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16 People You Notice When You're the Only Sober One at the Party

Being the sober one at the party is never the ideal situation, but hey, someone has to be the DD. Someone needs to hold the vomiting girl’s hair back and someone has to be in charge of kicking everyone out. 141 more words


Hock Before Victoria

Hock was a term used for a selection of high-quality white wines available in England during the Regency. These wines came from Germany and had been known and enjoyed by an exclusive number wine connoisseurs in Britain for well over a century by the time the Prince of Wales became Regent. 1,469 more words


That Man I Met in the Bar

You’re the man I marked
out of the corner of my eye,
When I was drunk in that bar
on that moonless wet night.

I stumbled upon you, 256 more words


The Best Flight I Have Ever Taken

There are flights where you are grateful you have extra leg room, flights where you are lucky to receive a complimentary beverage, and flights that you can’t understand how you’re getting the service you’re getting at 40,000 feet in the air. 1,405 more words


Have you Ever?

Have you ever dived in an ice-cold river in 4 degrees Celsius, felt as if the chilling water is pricking every single pore of your skin and that your limbs might just fall off, and yet, floated in the water on your back and looked at the sky for a few moments and felt like there’s nothing else besides you and the sky…that nothing else surrounds you… no water, no cold, no sound, no person, nothing… just you and the vast, unending sky that is unfolding for you… ? 394 more words


27th May

Wine is great! It has literally hundreds of uses. It can be used to make a mediocre meal taste as if a top notch chef prepared it, it can refresh you on red hot days, wash away heartaches on loveless days and add an extra je ne sais quoi to days which are already great. 180 more words