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Gettin' Down GTA-Style 

The details on this one are going to be a bit fuzzy because I was very drunk and a little high. My sister and I were visiting friends of ours in Germany back in the spring of 2013. 1,003 more words



Comply: (v) to act in accordance with a wish or command

There are two ideas that are dangerous.

  1. Drugs can be taken in moderation
  2. If it’s not my idea, I don’t like it as well.
  3. 178 more words
C Words

Barry's Just Shy of 100 Tavern Violations Goal for 2018

Lincoln NE (SN) – 9th street sports bar and fraternity brother hub Barry’s Bar & Grill is well on its path to their “keep it a hunnitt®” tavern violation goal for the year, holding an impressive 98 tavern violations coming into the arrival of Fall 2018 later this week. 225 more words


Mild disappointment

Struggling to be

better is futile. It is

the same as before


This past Saturday evening I went bowling with the kids, their friends, and a buddy of mine. 305 more words


Three Sober Months

What up! What up! What up my peeps! Today is Tuesday September 18, 2018 and it means that I have been sober for three months or rather yet, ninety-two days in total. 295 more words

Daily Post

365 days of less drinking- Day 35

I’ve had one beer today.

When you make a major change, do you do it all at once or incrementally?

I do it incrementally. Because I hate being told what to do. 147 more words


Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous: Felice (Episode III)

Felice walked into the bar looking like the kind of girl they wrote songs about, and I made it a point to not make that obvious. 381 more words

Spilled Ink