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This is basically dessert in a cup with a healthy twist.

1 banana
2-3 tbs peanutbutter (I used organic unsalted)
2 tbs Cocoa Almond Spread (from Trader Joes) 61 more words


You Should Drink More Water

Clearer skin

A continous intake of water means you’re peeing more. Peeing more means you’re flushing more toxins out of your body at a faster rate. 323 more words

Caffeine Conundrum

Brain feeling fuzzy,

As the head begins to spin.

Tiredness setting in,

Yet sleep continues to evade.

From midnight to early morn,

The Sandman’s magic refuses to work. 22 more words

Desk Notes

Fall Pumpkin Spiced Hot Chocolate

Seasonal affective disorder, what is it? It’s a form of depression, also called the “Winter Blues” where people feel sadder the winter time. Does anyone else feel this way? 308 more words


HOW TO Make 'Old Fashioned' Mulled Cider

Humbugs look away now because this post is unapologetically festive. For all its beautiful natural colour, freely given goodwill and perks like cosying up at home feeling warm and toasty, winter is a brilliant time and undoubtedly my favourite of the year. 515 more words


Albania’s wine renaissance

The country’s wine industry has an image problem – even within Albania. But a new generation of winemakers are digging deep into their native grape stock, with impressive results