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Run to the Rum

“…and what ethanol does is make us money.”

As pointed out after we left, my face registered nothing but shock when we walked up to the door of the distillery and it turned even more confused after walking in the door. 472 more words

Girl In Philly

Have a great Saturday night and a even better Sunday morning!

We love Sunday brunch!

we found this inspiring, drinking your breakfast.

One of these will surely fix you on a Sunday morning, regardless of how you spent your Saturday night. 31 more words

I can die happy now. I’ve had sushi. Of course, I didn’t cook it. I may be suicidal but food poisoning isn’t high on my list of preferred ways to go. 160 more words


Johnny Toxin Football

Full disclosure.. I’m one of the lost tribe of Cleveland Browns fans.  Somehow, fittingly, we can explain why Charlie Brown (coincidence,  I’m sure) let’s Sally his  football for the field goal attempt that never happens. 562 more words