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Two Weeks

I recently heard someone say there’s a difference between being sober and being in recovery. When I heard that I tipped my head back and had to take a moment to take that in. 181 more words

Warnie upset nobody checked English thirst levels after World Cup triumph

As the dust settles on yet another Cricket World Cup, retired Australian cricketer Shane Warne is reportedly upset that nobody in the media asked about England’s relative thirstiness after their World Cup triumph. 176 more words


A Rainbow Promise

Chapter 9
  • God blessed Noah and his sons and told them to be fruitful and multiply. He told them that they shall rule over the animals of the earth and shall eat of the land.
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What's Dom Drinking Now?

Another drink, please! Summer is in full swing, and so is my sunburnt beer belly. Not to worry though, I’ve still been finding plenty of alcohol to stimulate my tastebuds. 525 more words


Tim Fogliano | Psychological Effects of Alcohol

Nowadays the consumption of alcohol has become very common among youngsters and adults. They often drink alcohol to make their nerves calm down and relax. But they do not know that drinking alcohol can cause certain health risks including… 530 more words

Tim Fogliano

Almost one million people sign petition to storm mysterious Watsonia building

Following recent news that people power is being harnessed to unsolve the tantalising mystery of the USA’s Area 51, news breaks today of a rogue group intent on solving the ongoing riddle of what exists above Watsonia’s Liquorland store. 181 more words


Imagine a World With Less Stag Parties

An unrelenting downpour of rain and hail has forced Mum and I to seek shelter in a swanky Starbucks just off of Charles Bridge. Many others have the same idea, employing a polite version of the penguin huddle as we gather tightly around the utensil station. 691 more words