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You Can't Help Others When They Won't Help Themselves..

You know it makes me wonder….

So the wife was at home yesterday, caused by drinking too much the night before and started prior to me arriving home that evening. 512 more words


Exit Wounds

Honk and I hop up to the bar, preening, magpies looking for shining girls. I’m all slicked-back hair and the kinda cheekbones you get after laying in bed for weeks eating nothing and listening to sad music. 987 more words


Best Things To Do This Weekend In NY: Feb. 24 And 25

Winter marches on and so does the fun. This weekend you can zoom from an art fair featuring pancakes and alcohol to a sci-fi film festival to a gathering of entrepreneurs. 559 more words



Getting ready, one glass of wine, red.

Three glasses of wine, half a bottle, red.

8:30, go out, tipsy? Buzzed, alive.

Friends, cute crush, smiling, confident. 122 more words

Old Essays

Mad Mailbag Madness

One of the things that
drives me absolutely crazy
about watching television
is this trend toward ads
with screaming guys tellin’
you how great their stupid… 311 more words

On arrival at Cape Town docks, we looked up to see a massive mountain standing out in the sunshine with a wisp of white cloud laying sort of over the top giving that look of a tablecloth on the mountain, which by the way was called Table mountain. now before we arrived that November morning the past two weeks on the boat was not the easiest, the boat had a broken stabiliser which in turn made the boat sort of roll on the water which made my mum and I very sick,mum was pregnant with Gary my brother who we will get to later in the book. So after a brief morning walk along a somewhat different seaside and taking in all these signs that are saying "whites only" or in Afrikaans "Sleg Blankes " I was not quite sure what that meant at the time but somehow in my mind, I related it to paint "white paint or black paint". Well after an exhausting day walking around and oh going up the cable car to the top of table mountain, it was time to catch our train to Johannesburg and our final destination. Back in 1963 it took 3 days and 2 nights by train to travel 1500 km to Johannesburg. On Arrival in Johannesburg, we were met by my new Dads family and driven to a suburb called Germiston, which is where we lived for almost 35 years and to this day I still have my brother and sister who live in that area. until 1990 we were totally isolated from the blacks coloureds and had to strictly obey the Dutch reformed church rules of the apartheid government, headed up by Hendrick Vervoed and PW Botha, both church lovers and thought that black humans were not what anybody else was. To be continued...2

Messages That Show You're in Different Places (You Think This Post Is about Dating but It's about Hangover)

Hangovers can be tough but sometimes even the toughest hangover has a comical element to it. Well, in hindsight anyway.

This happened to me a few weeks ago when I was recovering from a night out. 205 more words