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Kentucky Brunch

Some of my favorite memories have taken place during brunch. It’s a great way to relax with people important to you. Delicious food and complimentary cocktails go hand in hand with getting conversation flowing and bringing out the more hilarious sides of people and situations. 100 more words

Fresh Sheet

Welcome to Hop Town! - El Segundo Brewing Company

San Diego has some close competition for the city with the best IPA’s. Back in 2010 El Segundo Brewing company was founded on a love of all things Hoppy. 207 more words


Fiji and the Coral Coast


When we started making plans for the first 2 months of our RTW (round the world) trip, Fiji kept coming up. This is a place that we both have wanted to visit for a long time so it only made sense to take a tiny detour to spend some time in Fiji. 634 more words

Egyptian Ratscrew

It was like I’d never seen him before—my eyes collided into his striped button down, crisply-creased collar tucked into slightly faded grey suit pants, a slight curvature of his dad-bod tummy hanging over a worn-down, black leather belt, which I’m sure he wore over all his suit pants without exception, no judgment to the brown slacks that clearly didn’t match. 1,441 more words

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Guide to Mindful Eating (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Julia H.

Founder & Owner of: Wellness Worthwhile

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Health & Fitness Writer

When it comes to wellness and having a healthy relationship with both your mind and body, mindful eating is the way to go. 521 more words


Pomegranate Mojitos

If you’re like me, summer can’t come fast enough. I’m tired of shoveling snow and being indoors. I whipped up a batch of these tonight; they truly make these long winter nights more bearable. 83 more words



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