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Drink Like You Climb a Mountain

People sometimes refer to mountain climbers as conquistadors of the useless. They scurry up a mountain and scurry back down. Nothing is really lost or gained beyond the experience, but they still keep going back to the peaks. 413 more words


Older, But Still No Wiser When It Comes To Drinking

What I’d seriously like to know is when exactly the middle-aged wisdom/acceptance thingy that my body can no longer drink alcohol is going to finally kick in.  494 more words

Midlife Observations

10 reasons why the Real Housewives of OC are amazing people

If you’ve never heard of the Real Housewives of OC, God bless your soul. It is a show that not only brings it’s fans laughs, but also tears, and sometimes even lifestyle brands. 206 more words

Don’t Let Drinking Whiskey Be the Reason You Drink Whiskey

Imagine you are sitting at a dinner table at a friend’s house with four other people. Your pal says, “Hey I’ve got this great scotch” and then pours you all a small glass. 278 more words


Wine (Whine?) About It

Did Facebook Matt trademark that yet? I hope not. Congratulations on the win!

I finally figured out why I can never find great wine when I’m back home. 575 more words


The Mazda

There was a time, sophomore year of College, when I didn’t drink. It was half a conscious decision, with the other half decided for me by my then girlfriend, Ella. 3,060 more words


Hungover? Finally, a proven cure!

First, what is a hangover? In its simplest form, a hangover is your body craving these three things:

  1. Hydration
  2. Alcohol
  3. Nutrients

The morning after a night of drinking, your body will likely be severely dehydrated, aching from nutrient loss, and suffering from alcohol withdrawals. 511 more words