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Austin, Texas.

Hear ye, hear ye! Throwback Thursday is upon us, and another tale of debaucherous depravity and wholesome bonding needs to be shared! Read this account of four glorious days in the sweltering Texas heat and laugh at stories of falling asleep where I shouldn’t have and Tom pantsing himself in a busy bar on sixth street. 1,446 more words

The great release

Today my book is released onto the great unsuspecting world. And today it struck me: there is no-one (save my wife, who doesn’t count, and my daughter, who calls me Momma most of the time so her evidence must be considered suspect) within an hour of me who knows who I am. 347 more words

This College Life, Episode 1: College Night Life

College can be an immensely fun time. College can be overwhelming. College can be a challenging obstacle. Students have learned to balance these aspects of college and share their stories with us. 60 more words

Memorable Scripture: I can live without it

Proverbs 20:1
Wine is a mocker,
Strong drink is a brawler,
And whoever is led astray by it is not wise. 226 more words


GUEST POST: this is BULLSHIT, you can't arrest me, somebody put something in that trash - by a raccoon

love too be SLANDERED and LIBELED as a rabid fucking animal by members of my own community that I have roamed around in for two-and-a-half years because someone APPARENTLY left out some fucking crabapples gone sour and me and Fred got caught stumbling around all disoriented. 677 more words


Tom Watson weight loss: Labour MP lost SEVEN stone by drinking bulletproof coffee

Tom Watson, 52, is a Labour politician, currently the deputy leader of the party.
While is predominantly known for his political career, the MP has come under the spotlight for his recent weight loss. 24 more words

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Halloween at an American high school.

I really enjoy writing these accounts, they feel like a form of therapy and it’s something to do while watching TV and a great distraction from work. 1,164 more words