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Drinking in public like James Bond

Summer is in full swing and having a drink out in the sun is a nice way to spend the day. Where we are based out of, its illegal to drink in public so I have contacted the Dead Panda Press Corps. 487 more words


The Token Black Girl's Guide to...

Summer is here and it’s a scorcher this year, wherever you are. The need to stay hydrated is a necessity at this point, and since Water is simply won’t cut it. 574 more words


I love google...

Mr and Mrs Google Forever. The shit you can find on Google, so cool! This is going on a t-shirt as soon as possible…

Cici. 16 more words


A Night On the Acid (Part 1)


There we were, it was happening. I had gone to hell and back on this journey but I had found a sense of inner peace, happiness. 960 more words


Happy Birthday Canada!

The people at Dead Panda Press Corps. would like to wish every one a happy Canada Day. So we’re gonna raise a glass of the most Canadian drink we can think of and no its not something weird with beaver tail or moose knuckle in it. 135 more words


Fear and Loathing: Part 2

First I would like to apologize for the week and 3 days that have come between Vegas related blog posts.  Also, I should apologize for not posting at all on Monday.   1,220 more words


Beer, and Other Drugs

Hello again internet, I’m back to bore you on silly subjects that aren’t easily related to. I promise not to be so soppy this week, last week I got a bit carried away because its something that, even though it will never die, I don’t want to see it go! 524 more words