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Every teenager drinks alcohol

It is quite obvious that teenagers nowadays drink alcohol. They drink at parties, social events, anywhere they can get their hands on alcohol they will. … 250 more words


45. "We're Pregnant!"

November 1, 2007

I had such a hard-on for Lisa, the secretary in my office.  She had an ass you could balance a cocktail on and double-Ds I wanted to bury my face in.   1,790 more words

Is Drinking Charcoal Healthy Or A Hoax?

Activated charcoal has long been used in acute situations for pulling toxins out of the human body. Its composition is adsorbing , which means that it pulls other substances into itself and carries them out of the body. 677 more words


Inauguration Drinking Game

Tomorrow, at 11 am ET, President-elect Donald Trump will officially be sworn in as the 45th president. Now to make the day tolerable, and, well, forgettable, lets do some good. 197 more words


Sour Milk

Sour milk assumes its position

in my small

tortured fridge.

A reminder that I sat

alone in a chair for weeks

making myself sick on drink… 56 more words


Why Everything Doesn’t Have To Be A #Lituation*

We laid in bed, holding one another and deeply breathing in each other’s scents. The only thing kissing the silence was the soft inhale and exhale of our steady gasps. 670 more words

I Don't Need Alcohol To Live An Authentic Life

I run to alcohol to numb the pain of living, of feeling. To wipe away reality and erect a temporary Eden.

But I don’t want to do that anymore. 457 more words