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Drink more water. Yuck! Here's how I'm doing it.

“Research” says that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. I’ve seen this stat somewhere so when my nutritionist recommended that I drink 1.5l to 2l of water per day, 3 weeks flashed through my head. 307 more words

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The well will run dry
It might not be the worst thing
You let go of you

-Kendra Purscell-Jackson


Drink up! The connection between hydration and your health

Water – the elixir of life, the fundamental fluid that makes up about 75% of our human body, and about 80% of our brain. The zero-calorie wonder that can quench your thirst and keep your body’s systems functioning smoothly. 360 more words

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April 26, 1911: Water Waste in New Bedford, MA

April 26, 1911:  Municipal Journal and Engineereditorial. Waste in Public Water Consumption. “We have had occasion several times to call attention to the fact that no class of consumers waste more water than schools and other municipal buildings and that consequently meters or other methods of restricting waste are fully as important here as on any other services in the city, in spite of the seeming anomaly of a city’s measuring the water which it delivers to itself. 249 more words


Lawsuit to End Flouridation of Drinking Water Gets Court Approval

Did you know that 50 studies have linked Fluoride with reduced IQ in children?

  • What is fluoride?
  • Is it safe to drink?
  • Is it safe for your children?
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Why is it So Hard to Drink Water?

Another headache beckons and I swear the skin on my forehead feels like leather. My eyelids feel heavy and my concentration is out of whack…basically I’m not drinking enough, again! 350 more words

April 24, 1913: Cairo IL, Wrecked Standpipe

April 24, 1913:  Engineering Newsarticle. The Recent Standpipe Failure at Cairo, Ill. By G.C. Habermeyer. “The standpipe of the Cairo Water Co. fell at about 2: 15 a.m., Feb. 298 more words