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Day 16 - dependent

7/1/15   It’s halfway through the workday.  I didn’t cave and drink last night the way I feared I would.  I met with my priest after supper, and when I left our meeting I felt much better than I had before, and I didn’t need to drink. 250 more words


Not Drinking Is A (Great) Way Of Life

Alcohol is a strange old business. Ostensibly it’s just another beverage, but we all know it’s so much more than that. Drinking can often become a person’s defining characteristic. 564 more words

Lucy's Page

Dry on the 4th of July

Ordinarly I would equate celebrating something with having a few drinks but not right now. Having been on the wagon for 12 days now, the 4th of July weekend will be celebrated in this household without any wine, beer or gin martinis. 412 more words

1500-calorie Diet

Why You Should Date a Girl Who Drinks... At all? Or Doesn't? Unless She Doesn't Drink Water, That's Just Weird Because We Need It To Live.

I saw a post the other day featuring a very beautiful picture of Mila Kunis, and it was entitled 8 Reasons Why You Should Always Date The Girl Who Drinks Whiskey. 787 more words

Day 184: Going Under

That was a song by Evanescence wasn’t it? “I’m going under (going under) / drowning in you (drowning in you)” …music video where she’s underwater…right? I’m not imagining it am I? 287 more words

3 AM

No one wants to leave alone
—there’s no one left.
Break lights illuminate parking lots.
Texts messages.
Anyone free to spend the night not alone? 48 more words