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Should He Come Clean Or Ride It Out?

It all started out as an innocent attempt to watch the Astros and then it went wrong…REALLY WRONG!

This is the e-mail.

Hey Hot Show, 111 more words


Three Oaks, MI

by McK

Three Oaks, Michigan, is a quaint little town about 45 minutes northwest of South Bend on MI-12, about five miles east of Lake Michigan. 362 more words

Things To Do

You're Not You When You're Thirsty

I get a kick out of the Snicker’s commercials proclaiming, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” Isn’t that the truth. Spiritually speaking, we’re not the “us” we were created to be when we’re thirsty either. 268 more words


Me, Myself and I

I stopped drinking alcohol approximately four and a half years ago. I am a non-drinker, a teetotaller, a Soberista. This is what I do well; I don’t drink. 808 more words

Lucy's Page

Drink. Drive. Periscope. Go To Jail.

Some days there are just so many candidates for They Walk Among Us, that we have a hard time narrowing it down! So today, we have double the stories for double the fun! 217 more words


Plans Approved For Britain's First Museum Of Lad Culture

MANCHESTER, UK – Manchester City Council finally approved plans today for a museum dedicated to the many and varied ancient rituals and traditions known in academic circles as ‘Lad Culture’. 611 more words


Day 285 Experiences

I woke up at 2am. Then in an out of sleep until 5am. My head is pounding, my body doesn’t know what time it is and it’s angry. 143 more words

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