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The Wedding aka. The Last Binge

The weekend before my last binge, I had been to my friends birthday in London and managed to drink responsibly.

I drank nice champagne and remained in control. 1,279 more words


Stadtfest (Town Festival)

Summer in Austria equals festival time! On any given weekend there’s usually something going on, be it a small, local event or a bigger, region-wide festival that completely takes over. 443 more words


Back to Basics

Well, friends, June is almost over and I’m staring at July like “Where the fuck did you come from?!” Probably because I took it upon myself to mostly ruin June. 823 more words


San Pellegrino

If I could afford to drink this stuff all the time, and if I wasn’t worried it’d turn me orange (like those kids in the 90s who drank too much Sunny D), I definitely would.

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Defining Craft Whiskey

Rectified Whiskey

In the late 1800’s to early 1900’s the American distilling world was rocked by a new kind of product: rectified whiskey. Rectified whiskey is a neutral spirit flavored and dyed to look and taste like actual whiskey (think Kentucky Deluxe). 639 more words



We can all agree that “situation” is a terrible code word. It is the actual word for the thing, and in no way represents any sort of concealment of meaning. 638 more words