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#61. M. (1931)

M. is really good, I like it a lot, but I made the mistake again of going into the movie expecting the director, Fritz Lang (whose two entries in the List up to now, … 973 more words

New Drink Order Aimed At Saving Women In Danger At Bars

HERMOSA BEACH (CBSLA.com)   —   It’s a new drink order that is aimed at helping women in trouble.

It’s called an Angel Shot.

Women can order the shot, discreetly, if they feel they are in danger or at the very least, uncomfortable. 185 more words


​If we lay here, we just lay here

If we lay here, we just lay here

And time went by

The world around us born anew

The greens turn yellow and say adieu… 107 more words


10 Reasons You Should Be Drinique-ing This Summer

Our preferred plastic drinkware is in stock for immediate delivery. But if that’s not enough, here are a few more reasons why you should choose Drinique over any other plastic drinkware on the market today: 235 more words

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Strabo, Geographica 4.6.2

κατοικοῦσι δὲ Λίγυες ζῶντες ἀπὸ θρεμμάτων τὸ πλέον καὶ γάλακτος καὶ κριθίνου πόματος, νεμόμενοι τά τε πρὸς θαλάττῃ χωρία καὶ τὸ πλέον τὰ ὄρη. [.


A woman being watched at a bar

Sam felt strange, blushing slightly she took a gulp of her wine, the punch stinging her lungs and waking her up from her dazed state. Someone was watching her, the stare was pinching at her skin, smothering her until she felt sticky. 220 more words

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