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Our Story - Part 6

​The two dry weeks prior to his training course was probably poorly timed. He talked about ways he could avoid the end of day drinking sessions. 460 more words


Our Story - Part 5

We’re gonna back up a bit to part way through part four of our story because there was a big dynamic shift with the arrival of one of our mutual best friends back in the country. 432 more words


Clear and present danger

Week 43 in The Year Of Drinking Adventurously. Vodka.

Here is a beverage I can endorse without reserve. If for no other reason than its extreme versatility. 337 more words


How to stay sober after an alcohol relapse

So my new sober date is 22.10.16, just to be clear and honest. I will not explain why and how, but I will say that staying sober is really difficult. 658 more words


House Party TAKE 2 - Day 20

After A came to bed at 05h00 this morning, we then woke up at 07h00 because we had t run a 10km this morning for training. 120 more words

Under the influence

Most business have a ‘no drinking at work’ policy (except maybe the occasional Christmas party). Whether your employees driving, operating heavy machinery, or just piloting an internet browser, part of the employment contract is that your people do their job clear-headed, not after a few gins. 54 more words

St. Party's Day

It was St. Patrick’s Day weekend, and in college that just means an excuse to wear green and get drunk. We went out and bought some clothes to wear to a party that we were going to and got some necklace shot glasses to go with our outfits. 96 more words