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Drinking with grandma

Last night I got piss drunk at grandma’s.

She stopped drinking around 2 glasses of wine, like a responsible person does, but I just kept drinking. 507 more words


Britain: Our weird drinking habits.


So firstly, I was inspired to write this blog after numerous chats with a few of the girls at work about the kind of stuff us Brits like to get up to whilst drink (we work in a bar, the subject of alcohol unsurprisingly comes up a lot!)  But, it lead to me thinking, most British people have similar stories of the kind of shit they get up to on a typical night out whilst shit faced. 1,270 more words

Pointless Ramblings

First Post!

While my health teacher was lecturing the class on the effects of smoking/drinking alcohol (the same thing we have been being taught since middle school) I couldn’t help but let my mind wander away and get lost in thought from this question: 366 more words


Let Go Of Me

It’s Saturday night. I’m drunk, stumbling up a hill in my city’s clubbing district, LKF, with my boyfriend. I’m a little nostalgic, to be honest, thinking about my many other nights throughout high school spent in this area. 438 more words


That Cat is Judging Me (When I Let Myself be Defined by My Sin)

Sometimes God really likes to hit us over the head with His metaphors.

Recently, one of the freshman girls who I work with, who I’ve had the pleasure of calling a friend,  offered to share her Indian heritage with some of us in the building. 679 more words


Moontower Saloon

So we have made it this far together. Over the course of my spring 2017 semester I have enjoyed a lot of booze, a lot of studying and spending a lot of money. 425 more words