efforts not to have to throw out any food items.  We are that family, the one that eats up all its leftovers.   405 more words


Kitchen Table

It has taken many years of being married
to agreement, years of being divorced
from the he in the she of me,
to finally agree it’s alright to disagree, 145 more words


Date Night

When you are your partner are both working full-time jobs, it is hard to find a spare bit of time to have some quality time with the one you love. 565 more words


People Who Drink Alcohol Can Be More Creative?

Nothing is more annoying than a solution that seems unattainable when faced with a problem. Though the temptation to bump into the table does look very inviting, do not. 331 more words