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The Macaroni Guide to Serving Food at Parties & Such

Hey Macaroni reader! Are you hosting a food-based party or event anytime soon? If the answer is no, then why the hell not! If the answer is yes, then this is the must-read article for you! 354 more words

My Road Less Traveled

You’d think it would be easy to know your own thoughts. To be self-aware, to your own self be true. But oh baby, that’s one tangled web to unravel. 1,204 more words

Drinking the Kool-Aid With Elijah Burgher's 'Bachelors'

What is the possible transgressive and transformative power of cults? Do cults offer an alternative and queer form of relationality and community that counters the restrictive and repressive effects of both heteronormative and homonormative society? 653 more words