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"She wore wild roses, with thorns, in her hair"

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“There’s no exquisite beauty

without some strangeness in the proportion”

She is the one who always makes heads turn on the streets either because of the fact that she looked like a dream, or because her hair was so loud it was ridiculously funny.   737 more words


"...And the angels sang a whiskey lullaby"

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“The usual, sir?” the bartender asks, turning his back on the balding, slightly muscular man who had just taken his seat, his usual one, the third stool from the left. 1,136 more words



Yet I’m cold
Flying high
Feeling low
Heading home
No place to go

Lost in my home town

Getting up
Falling down
Play the fool… 64 more words


Time gentlemen please

Alcohol can tip the scales of life
To a less balanced way to live
Drinker to a drunk
Clown to a fool
Buying a drink for a dying friend… 8 more words


How Do They Know Your Hot?

I’m doing my first podcast appearance ever on Sunday morning (May 3rd) http://tobtr.com/s/7570797 (BlogTalkRadio).   This is part of my association with BumWineBob.com, a site for which I write guest posts about my drunken antics.   406 more words


"Never Have I Ever" ...Been In Love


     “Drinking games are stupid; at least the competitive ones are. The ones where the purpose is to take shots or chug beer to see who can handle the most liquor the best. 395 more words


Weekly Wrap Up XIII

This week has been crazy. I managed to spend a lot of good time with great people and I’m paying for it now. I organised a little wine and cheese party on Thursday and was at the Bahrain International Circuit for the Grand Prix which was a joy. 237 more words

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