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Zodiacs Ranked By How Well They Handle Their Alcohol On Wild Weekends

1. Leo

Libras are the responsible friend. The friend who will tell you to drink more water so you’re not hungover in the morning. The friend who will walk you to the bathroom when you puke. 737 more words

Can It Be Withdrawal?

I’m starting to feel like I’m using this space as a weekly recap of my drinking challenges, which tells me that I really just need to write more. 853 more words



I swear at some point I will discuss something other than my drug addictions, but for now I am going to empty the clip. This is it; the truth of it all spilt out for everyone to read and criticise if they wish. 817 more words



I could say so many things about Melbourne’s iconic nightclub ‘’ (herein referred to exclusively as ‘reds’), but I couldn’t do it justice. No amount of ink on paper or words on a screen could fairly describe what is quite possibly the most intoxicating place on the planet. 1,253 more words


The story of the fly

A fly was circling around the room when I remembered the last one.  A week before, I woke up one morning and was about to pour a shot when I noticed a dead fly in the bottom of it.  181 more words


Last night Chelsea and I made a Walgreens run to pick up a couple of things we needed for the house.  Let me tell you something, being just two days into Whole30 and going to Walgreens when they are setting out all of the Halloween candy is cruel.   297 more words


Death of Kenneka Jenkins speaks to college students

by Raeza Hoover

Over the past week and a half, the case of 19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins has received much internet speculation. The Chicago fire department found Jenkins in a walk-in freezer days after attending a friend’s birthday party at the Rosemont Hotel. 213 more words