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Chasing tail? Chase adventure

ON weekend nights I was getting dressed up, pre-loading on wine and leaving the house late to try getting laid. I would swipe on Tinder but I am extremely fussy, and so, it seems, are the women around me because the matches were few. 925 more words


Hipster falls asleep on Hurstbridge Line and wakes up in Diamond Creek

Late on Saturday night, Fairfield change campaigner Tym McTaggart fell asleep on a Hurstbridge Line train and woke up in Diamond Creek scared and confused. Boarding the train at Collingwood Station after a heavy session drinking Melbourne Bitter longnecks and smoking rollies in a shop front bar on Smith Street, Tym rested his head against the train window for just a moment before falling into a deep sleep. 343 more words


Whiskey: The what, how and why of drinking it.

Whiskey, there just isn’t another drink like it is there? When people think of manly drinks they will immediately think of scotch. If we are honest with ourselves though, and we really ought to be, most men will try it once, grimace, and never drink it again. 633 more words

Men's Interest

National Drink Wine Day

I know there are some important federal holidays out there but realistically, this should warrant a day off of work.  Just saying…


The King William IV

The King William IV, Hampstead A classic British pub with a unique history, The King William IV is the ideal setting to enjoy a drink in north London. 184 more words


Jameson Select Reserve Small Batch

Hello again and welcome back to Dave’s Irish Whiskey!

My topic of discussion today is Jameson Select Reserve Small Batch.

This is my first post within the ‘drinking’ category of the blog and hopefully first of many. 390 more words

Irish Whiskey