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Testimony reveals alleged motive in 2013 Kent County killing

KENT COUNTY – A 54-year-old man found dead alongside a Kent County road in December 2013 may have admitted to molesting a young relative and other girls to a pair of roommates, triggering an attack that ended his life according to testimony heard in a Kent County courtroom on Tuesday. 299 more words


Untapped - Drink Socially

Kate here! All you beer lovers out there, have you downloaded the app, Untapped? No? Yeah? Maybe…?

Well for those of you who don’t know, Untapped is a social media app is that allows for users to rate and post reviews of the beer they are drinking while out with their friends. 236 more words


Study: Letting Children Taste Alcohol May Promote Early Drinking

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (CBS Connecticut) – Children who try alcohol before sixth grade are more likely to start drinking when they are in high school, a new study finds. 410 more words

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Some Words to Those Who Don't Get It

Monique is my girlfriend.

Yes, Nikola is my girlfriend, too.

The takeaway from the above is that they are MY girlfriends, and not at any time yours! 654 more words


Dirty Bar Napkins

(The light enters as a long soft rectangle. It is golden and paints a dirty interior slightly pleasant in its nostalgic bask. People are drinking astride of the light on either side of this barroom hall  and they turn their cheek from it, squinting through plumes of smoke) 255 more words

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Etiquette with Shances: Drinking in the afternoon -Three traditionally morning cocktails

The top three traditionally acceptable morning cocktail drinks:

Mimosa: 3/4 chilled champagne 1/4 orange juice 

Bloody Mary: 2oz Vodka, 4 oz Tomato juice, 2 dashes Tabasco Sauce, 2 tsp Prepared horseradish, 2 dashes Worcestershire sauce, 1 pinch Celery salt, 1 pinch Ground black pepper and1 pinch Smoked paprika.  55 more words