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Amnesia and DUI (First Draft)

Think back to that day

that you don’t fully remember.

You strain your mind to its limits

to see what you wore, or what she said, 126 more words


Wild &Young

Some high school students obey their parents and do everything they are supposed to while the rest of us do whatever the fuck we feel like! 413 more words


Life changes, some things don't. 

Welp. Here we are again. I’ll be perfectly honest, my life went entirely to shit there for a while, and for a while I fell in to a pit of darkness that I thought I would never claw my way out of again. 295 more words


My Favorite Things

Do you remember that Bananas post when I went all Joan Rivers on my employer over pro-Confederacy propaganda, the rewriting of history and the blasphemy that is not offering NUGGEST AND FRIES during a forced meal of Chick-fil-A? 928 more words


Dishevelled Travels. Germany. Part 4.

Day 8. Munich.

On a crowded metro train with panelled wooden interior. An elderly nun stares at me disapprovingly. What does she know?
Unfortunately I arrive at the Olympic Park forty three years too late. 2,114 more words


Ce fut un échec total: La Petit Grocery-style

I am terrible at dating. Sometimes, if the situation is right, I might say yes in order to “practice social skills” but more often than not I just own the fact that I am slowly both getting older while simultaneously barreling toward being the weird lady that people only come knocking on Halloween because I decorate and “she’s rich or something and who cares that she’s weird she gives out great candy…” Okay the last bit is a nod to my dreams that still exist about being wildly successful. 1,045 more words