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What’s In My Cup?

Tea is a powerful, natural resource. It serves several purposes whether that be for relaxation, health, or just social situations with small talk and pinky’s in the air. 406 more words



What is Maturity? What does it mean to be mature?

Maturity can be said to be: “…the state of being mature; ripeness…” Or “…full development; perfected condition…” 271 more words


Ymman Resto Bar Session...


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Choose your own adventure

When I was a kid, choose your own adventure books were some of my favorites. Now, we’re partnering with 8oz Burger on Capitol Hill to bring the adventure to cocktails. 30 more words


Charles Dickens Punch

Punches have made a big come back in the last few years within the craft cocktail movement. These punches are not like the ones you may have saw your father and mother put together pouring various liquors in a punch bowl with some fruit and having guests flinch at every sip until they had so much of it didn’t matter after a while. 439 more words


Bar: The Drink

Today, as I always do, I want to share with you a place I just discovered two weeks ago. Indeed, The Drink is a bar, which is located on the Manhattan Avenue, in Brooklyn, close to the Grand Station (L train). 232 more words


St. Germain Cocktail

What kind of libations will you be serving at your next dinner or cocktail party?  Not sure what to serve, rather then opening up wine or beer, consider serving St-Germain cocktails. 118 more words

Daddy-o's Martinis